6+ WordPress Guest Blogger Plugins: How to Make Your Website Better

By using one of the 6+ WordPress Guest Blogger plugins you can facilitate other people blogging on your website. Both beginners and expert writers are6+ WordPress guest plugins always looking for a way to showcase their talents.

So don’t miss the opportunity to showcase your own talent if you have a WordPress blog.

This post will show you how to make your website better with these plugins.

Setting Up with a WordPress Guest Blogger Plugin

Create a space that allows guest bloggers to write their own articles on your website.

Writers always have something new to talk about. Consequently, this will keep your audience focused and waiting for the next new thing your website will bring to them to read.

But you have a lot of things to do as well like SEO and lead generation if you want this to all work.

Handling the articles that guests create can be time-consuming.

Why not let a plugin do the managing for you?

  1. Each plugin was developed by a professional, so they can detect plagiarism and spam security.
  2. You can create different types of forms, and update the users about their post status.
  3. Make special offers to subscribe to the author box, users, media upload, etc. As a result, your readers will feel more engaged with you.

Do you want to get familiar with these plugins? Read on to find out how the plugins can make your website better.

1. Guest Blogging Elite Plugin

  • You can create a user dashboard at the front end using this plugin
  • Users can sign up, deliver posts, and handle their profiles and submissions.
  • The plugin can also be used as a media uploader for your media files, thus making it easy to do.
  • An email will be sent to the admin about any activity that takes place on the blog. Such as activities like delivery of posts, or any editing that is carried out by the user.
  • This will help you to create backlinks to your website.


You can use the plugin on your website for $26 for 6 months of support. Then pay only $7.88 to extend the length of support to 12 months.


  • When there is a lot of content from multiple users on your website. You can make sure they stay unique with the Copyscape plagiarism checker.
  • This plugin allows anonymous posts to be posted on your blog without the user having to log in first. Just put in a shortcode on the new page and publish it.
  • Because PayPal has been integrated with this plugin, making payments has become simple
  • The reCAPTCHA process stops spamming and bots.

2. Easy Author Plugin

If you want to acknowledge the guest bloggers that come to your site, then this is the plugin you need.Type for your plugins With this type of recognition, the guest bloggers’ work is already promoted. As a result this plugin also promotes your website.


A once-off payment of $9


  • The author box gives you regular information about the author. This information includes the image, bio, and name of the author.
  • You will improve your networking if you use the social media buttons on the author box.
  • You can collect the data of the author via shortcodes or PHP.
  • The plugin can also be used with most major web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE8, IE9.

3. AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro Plugin

  • AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is the guest posting WordPress plugin that has been sold the most.
  • In search of the simplest and most stress-free way to let your visitors deliver the WordPress post type on your website? Well, the AccessPress Anonymous Post Pro is the one for you.
  • This plugin allows you to develop an unlimited number of subscription forms, tailor the design and settings, and add a stylish field that satisfies your taste. With its powerful media option, your guest bloggers can deliver images, audio, videos, doc easily.

Payment is easy as this plugin has been integrated with PayPal.

This is my all-time pick of the 6+ WordPress guest blogger plugins for 2021.


The free version of the AccessPress plugin is downloadable on wordpress.org, or you can buy the premium version for $29.


  • Develop an unlimited subscription form using customized templates for settings and boundaries.
  • It comes with a default file uploader with audio, images, videos, and doc uploaders.
  • Sends an email to the admin when a successful activity takes place on the website.
  • Includes Recaptcha for safe posting.

4. WP User Frontend Pro Plugin

  1. This plugin lets you develop unlimited forms.
  2. You can create a post form, WooCommerce product form, profiles, event registration form.

You can generate revenue by offering subscription packages to the users. Therefore this plugin can also be used to make an ordinary website into a membership site.


  • Free plan: An unlimited form and subscription is allowed in this plan.
  • Personal plan: This plan costs $49 per year which opens you to regular payments capabilities, important fields, social logins.
  • Professional plan: This plan goes for $89 per year. You get MailChimp integration, Stripe Payment, and useful templates for emails.
  • Business plan: This plan goes for $159 per year. You’ll get exciting tools like QR code generator, Zapier, and private messaging.

It is important to know that all these plans have a 14-day money-back guarantee.


  • This plugin gives premium users the opportunity to lock their content or data.
  • It supports the auto-registration of guest user’s names and email addresses.
  • You can split a lengthy form into smaller ones with this plugin.
  • It has the capability to create more fields in addition to the already 13 available in the form.

