A Review of Grammarly 2023 (Updated)

Why use a spell checker if you already think you have a handle on grammar and spelling?A review of Grammarly Because no one ever gets it right every time and why take the chance when such excellent help is available? In a review of Grammarly, I want to introduce you to a tool that is priceless in making your writing stand out for all the right reasons.

Grammarly examines a text you’ve written and looks for mistakes. Its free version covers the grammar, punctuation, and spelling features, while stylistic and best-writing-practice suggestions are included in the premium version.

If you’re reading my Grammarly review, your top concern is probably whether or not Grammarly works.

Yes, Grammarly does work indeed. It detects spelling and grammar errors more accurately than any other checker.

That’s ultimately what sells it the most, I think. Most applications will catch the most common mistakes and errors, but anything more complex is up to you.

A Snapshot of Grammarly


  • Free (Basic check on Spelling, Grammar, and Punctuation)
  • Or $29.95 a month (Savings for quarterly and yearly. Also business discounts and Specials.)


  • For Free – It checks your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and conciseness on emails and messages, Documents and Projects, and your social media and offers a quick and simple fix.
  • A funny emoji in the bottom corner of your page also gauges the tone of your writing and shows a red dot with the number of mistakes that need correcting.
  • Need more help than $29.95 a month will give you:
  1. Assistance with proper grammar (highlights and illustrations)
  2. Advanced spelling options to correct the tone
  3. Expert advice on punctuation
  4. Keeping it Concise
  5. Advice on the Formality of your sentence
  6. A choice of vocabulary to be clear when presenting ideas.
  7. Plagiarism checking

Benefits – A Review of Grammarly

  •  No matter where you do your writing Grammarly is helping you to present your best face to the world. All you need to decide is how much help you want.
  • Learning as you do your work is a great way to develop a natural writing style that still reads perfectly.

Advanced Premium Grammarly

1. Assistance with proper grammar

It provides real-time suggestions and guidelines on how to correct these mistakes.learning grammar                By highlighting the mistake and a drop-down box with the solution. You will quickly notice regular mistakes and begin to correct them yourself.

2. Advance spelling options

You may miss a spelling mistake but Grammarly never does. Having that gentle reminder will soon have you working as a polished writer.

3. Expert advice on punctuation

It is so easy to miss a comma here and there and that can change the meaning of a simple sentence. Grammarly helps to keep you sharp on what punctuation will best express your meaning.

4. Keeping it Concise

No one enjoys reading someone waffling on. Grammarly highlights when a better word will shorten a sentence and present a clearer viewpoint. This will polish your writing style and over time it will become second nature.

5. Advice on the Formality of Your Writing

Catching just the right tone can be a challenge, especially if English isn’t your first language. Grammarly will help you polish your writing to strike just the right note.

6. Polish your Vocabulary

You will learn faster and retain the knowledge when given better words to use in your sentences.

7. Plagiarism Check

Ever wondered if you have copied something you read? Grammarly will automatically check that you haven’t unintentionally pinched someone else’s idea.  We all absorb ideas from around us and great ideas take root and can come out in our writing.

What Grammarly Does!

The grammar and punctuation features find all types of grammar and punctuation mistakes, including run-on sentences, comma splices, alliteration, and much more. Grammarly will inform you if you’re unsure of why a particular phrase is incorrect. It provides you with a succinct and simple lesson.

Spell CheckIt verifies the spelling of each word in your writing. It has exceptional accuracy, possibly the best available, and is more thorough and robust than the typical Microsoft Word spell checker.

It can check your entire document for instances of intentional or accidental plagiarism. Before publishing anything online, it’s necessary to check your documents for all instances of plagiarism using a tool like Grammarly.

Writing StyleIt offers suggestions, tips, and advice on your writing style to give it that “near-human” feel. Possibly the most underappreciated Grammarly feature. It offers advice on sentence length, overall readability, and other practical tips for writing improvement.

The following individuals, in my opinion, stand to gain the most from using Grammarly.

  • Students
  • Bloggers
  • Copywriters and content marketers
  • Writers in the business world and experts who need to create a precise report, presentation, or email.

Why is a Grammar Checker Necessary?

  • Your message is of utmost importance. Your readers will struggle to understand the point you’re trying to make in every write-up if your message is unclear.
  • You are what you write.

Grammarly differs from most other available software. It can be quite sophisticated and complex, but its user interface and overall user experience are straightforward. Your grandparents could learn it and start using it in an hour.

You can explore Grammarly in several ways, some of which are:

  • The browser add-on
  • The online application
  • The desktop app that you can download
  • The Microsoft Word plug-in
  • The app for smartphones

This indicates that with just a few clicks, you can use Grammarly however you like – by copying and pasting your text into the desktop or online application. You can simply have Grammarly pop-ups and corrective lines appear as you write in your browser or Microsoft Word.

And I can attest to the fact that Grammarly is the most user-friendly of the online grammar checkers I’ve tried out, including Ginger and ProWritingAid.

Nothing makes me happier as an editor than recommending to others the installation of a simple, logical tool that will simplify their lives.

