1K A Day Fast Track Review: Earn Income By Sending Emails

The 1k A Day Fast Track course focuses on email marketing. You must build a list of targeted people and send them emails1K A Day Fast Track Review that sell your products or services.

This program covers the basics of email marketing, including getting hop links, writing email sequences, and finding good ad images.

The course is easy to follow and uses pre-made templates. Merlin Holmes, the 1K A Day Fast Track program creator, has been teaching people how to use email marketing to generate a passive income online for the past decade.

He has helped thousands of new affiliates create internet businesses and has earned $15 million in pure profit. You’ll learn how to build an e-mail list, write email sequences, and make money with e-mail marketing in the course.

The program is created by Merlin Holmes, a Colorado-based entrepreneur with years of online experience. Merlin has made millions online since he started his online business in 2005.

He is a highly successful internet business owner. And he’s not afraid to share his success with others.

1K A Day Fast Track Overview

Product Name: 1K A Day Fast Track

Official Website: $1K A Day – Affiliate Center Home (thefasttracks.com)

Owner: Merlin Holmes

Price: One-time payment of $997

Type: Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing

Best For: Anyone that wants to earn $1000 a day online

1K A Day Fast Track Pros

  • – You get access to a free webinar before getting started
  • – The system provides 24/7 online support
  • – It’s a proven email marketing system
  • – It is easy to understand and beginner-friendly
  • – 30 Day Refund Policy on course cost (complicated)

1K A Day Fast Track Cons

  • – It is expensive
  • – There’s no guarantee to earn $400 a day
  • – Takes more money to make it work (Pay for ads)
  • – It doesn’t pay for hosting a website

IK A Day Fast Track Summary

The 1K A Day Fast Track is a training course by self-made internet multi-millionaire Merlin Holmes. It is a six-week program that promises to make you a multi-millionaire in under a year. While the $1K A Day Fast Track is not a scam, it is a complex program that will take some time to master. You’ll also need some extra cash to make it work.

Who is Merlin Holmes?Merlin Holmes

Merlin Holmes has 16 years of internet success stories under his belt and has helped thousands of people create their online businesses.

Merlin has tried various methods to earn money online, including social media marketing, search engine optimization, and multi-level marketing.

He has also helped affiliates make money from Clickbank. Hopefully, this review has given you enough insight to decide whether or not the program is right for you.

Note that the program isn’t a complete online business blueprint, so you’ll need to learn SEO traffic methods to drive traffic to your site.

What is inside the 1K A Day Fast Track?

Week 1: Learning the Basics of Commissions

You’ll learn how to generate $400 in one day with the program. You won’t be wasting any time learning the basics of the program.

The program is based on proven marketing strategies. Email marketing is an effective and affordable way to reach your target audience.

Since most of your customers check their emails at least once a day, learning how to target the right audience is key to generating more sales and profits.

Holmes has a background in affiliate marketing and has helped over 1,000 business owners create online companies. Learning the basics is essential for any online business. The program will show you how to build your list and promote your products.

The 1K A Day Fast Track focuses on email marketing. It teaches you how to build a list of targeted people, write emails, and send products to those lists.

The program lasts six weeks, but you can complete it in a single day if you need to. It also teaches you how to write emails, create email sequences, and find suitable ads.

Week 2: Learning Polling

This module will teach you about polling research, creating your poll page, and legal considerations. Also, you’ll learn about email marketing software and how to make consistent contact with your customers.

In this module, you’ll learn how to bring heavy traffic to your offers. With the help of social media marketing tools, you can create powerful ads that generate a ton of traffic without paying high per click costs.

As an affiliate, you’ll learn how to monetize your partnership profits to boost your revenue even more. Learning polling can become an easy way to earn money online.

The 1K A Day Fast Track is designed to give people the skills necessary for successful affiliate marketing. Merlin Holmes teaches affiliate marketing strategies to promote affiliate offers.

His affiliate marketing training program is built around a network marketing model. Users will promote these offers and generate commissions from affiliate sales. The best part is that learning to poll isn’t tricky, and you can automate your business.

This training course will give you the tools to become a successful pollster.

And if you’re not willing to invest $997 in it, there are many other options.

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Week 3: Email Marketing

The third week of the 1K A Day Fast Track course is dedicated to email marketing. You will learn how to build a list of targeted customers, offer services, and send out emails and products.

While the course covers six weeks of content, you can choose to do the training in less time, depending on your needs. You will also learn the basic methods of email marketing and how to use it to generate sales.

