7 Best Email Templates for 2022

To use email marketing to your advantage, you must use the best email templates. You can use an email template, but if you7 best email templates for 2022 want to make it unique, you need to use some advice and customization.

According to Statista, by this year, people will receive 347 billion daily emails. So ensure that your message is relevant to your audience. Relevancy is the number one key to success in email marketing.

When it comes to sending email campaigns, there are so many different templates that you can create to suit your needs.

Some of the popular templates include transactional templates and marketing campaigns. You can also write your template code.

The Best Email Templates for Marketers

Here are 7 of the best email templates for marketers in 2022:

1. Omnisend

A great feature that sets Omnisend apart from other email marketing platforms is the ability to automate workflows.

Users can create custom workflows using a visual editor and choose from 33 pre-designed workflow templates. Its automation features are included in all plans, including the free one.

2. Sendinblue

With Sendinblue, you can create customized email campaigns and send them to your subscribers. The templates use dynamic content to give your emails a more personal touch.

The email’s call to action and offer should be prominently featured, increasing your click-through rate. You can also include links to online registration for your event.

Sendinblue includes over 40 customizable email templates. It supports multiple languages and lets you import and export contact lists. The software allows you to build lists based on lead scores, geography, and consumer behavior.

You can also use the program to send targeted emails to your leads. Sendinblue also offers opt-out forms and can track the success of your campaigns.

Sendinblue started as an email marketing tool but has now expanded into a full-featured marketing hub. It offers personalized email and SMS campaigns, a robust CRM, and a free plan that lets you send up to 300 emails per month.

It also has a unique pricing model compared to other providers. Instead of paying per email, you pay based on the number of recipients.

Moreover, you can even create your workflow and redesign the existing templates to fit your business better.

3. EmailOctopus

There are many ways to make your email newsletter stand out. One great way to do this is by using an infographic. A well-designed infographic can grab your readers’ attention with interesting stats.

An infographic also allows you to direct their gaze to a specific part of the newsletter. One example of an infographic email template is J.Crew’s newsletter.

This template uses an ice cream cone to direct the reader’s gaze to the call to action. It makes an otherwise boring email into an interesting piece of marketing material.

You can even increase your click-through rate by using a compelling subject line. In addition to a clean, contemporary email design, this template is also highly functional.

Its sophisticated dark layout makes it perfect for eCommerce platforms, but it works well for various purposes.

HTML email templates are another great option. With these templates, you can use various call-to-actions and link your content to various website sections.

Additionally, these templates will contain an unsubscribe button and social media icons. You can also customize each email to suit your specific needs.

4. CampaignerCampaigner for best email templates

There are several ways to customize Campaigner’s templates to suit your needs. Its drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to incorporate into your daily workflow. It’s over 900 templates include a variety of color schemes, images, and logos.

And the Reputation Defender feature helps you protect your brand’s reputation. This feature improves deliverability, ROI, and security.

Its content delivery network enables it to load email media quickly, and its library of email elements allows you to reuse them across different campaigns.

Campaigner also lets you import your contact list via CSV files or directly from your email account. This feature makes it easy to profile and group your contacts at different levels.

You can also access real-time account reports. These reports allow you to track your email marketing campaign’s success.

Campaigner also allows you to add digital assets. It supports PDF files and images. You can also rename and delete files. It also has an image editor that makes adding content easy.

5. Campaign Monitor

While the pricing for Campaign Monitor is high, it has several positive features. For instance, the service offers drip campaigns and marketing automation. You can also use the service to manage and send SMS marketing campaigns to your subscribers.

But note that there are limitations to this service. You will have to request a quotation before using it. One of the strongest selling points of Campaign Monitor is its templates.

The platform also has great features that make it an excellent choice for companies without eCommerce integration or an organization focused on providing content and information.

However, the interface of the software is out of date and not very intuitive. In addition, there are some limitations regarding images and conditional content.

If you are an e-commerce company, you may want to consider using a third-party tool to help you create your emails.

One of the best things about Campaign Monitor is the amount of flexibility. You can use it in both an in-depth and surface-level manner to create the ultimate subscriber journey. The interface is also very easy to use, and there is a good variety of templates.

However, it’s a little outdated now. It also has many restrictions with images, and it requires some HTML expertise to use.

Campaign Monitor also offers import options. You can import lists and subscriber lists from CSV files.

However, there are some import restrictions. Some lists that have been inactive for a while are not allowed. Additionally, you can’t import data associated with gambling or pharmaceutical products.

Despite this limitation, you can export the data you want to use in other campaigns in CSV format.

6. Zoho CampaignsZoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns offers a variety of features that can help you build an audience that responds to your marketing strategies. These include the ability to consolidate signup forms and manage subscriber information, as well as the ability to send targeted emails.

The platform also features marketing automation, allowing you to measure your campaign’s success. For example, you can create email templates based on your goal, your target audience, and the time of day, season, and event.

Then, you can use those templates to send emails to that audience and measure their responses. This way, you can determine whether or not your emails are converting and gaining more trust from your audience.

Zoho Campaigns is available in free and paid plans. The free plan allows you to send up to 6000 emails to up to 2000 contacts each month. The paid plans are subscription-based and include unlimited emails and several integrations.

You can customize your template based on the behavior of your customers. The autoresponder feature allows you to send automated messages based on your customers’ actions, spending, and more.

Zoho is constantly adding new features and templates to keep up with the times. With Zoho, you can easily create and send email campaigns with email templates and easy-to-use forms.

You can use these templates to communicate with your customers and improve future campaigns.

7. SendGrid

If you’d like to customize your template, you can visit the SendGrid Dashboard, click on the Email API, and then click the “Create a Dynamic template” button. Then you can add a logo and some text and hit send.

Once you’ve decided on a template, you’re ready to start sending emails to your customers. With SendGrid, you can build a beautiful email that will stand out and get your customers’ attention.

If you’re using action-triggered email notifications, you can add a tracking number or an estimated arrival time. You’ll need your SendGrid API key and your preferred Template ID to start.

While SendGrid offers a variety of features, it’s mostly known for transactional email. It lacks some features, such as advanced segmentation or campaign-building tools.

However, if you need all-in-one email marketing software, you’ll want to look into Mailjet. This service has a drag-and-drop email builder and is ideal for email marketing campaigns.

SendGrid is an email marketing solution that helps you send emails to your subscribers. You can send your messages as HTML emails or use a custom template.

You can change the subject line and the content by editing the template’s HTML. If you want to send a more personalized newsletter, you can use BEE Pro templates.

These templates feature reusable content blocks and brand style guidelines. Plus, you can co-edit your templates with others.

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SendGrid templates are compatible with Route4Me Notifications. You can add your API key to the Notifications Module, allowing you to customize the email notification. This allows you to include routing data, customer and order information, and estimated arrival times.

Action-triggered email notifications can also contain tracking numbers or estimated arrival times. To use this feature, you must enter your SendGrid API key or choose an alternative template ID. Once you’ve entered your API key, choose a template ID from the drop-down menu and click “Create Template.”

Campaign Monitor also offers a dedicated WordPress plugin. Users can also use it with Gravity Forms to create custom forms. However, the platform does not offer landing pages.

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