6 tips to Increase Sales over Christmas

Christmas is a time for love, giving, enjoying, and being with the people you love most. It’s also a fascinating time for brands6 tips to increase sales over Christmas in terms of sales. This is no secret. People tend to be in the Big Spender mode during this time.

There are many gifts you can buy.

The question is:

What can you do to connect with potential customers through the positive emotions that the holidays and the season create?

Here are six creative and innovative marketing strategies to help you increase your holiday sales.

1. Use Digital Marketing Offers to Achieve Great Exposure and Reach

If nobody can see the results, what’s the point in using the proven strategies? It would be best to promote everything you do so that more people can reach you, get more leads, and sell more.

Digital advertising offers a huge advantage that is often overlooked – its advanced segmentation capability. It is a great way to reach a targeted audience.

Imagine being able to decide which audience you want! Facebook and other digital advertising platforms allow you to choose your ideal clients’ gender, age, and location and what their interests and tastes are. Amazing, right?

2. Create Remarkable Experiences

Experiential marketing can be a powerful tool. It’s all about promoting brand-consumer relationships through memorable experiences.

People may forget what you did or said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Now is the time to make your brand memorable! Get your customers excited with the Christmas spirit.

Start with something simple like adding Christmas characters or templates to brand images (like your logo and slogan). Your points of sale!

Add Christmas details to your website or eCommerce platform even if you don’t own a physical store.

You can also add a distinctive smell to your stores, such as hay or pine, or have employees add a Christmas detail on their uniforms.

Decorate your office with ornaments and lights to add Christmas spirit. This will boost your employees’ motivation and delight your customers.

3. Make Gifts and Details that will intrigue themMake gifts that intrigue

It’s time for you to pamper your prospects and clients if you have one.

How do you feel when someone takes care of you or gives something to you? You feel special. You feel loved.

This will make your prospects fall in love and be a great way to show your company off.

A B2B that offers products or services at a high price may surprise potential customers or prospects. They might leave a gift in the office with a card saying something like: “We wish you a Merry Christmas, and we’d love for you to be even more successful this year.” This could be your best Christmas!”

You might create a video of people expressing their feelings about the time or reminiscing about family traditions. Send an email with the link to your video.

They will love to see everyone from your company, and they’ll be happy to wish them happy holidays.

Those details help prospects connect with your brand better, spark their interest, and keep you at the top of their minds.

4. Develop an Art of Telling Stories that Excite and Inspire

You can connect with your target audience by telling stories. It’s something you do every day.

You tell others about your day. It’s something people are open to.

Create a Christmas piece that tells your story. You can also include your product or service. This is an important tip! A story that contains emotion will motivate.

You can also tell stories that your customers can identify with, so you can build a connection with them on an emotional level.

It’s not surprising that the majority of purchase decisions are emotional. Reason can only justify feelings.

5. Offer Christmas Promotions that Make Your Eyes ShineOffer Christmas cheer

It is also a good idea to offer Christmas discounts and promotions during this time.

Promote your most-loved products by including banners, text, and images that communicate your offer/promotion.

Make sure to convey urgency and tell how long the promotion will last. It’s great to have a countdown clock displayed on your website.

But don’t stop there. You must share these promotions. This is where email marketing and promoting on social networks are great partners.

6. Use Content Marketing Effectively

Content marketing is a powerful strategy that focuses on creating helpful and attractive brand content for prospects.

What type of content? E-books, infographics, success stories, guides, videos, podcasts, etc.!

Contrary to traditional marketing, which is often seen as intrusive, content is marketing people want and need to see, hear, or read. This is because the process is reversible.

If you provide valuable content, people will come to you. It’s also known as the Attraction Market.

Run an email promotion to entertain and inspire your, subscribers.

If you want to draw customers at this time, consider what valuable content you can create for them. It could be related to Christmas or your product.

For example, if you own a media company, you might create an infographic called “How to Choose the Perfect DVD for Christmas Day” that gives tips and tricks on how to purchase this emblematic Christmas DVD.

Create a call-to-action at the end of your infographic that people can click to purchase DVDs directly from you.

Or create something creative if you have an eCommerce platform that sells dresses. You could ask the prospect what they like and then tell them what to get for them.  Get answers based on their preferences, tastes, or characteristics. Then, you would add a call to action, “Buy now.”

So, let your imagination fly.

Don’t forget the most important: Promoting your content! If you don’t promote your content using search engines, social media, and other platforms, there’s no point in having excellent content.

Google AdWords allows you to limit the display of ads for your product or services to those who type or tap in a specific phrase that indicates they are ready to buy that product or service.

Give the ultimate gift to someone special and help them build a website business with a yearly membership to Wealthy Affiliate where they can build a website and get training to create a successful business. I will mentor them for you.


That’s it! I’ve just given you six Christmas marketing ideas you can practice this holiday season. There are many other tips,Add to Christmas but these are some of the best. You have to be realistic about your limitations at this time of the year.

Always plan for these big marketing events and you will be ahead of the game. If you haven’t worked on Christmas before take the time now to read, research and plan for next year.

Merry Christmas to you and your families.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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2 thoughts on “6 tips to Increase Sales over Christmas”

  1. Thank you Lily for this tips on how to engage with clients at such a time as this . Christmas is characterised with giving. Marketing without the heart to give value at such a time as this will bring no results. As such it is one of the best times to harness the digital marketing give away tactics of sales. Give away may not necessarily mean cash but value 

    • Very wise words from a very clever man. I always try to think of the person that I am chatting to and help them to find what they need. Christmas should be fun and joyful for everyone.


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