One of the critical aspects of the 1K A Day Fast Track course is its structure. Its six weeks are structured to build a money-making machine, one step at a time.

This course will teach you how to create pre-sell pages and affiliate links, giving you the mindset and motivation to succeed.

This concept is crucial for getting high-quality leads and selling products. You can create catchy headlines that make people want to buy the product.

The program also teaches you how to turn these headlines into curiosity-filled questions that will increase your chances of conversion. Then, you can convert more sales than you’d ever dreamed of.

Affiliate Marketing is the next step. The program also teaches you how to set up a mail system, use successful templates, and advertise on affiliate networks.

Week 4: Business Automation

This is where you learn about creating and using pre-sell pages and RevContent. You also learn about configuring your affiliate links and mindset for success.

The course provides you with all the knowledge you need to succeed in the affiliate marketing world.

In addition, you’ll learn about how to set up and configure your business website using ClickBank’s affiliate software.

The 1k A Day fast track course is designed to help newbies and affiliate marketers create and maintain online businesses.

It uses affiliate and email marketing to generate revenue and offers a no-upsell guarantee. You’ll need to pay for ads on your website, but this cost pales in comparison to the profit potential of the program.

The 1K a day fast track system requires you to set up an e-mail autoresponder. In addition, you’ll receive a template newsletter for your list that contains affiliate links.

This system is all about automating your business, but you’ll still need to make some daily efforts to generate traffic.

You’ll learn how to build a list of targeted people, offer them your services, and send them your emails and products.

Regardless of how long you take, the course is packed with helpful information and techniques to make your business a success.

Week 5: Paid AdvertisementsPaid Ads

The training is based on the SendLane email marketing platform and only guides how to use it. The lessons are convenient and will teach you how to write and explore emails to get started.

It contains multiple samples of emails and email swipes to get a feel for what works. The training helps you build an affiliate marketing business that will continue to grow and expand without any work.

The 1K A Day Fast Track owners provide ready-made email sequences, ad copy creation service, and a committed support team to answer all your questions.

For the most part, the program is a complete package that teaches you how to earn money online in a few days.

Week 6: Planning the Future Income Source

In week six of the 1K A Day Fast Track, you’ll learn about planning your future income source. There are several ways to plan your income, and this week’s lesson focuses on one method.

You can learn more about this method and get started right away! To get started, you’ll need a domain name, a ClickFunnels membership (currently $97 a month), and an advertising budget.

The 1K A Day Fast Track is a step-by-step program for building a future income source. The program focuses on email marketing and building a list of targeted people.

Once you’ve cultivated a list, send emails and products to them. This course is intended to be taken over several weeks, but you can cut its length to suit your schedule.

Investing in a good product is a crucial component of 1K A Day Fast Track. Merlin Holmes’ system utilizes a simple but powerful advertising and promotion structure.

He uses a 2-page site to generate leads and advance subsidiary items simultaneously. ClickBank and CPA modules are included in the course as well.

The $1K A Day Fast Track program teaches you to build a 2-page website with a poll to promote affiliate products and build your email list. This method provides templates for the ads you’ll need on your website.

Is the 1K A Day Fast Track Course Worth It?Is it worth it?

The 1K A Day Fast Track is a 6-week training course that teaches you how to use email marketing to generate significant profits.

Unlike many courses that claim to make you rich overnight, this course does not teach you how to build a website with only two pages and then sell it.

The 1K A Day Fast Track course is an easy-to-follow training that involves copying proven email swipe templates. This training course is aimed at beginners who want to build a list of targeted customers.

It teaches you the basics of email marketing, including building a list and sending emails with products.

If you’re looking for a legitimate course that will teach you how to make money quickly and easily, the 1K A Day Fast Track is worth considering. It’s based on a proven method and contains high-quality training.

If you’re skeptical, read the testimonials and check out the refund policy to see if this program is a good fit.

Pricing for 1K A day Fast Track Course

1K A Day Fast Track currently costs a one-time fee of $997. No upsells – just a one-time price.


The 1K A Day Fast Track course contains tips, tactics, and secrets. Merlin Holmes, an online millionaire, teaches the course. He has his website and attributed all his success to his online business.

It is an excellent place to learn how to market effectively online. Merlin Holmes has been successful for more than ten years and has a massive list of subscribers.

The first lesson will teach you how to set up a poll page in ClickFunnels, create an email autoresponder service, and select affiliate offers.

The following two lessons will teach you how to use Revcontent ads and other techniques to attract visitors to your page.

The training course will also teach you how to use a landing page to offer a product. This system makes it easy to create a list of subscribers and make money online.

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