Why Pay For the Premium Grammarly?Grammarly review of English

When you consider your personal abilities with writing, are the mistakes that you are making mostly grammar, punctuation, and spelling? Then you are going to love the Free version of Grammarly as it quickly underlines in red your mistakes and offers a solution. This Reddit comment sums up the feelings on Grammarly Free.

On the other hand, if you feel that you need assistance with crafting your writing in a better way. Creating concise paragraphs that convey your ideas, then you will find that Grammarly is a perfect real-time corrector. You won’t have to click to check your work, it is done automatically as you write. This way you can make the correction immediately and learn as you go.

Grammarly is highly accurate, although sometimes it may misunderstand what you are trying to say. Take the time to re-read your sentence to make sure that you are clear. In the Premium package, you can click on ‘see more in Grammarly’ for a full explanation of the correction.

You can add words to the Grammarly dictionary so that you are not reminded about words that you use constantly, which are specific to your industry or style of writing. Just hover over the word and click “Add to dictionary.’

Essentially, all you have to do is install the plugin or browser extension in Chrome and you’re good to go!

I really had to look to find any downside to Grammarly it really is easy to install and simple to use. The Free version is really basic but if all you need is a reminder to correct a comma or an occasional misspelled word then do yourself a service and load up. You would be crazy not to have this little helper.

Wanting to write a book or be a blogger but not sure about your English? (Especially if it isn’t your first language) then you will love the Premium to polish your writing every step of the way and no one need ever know.

Take the plunge today to support your learning with Grammarly.

What Other Tools Will Help You Become a Better Writer?Tools to help you with grammar

Personally, when I started writing my blog I found that I didn’t really have a clue about SEO or how the whole system worked. Fortunately, a friend suggested I have a look at Yoast as it has a system to tell you how your writing will register with Google.

I just love having reminders on my desktop when I’m writing. So between Grammarly and Yoast, I know that my writing is improving all the time and Google is going to notice me.

Have a read about Yoast here!

Throughout your journey into the world of writing and blogging, you will find a few challenges but there are many great tools available to help you. Using the knowledge every day as you work and play will help you advance quickly.

Do yourself a favor and load up Grammarly for Free, it will help your writing.

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I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

LILY Munday

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9 thoughts on “A Review of Grammarly 2023 (Updated)”

  1. As a writer, having Grammarly is like have a student companion as far as English grammar is concerned. It is an excellent way to write with confidence, knowing that you have a tool that communicates back to you what you’re missing, misplacing, or misspelling a word. It is a useful tool for any writer to have, even though I found the $29.95 pricy. Instead $10 -$12 would have been the ideal rate.

    I understand that the premium features include the following: 
    Assistance with proper grammar (highlights and illustrations)
    Advanced spelling options to correct the tone
    Expert advice on punctuation
    Keeping it Concise
    Advice on the Formality of your sentence
    A choice of vocabulary to be clear when presenting ideas.
    Plagiarism checking.

    Some of the features may not be necessary for a particular writer yet, the person pays for what is not being needed.

    But overall is a necessary tool for every writing work.

    • It’s great that you are finding it such a great tool. Keep in mind that Grammarly often have special prices over the year. Sometimes even a 40% discount. Wishing you all the best on your learning journey. 

  2. Hello there Lily! It is quite impressive how well you write. Thanks for your honest review on Grammarly. I just started writing, just found out about Grammarly for the first time, It could be very useful for me to check spellings and grammar, to help improve writing flow. I am glad I saw this review!.

    • Hi Roro, that is a very nice thing to say, thanks so much. Even though I have only ever written in English I still find it a challenge. Especially when I am writing quickly as an idea runs through my head. I’m always glad to know that Grammarly is watching over my shoulder in everything I write.

      Check out Yoast as well as this teaches you structure when you write and warns you what to change to get the best SEO. Hope this helps you to achieve your dreams. 

  3. With all the competition out there in the business world, a couple of grammar mistakes can make all the difference! I like the fact that Grammarly helps set the tone by keeping the sentences from being too long and confusing! The fact that it polishes the vocabulary is also good.  As you said, we all think we have our grammar down pat but, unfortunately, something as simple as regional differences can make a difference in what would be considered “proper grammar”!  Thanks for sharing this valuable tool!

    • Hi Cynthia, you are so correct. English is my only language, yet there are so many official versions, US, UK, and of course Australian. We have our own special grammar, words, and spelling. Grammarly is a must for any writer.

  4. Hello there! It is very interesting how well you write. With all the competition out there in the business world, a couple of grammar mistakes can make all the difference! I like the fact that Grammarly helps set the tone by keeping the sentences from being too long and confusing! The fact that it polishes the vocabulary is also good.  As you said, we all think we have our grammar down pat but, unfortunately, something as simple as regional differences can make a difference in what would be considered “proper grammar”!  Thanks for sharing this valuable tool!

    • Hi Davis, I just love that we can use Grammarly for free for the basics and it is kind of fun having this helping hand icon on your page all the time to remind you of mistakes and tone. It’s like having a friend to help every day.

      I learn something new about English every time I write and that’s a good thing. Thank you for your kind compliment on my writing it is appreciated.


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