1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course: By Pat Flynn

The 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course (by Pat Flynn) is a training program that helps you become an affiliate marketer. It1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course teaches you three core steps. The first step shows you how to choose the right products to promote.

The next step focuses on the best affiliate links and how to build trust with your audience. This is followed by a module on the benefits of using an autoresponder. The third step covers making your content attractive to visitors and getting them to click on the links.

This course has nine videos that teach you how to effectively set up your affiliate links. After that, you’ll learn how to use an autoresponder to create email sequences and promote your products through active promotional methods.

There are so many affiliate training programs, but not all are effective. The 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing course is designed for newbies and experienced marketers alike. Pat Flynn explains setting up an autoresponder for an email sequence in the first video.

The course teaches creating active promotional strategies such as social media and blogging. Once you’ve set up an autoresponder, Pat teaches you to use it to send out emails.

If you’re thinking of making money online, Pat Flynn’s 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing course can be a great way to get started.

While Pat Flynn says you should target at least 500 subscribers before launching your affiliate marketing program, this course is designed for people who want to get started. While the program does not provide specific strategies, it does cover the basics of affiliate marketing.

1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course Features

The 123 Affiliate Marketing course was created by Pat Flynn, an affiliate marketer who has carved a solid career for himself. While many people are skeptical, this course has the potential to revolutionize the industry.

Pat teaches you the secrets to success in this highly competitive field in his course. You’ll be on your way to an impressively profitable business by teaching you passive promotional strategies.

The first module of this course covers establishing a website. You’ll learn how to create a website and write great content. You’ll also learn how to use the power of SEO to get more visitors to your site.

The next section of the course focuses on getting traffic. This is where the affiliate marketing strategy comes in. It covers generating traffic using organic marketing, which will help you earn more money.

The next part of the course teaches you the strategies and techniques to earn money from your website. This is a crucial element of affiliate marketing. You’ll learn how to build a relationship with your audience, select the best products, and promote them well.

What is inside this Course?What is inside this course?

The 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing course teaches affiliate marketing techniques and includes a 5-minute welcome video. It covers the essential rules of affiliate marketing and explains the importance of using an autoresponder to send email sequences.

The course is best suited for those already familiar with online marketing and has a following. In addition, it includes a Facebook community and weekly office hours.

The 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing course is a good resource for those who want to learn affiliate marketing and earn money online. While Pat Flynn is a successful affiliate marketer and has a popular blog with numerous posts, it does not give a great deal of value in comparison to his eBooks and guides. Besides, the same author’s eBooks and guides are more valuable than the course itself.

It is not mandatory to have a large audience to implement the strategies taught in the course. All you need is a fundamental knowledge of the niche and some form of online following.

How Much Does the 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course Cost?

The course price is $699, but it comes with a guarantee of lifetime updates. Note that this is a paid course, not a free one. You can’t expect to get rich overnight. But, if you’re able to implement Pat Flynn’s strategies early on, you’ll be able to earn handsomely. This cost doesn’t include monthly hosting costs.

It’s a good investment if you’re serious about building a profitable online business. It’s worth the price, as Pat Flynn’s videos are entertaining. In addition to Pat Flynn’s YouTube channel, his courses are hosted on Teachable.

How can the 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course Earn You Money?

The course teaches you how to create and place affiliate links on your website. If you are familiar with affiliate marketing, this course will show you how to optimize your website and make money from it. It’s recommended for beginners and those who are already in the market.

The course is broken into three core modules, each with its video, which outlines the course’s main steps.

First module is a brief 101 in affiliate marketing, which covers the rules and regulations of the industry.

Second module teaches you how to create a website that offers the right kind of products for your audience.

Third module teaches you how to promote products through affiliate links.

The 123 Affiliate Marketing course focuses on building trust with your audience. This will help you build a solid relationship with your audience and get your site ranked. You will earn money with your website by offering your audience what they want. When you get your website up and running, it’s a great feeling.

Despite the high cost of the 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing course, it is well worth your time and money. The guide is based on a proven strategy that works for its customers.

Using this course can help you get started with affiliate marketing. By following the steps in the course, you can easily create your websites and earn a passive income with affiliate marketing.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to build relationships with affiliates and share recommendations with your audience. You’ll also learn how to create an autoresponder and active promotional methods to grow your audience.

Is 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course a Scam?

The course claims to teach people how to create a website and make sales using affiliate links. This is very impressive, but you need to be cautious.

You will not learn how to set up an effective home page for your focus product. Instead, you will learn about the most important aspects of a profitable page.

If you’re considering buying this course, you should start by building an audience. If you don’t already have a list, start by building one. Pat Flynn recommends getting at least 500 subscribers before you start promoting affiliate products. However, this can be challenging if you’re new to the industry.

The 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing course by Pat Flynn is not a scam. The author of this course is an active YouTuber who shares various topics. The course is best suited for intermediate-level marketers. It is a good investment but a bit challenging for beginners.

Pros:Pros of 1-2-3Affiliate Marketing Course

  • 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing Course is a good starting point for affiliate marketing. It includes nine videos that explain affiliate links and the process of making them.
  • While it’s not the most effective option, it’s worth trying.


  • While the course has plenty of videos on affiliate marketing, it is still not sufficient. Although Pat Flynn claims that you can make more than $500k online with his affiliate marketing course, it doesn’t give you much value.
  • It is divided into six weeks, which is overwhelming for newcomers.
  • Flynn doesn’t mention social media only paid ads through an available program for members.

A Cheaper Alternative

Although this is a great course you may feel that you need to learn more about how to create and run a website first. As well as which products to promote and how to build an audience.

A less intensive training course that I can fully recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. You will get access to 120 videos and 1000+ tutorials on all subjects of marketing online with a blog. Plus hosting, free plugins, and a free keyword finder.

All of this for $49 per month, but you can start for free and have a website created for you in under 3 minutes. Then try the 10 free video lessons to see if this course is a match for you. There’s no risk. Read more below.

Start your training now


The 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing course is an online training course for beginners in affiliate marketing. The first module introduces the basic rules of affiliate marketing.

It teaches you how to choose the right product to promote. It will also teach you how to use affiliate links to make your purchases. Finally, you will learn how to choose the best product for your audience.

Even though Pat Flynn has made a lot of money online, his affiliate marketing course is concise and has an extensive list of bonuses that can help you earn even more.

It teaches you how to build a relationship with your target audience and offer the right products. This is an easy-to-follow step-by-step approach that will help you generate more sales. In addition, the program offers you a free eBook to get started.

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