20 Best Ways to Increase Your Pinterest

Almost every content creator on Pinterest wants to increase his or her followers. Pinterest is a great platform; it is used by20 best ways to increase your Pinterest traffic

bloggers, businessmen and women, and even large organizations. In my 20 best ways to increase your Pinterest, I will give you the best advice to make the most of your time.

It is amazing to note that many entrepreneurs and bloggers have used this great marketing platform to get good results.

If you aren’t using Pinterest as a means of growing your business, then you are not doing yourself any good. About 300+ million people are actively on Pinterest; this was the figure in 2019. That’s about fifty percent more than the previous year.

With this, you can drive a lot of organic traffic to your website.

Why You Should Build Your Followers on Pinterest

Because of its large number of users, there are a lot of reasons you should put in the effort to build your following on this platform.

  • To build traffic for your website
  • Increase the number of people that subscribe to your emails
  • To enable your brand to make lots of profits
  • Use it as a tool for marketing your business at no cost
  • To help build authority in your niche

If you are ready to increase your Pinterest followers, here are the 20 best ways you can do so.

1. Use the Testing Method Called A/B for Your Pins

Just like getting a different kind of pin for your post, using the A/B testing method is a better way to know what your audience prefers to see.

If the people that follow you are not re-pinning your pins, you will not be able to get a lot of people to view your pins. Using this tool is a very good way to know what is most likable by your audience.

Steps to performing A/B testing on your pins

  • Use the analytics given by Pinterest to know how your posts are performing
  • Try out different images and fonts
  • Give your posts a period of at least a week or two to perform
  • Create different forms of headlines on different pins
  • Use up to 4 different pins per post

2. Work on older pins with great contentWork on older pins

Most times, we are only interested in creating new content, and we forget to work on posting pins on our older content. It is very important to keep the content with the most re-pins alive. If it is popular then change the design and repin that content.

When compared to Facebook whose post’s lifespan is about 80 minutes, the lifespan of pins on Pinterest can last up to a week.

  • Make different pins for those posts that are popular
  • Keep making good content for your followers; you will never know when a pin will become popular.

3. Work on Defeating Remarkable Brands

Trying your best to defeat remarkable brands is very important while working to gain authority in your niche is necessary.

Having this in mind, here are the things to put in place:

  • Make a series of pins for each post
  • Avoid using human faces for your pictures
  • Use your website URL and logo for branding
  • Always space your images with white background.

4. Have a Target Audience When You Pin

When you want to pin, always try to make your content outstanding. And also make your content be of valuable information to your audience. Your pins at all times should be interesting and at the same time 100% relevant to your audience.

5. Remove Pins with Poor Performance

If a group of pins or a particular pin is not performing well, it will be in your own interest to delete them. Pins have the ability to greatly increase your followers and give you more authority in your niche.

6. Employ the Use of the Right Tools to Attract More Followers

There are a number of tools that will be useful to you when trying to build a following on Pinterest; these tools are as useful in attracting followers as the tools and materials for building a house.

The tools are:

  • Designing software like Canva for making good pictures
  • Plugins used for sharing posts: These plugins are needed for uploading specific images; an example of these plugins is Social Snap
  • The Tailwind tool required for scheduling pins

7. Enhance the Name on Your Profile

You can optimize your profile name in order for it to fit with certain keywords that attract followers to your pins. One very useful tool you can use for optimizing is the Pinner; you can use it for taking a number of keywords that are good and integrate them into your profile name.

8. Give Pinterest Some Assistance

Pinterest is unarguably an intelligent platform, but it will need some assistance in categorizing your pins. You can help Pinterest by enhancing the color and sizes of your images.

Another way to assist Pinterest is to ensure that when you are posting content, it should be posted to a board that it is related to.

9. Make Your Infographics AttractiveMake your infographics attractive

Infographics are naturally attractive, and we as people are attracted to them. When you make compelling infographics in your Pinterest strategy, you’ll be sure of increasing the number of followers you have.

10. Set up Your Personal Group Board

Group boards can be very useful for marketing if properly used; you can set up your own group board or join other existing ones. The moment you create your own board, you can start adding contribution by clicking on the plus sign.

11. Use an Older Account

The longer your account has been on Pinterest, the more trustworthy you are to the platform. If your account is an older account, you will be taken as an established pinner, thus making the feeds show more of your pins.

Here are some tips for keeping your account more reputable:

  • If you do not have an account that has been existing for a long time, try building your followers with the tips from this article
  • Switch to a business account if you have not.

12. Use Promoted Pins to Your Advantage

If you have a Pinterest account, and it happens to be a business account, then you will be able to promote your pins. And in promoting these pins, you have to pay a certain amount of money for pins to have more exposure.

If you have decided to start promoting your pins, you have to click on the Add button, and from that point, you will see your followers grow.

13. Consistently Use Hashtags

If you want to stay relevant and have more followers on Pinterest, you have to constantly use hashtags that contain relevant keywords to your content; when you have done that, your account will have more suggestions for your viewers.

14. Use the Section Feature on Pinterest

There is a feature on Pinterest that is called “sections”; it is a category of boards that is contained in a section. The feature allows you to arrange your pins in a way that will be easy for your viewers to understand.

In order to see the section feature follow these steps.

  • Scroll to the particular board you want to organize into sections, then click on the add section
  • After clicking on the add section, you can create as many sections as you want

15. Make Use of the Search BarMake use of the search bar

Keywords help you find the particular thing you are looking for; keywords are important on Pinterest.

By using the search bar, you can find relevant keywords that will help you make better content.