5. User Submitted Post Plugin

The special thing about this plugin is that it lets you include a form at the front end using a shortcode or template tag. These forms can be used by visitors to deliver their posts and images. It also lets you select from the submitted posts of the users. You can turn on or turn off the post submission form fields.


You can have all the benefits and features of this plugin for free.


  • You can force the users to log in to your website before they are allowed to use the form.
  • Combine Google reCAPTCHA and challenge questions together for security purposes.
  • User’s access and content restriction can be done using this plugin’s shortcode.
  • The plugin also lets you set the minimum and maximum limit on the number of images in every post.
  • This plugin gives you a lot more control over the contribution from users.

6. Peter’s Collaboration E-mails Plugin

This plugin is all about updates.

It makes sure the users of your site are updated frequently with their posts. Your websiteGetting together can help you grow will look sophisticated because this plugin has smart qualities.

  • You will receive an email for every update.
  • It will grade the emails sent to each user depending on the status of their posts.
  • The author receives an email at every phase so that it creates a workflow. As a result, this enhances the overall quality of the site.


This plugin is free! Use it to your advantage.


  • A list of approvers is given to the user by the plugin once a post has been delivered for review.
  • It’s possible to inform the author of the post when it is published, and even give him/her a link to view it.
  • You can give users a link to re-edit their posts and then resubmit them.
  • The plugin lets you store the identity of your users.

7. TT Guest Post Submit Plugin

  • The major feature of this plugin is that it lets you deliver posts including images without even registering or logging into your website.
  • It lets authors submit their blog posts in bulk.
  • This plugin also ensures that the quality of the plugin stays top-notch.


This plugin is completely Free.


  • The Google reCAPTCHA assists in making your website secure from spammers.
  • You can set the character limit for any post from users.
  • Users can be directed to any page after the submission of posts.
  • Selection of categories can be done with this plugin, and you can also showcase them in the category form.

Creating a WordPress website?

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You can even create a WP website in 30 seconds, read this, and find out how.


This article has probably changed your view or enhanced how important you think plugins are to your website. The article hopes to enlighten you about the 6+ WordPress guest blogger plugins that are either paid or unpaid. It is advisable you pick a suitable one for your website.

Make your website easy to use, so that your followers can interact with you. This is the key to successful business practice and it will keep them coming back.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.



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6 thoughts on “6+ WordPress Guest Blogger Plugins: How to Make Your Website Better”

  1. I’d love to use the WP User Frontend Pro because it has a free plan and a 14-day money-back guarantee, and guest users’ names and email addresses are auto-registered. I’ve been on the lookout for an enlightening post like this for a long time and, so, I’m grateful you did it. I need guest bloggers for my website and will love to use an integrated plugin that makes post submission easy for users.

    Glad I found one that I love from your list of guest blogger WordPress plugins! I learned some plugins will allow users to submit their guest posts even without having to log in at all! I hope the WP User Frontend Pro will offer that feature! Thanks again! Thanks.


    • I can tell that this will be an exciting addition to your website plan for 2021. Being engaged with your audience is crucial and any tool that makes it nice and easy is a bonus. I’m so pleased that my post gave you a range of choices to choose from. Only you can know what will fit your business.

  2. This is another good article! I’m almost at the phase where I’m looking for guest posts, but not quite. I wanted to work on my site just a bit more before doing that. I was thinking of doing a kind of a submission thing. Do you think having them register and submit the content themselves for me to moderate is a better route? I was going to funnel all of that traffic to my facebook group for vetting there.

    • HiTech, it’s always good to think carefully about what you want to achieve. It will be fun to have people posting submissions to your website and I think you should look at the plugin that will give you some control over the submission before it is published. Most of these plugins can do that.

      I wouldn’t suggest trying to vet them on your Facebook, as you won’t have any control over the submission and you will miss out on collecting their details and following their journey on your website. You could ask to post their submissions on your Facebook after publication on your website, this will open a dialogue and bring even more traffic.

  3. Hello Lily! From this article, it is quite easy to see The importance of Plugins to my website. I have a lot already! Although I am yet to create my own site! but I cannot wait to get started. I am going to carefully sit and look through all the WordPress Guest plugins again and pick the one I find most suitable. Really found this article helpful thanks.

    • Hi Virtue, it sounds like you have an interesting journey ahead of you creating a new website and filling it with content. I’m so pleased that my article will give you lots of choices to get the perfect WordPress plugin to create forms to talk to your visitors. Wishing you a successful journey.


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