16. Follow the People That Are Following Your Competitors

Waiting for followers to come to you and view your content might be a very long shot; you have to go out and look for followers.

A very good way to look for followers is to look at the section of those you are competing within your niche and then look for smart and strategic ways to follow the people that are following them.

Since you both are in the same niche, you most likely will have the same target market; so doing this will not be a bad call.

17. Be Active and Engaging on the Platform

To be successful and have more followers on Pinterest, you have to connect with a lot of people. Connecting alone does not guarantee you more followers, but engaging with the people you are connected to will do that.

How to connect and engage with people on Pinterest:

  • Pin the pins of other people in your niche or outside your niche
  • If you find a board, and you consider it relevant to follow, do so without hesitation
  • Pin on a regular basis
  • Go on trending pages and pin from there

Another easy means of engaging and connecting on Pinterest is by viewing the activities on your pin and then re-pinning what others have pinned.

These are the steps to doing so:

  • Locate the notification button that shows the number of pins that were saved, and then click on it
  • After clicking on the notification button, you will be taken to the pinning activity
  • When you have viewed your pin activity, re-pin your pins to the board you are a member of or your own personal board.

18. Add Relevant Keywords and Hashtags

Pinterest is virtually a search engine, so you should optimize your content to make it discoverable. Include relevant hashtags and create a keyword-rich description so you can show up in relevant searches.

How do you find the right hashtags and keywords?

  • Take note of the keyword bubbles that show up in the search results header
  • Note the trending hashtags in your category
  • Take note of the usage stats and hashtag suggestions as you include hashtags in your Pin descriptions
  • Search relevant hashtags, and look at the keywords and tags used by other Pinners
  • Explore guided search. Begin by entering a few keywords in Pinterest’s search bar, and ensure to note the automatic suggestions.

This logic also works well with a profile. For example, try adding a description to your brand name. That way, your profile is more likely to appear in keyword searches.

19. Find Out Who Uses Pinterest

Knowing Pinterest’s user base is helpful when it comes to creating content for your Pinterest profile.Look at your stats in Pinterest

You can get started with the following stats:

  • Pinterest reaches 83 percent of 25-54 years old women in the United States. This is more than that on Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram
  • Most Pinterest users are women. Less than 30 percent of users are men, but the number keeps increasing by the day

20. Stand out with Captivating Visuals

The 3 best performing Pinterest pins are in three suits:

  • They are actionable
  • Interesting and sharable
  • They are beautiful

Pinterest is a reputable visual platform, so ensure you use captivating images.

Below are a few Pinterest image pointers:

  • According to Pinterest, lifestyle visuals are more fascinating than ideal product pitches
  • Use high quality and high-resolution visuals
  • Use short videos! Short videos have the potential to work more than the best pictures. If you don’t have video resources yet, don’t hesitate to check out the social video toolkit on Hootsuite
  • Do not use long images, or you can reduce their lengths. Use the recommended aspect ratio of 2:3
  • Prefer vertical visuals to horizontal ones. According to stats, over 85 percent of Pinterest users access Pinterest on Mobile; this implies that vertically-oriented visuals have a much higher influence
  • Show multiple products in one Pin

If you can apply these steps continually, then you are sure to get more followers.


In growing your Pinterest followers, the process might seem really tiring and most times frustrating, but if you are willing to put in the time and energy on it, you will surely get good results.

Lately, Pinterest has been carrying out a lot of changes, and it will be very helpful for you to keep up with those changes. Once you are able to put most of the tips here in the article into practice, you will have limitless followers.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.



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  1. Hey Lily. Very interesting article. I’m just starting my adventure with online marketing and posts like this are extremely useful. To be fair I never thought too much about the possibilities of Pinterest, but looking at your review its seems as a great starting point to develop an online business.  Looking forward to using your advice in practice and hopefully, I will see results shortly.

    • Hi Cogito, it’s all part of the pattern to grow your business through promotion on social media. Try using some of these tips and see your traffic increase.

  2. Here is a point that I have discovered. Pinterest is a great provider of social proof for content strategy. If people are pinning a post’s pic, that’s an instantaneous signal that clients are looking for that content. It’s even better if they’re clicking on the pin to devour the actual content!

    Based on my experience, Pinterest can serve as a respected tool for carrying customer research. If you’re a restaurant, you can effortlessly track which foods from your account are enticing the most interest. Even if you have not ever decided to run Pinterest ads, Pinterest community feedback is a useful tool all by itself.

    • I can tell that you have been using Pinterest to get your products and articles out to the right market for you Ann. It’s a fun social way of inviting people to your website and helping more people.

  3. This article 20 Best Ways to Increase Your Pinterest is great and very helpful!
    I’ve only recently created a profile on Pinterest, and to be honest, I haven’t started using everything it offers so far. Your article has revealed to me all the positive dimensions I can achieve with my Pinterest profile. I will bookmark this page so that I can return back and follow your advice and instructions. I agree that the results don’t show up overnight, but you need to be persistent and regular. So it is with anything worth investing our attention in.
    I wish you all the best

    • I’m so pleased that my article will be able to help you Nina. I enjoy promoting each of my new articles on Pinterest using pins created on Canva for free. These seem to get pinned and noticed quicker. Have a business account so that you can watch your analytics for traffic and clicks. This will show you what pins people like and if they are clicking through to your content. Enjoy.

  4. Good day, I am pleased to meet you once again. We all wish for success in wealthy affiliate; I am thrilled to come across this important website. Pinterest is one of the marketing strategies to use, it’s essential to know how to do it the best way. We need to attract more traffic to our websites, therefore we need the best marketing strategies. Thank you so much.


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