A2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review – Earn up to $125/sale

You probably wonder if this A2 Hosting review can help you make money as an affiliateA2 Hosting Affiliate Program Review

with the web hosting program. Are the A2 Hosting web-hosting plans as fast as they say? This A2 Hosting affiliate program review will reveal the truth.

A2 Hosting is one of the most lucrative web hosting affiliate programs available. This affiliate program could make you up to $125 per referral!

What does A2 Hosting Offer?

  • SSL Certificate
  • An overall network firewall and separate server firewall to protect your website
  • Hackscan 24/7/365
  • Reinforced DDos Protection
  • Brute Force Defense
  • A safe environment to locate your website or eCommerce shop
  • Low-priced hosting starts at $2.99 US/month/3-year plan
  • They don’t teach website building or business success

In this review, I will share what I know about them, how much A2 Hosting pays affiliates and some ways that you can make extra money with A2 Hosting.

A2 Hosting is a well-known WordPress host company. Whether small, medium or large, all businesses can benefit from A2 Hosting web hosting solutions. If you are looking for reliable and fast hosting, take a look at these A2 Hosting Plans.

A2 Hosting, like many other hosting affiliate programs, also offers a lucrative partner program. Its affiliate program can provide a decent income. Referring more customers to A2 Hosting will result in more revenue. Referrals and commissions are unlimited.

There are many web hosting affiliate programs. I chose A2 Hosting because of the high payouts they offer and their affordable web hosting plans. They are also an excellent choice for affiliate marketing.

To earn a decent income, you must sign up for the A2 Hosting affiliate program.

How to Promote A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

You have many options to promote A2 Hosting affiliate program or web hosting services.

A2 Hosting offers you affiliate links and banners. You will also receive promotional emails about sales and other special offers periodically once you have subscribed.

A2 Hosting plans start at: 

  • $2.99/month for the Startup plan,
  • $4.99/month for the Drive plan,
  • $9.99/month for the Turbo Boost plan, and
  • $14.99 for the Turbo Max plan.

Their Drive plan is currently my favorite. For those serious about affiliate marketing, it’s the plan to use.

A2 Hosting offers affiliates the opportunity to earn up to $125 per new customer signup. Although this isn’t the most lucrative web hosting affiliate program, it’s worth adding to your website or blog as an income stream!

A2 Hosting reviews are a great way to promote them. To do this, you can create a blog post about their web hosting today and then publish articles and other posts to drive targeted traffic.

Affiliates have the opportunity to promote A2 Hosting in three ways:

  • Attract people to your blog or website, by placing banners to go to a landing page.
  • You can write a detailed review of A2 Hosting and include a referral link in the article. You can promote A2 Hosting on your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Make a YouTube video on A2 Hosting. Include a referral link in your description.

Affiliates will get paid every month. To receive the payment, you must accumulate a minimum of $100. PayPal is the payment option.

What does it mean to drive targeted traffic?Drive traffic to A2 Hosting

You need to understand SEO and how to market your online business if you’re just starting online. My SEO skills and use of long-tail keywords are what brought you to my blog. They will be the real magnet that attracts the targeted traffic interested in buying what you have to offer. I’ll talk more about them soon.

Consider your target market and decide if A2 Hosting is right for you. Promote your post to beginner bloggers who are looking to create a WordPress blog for a low price.

There are many people unhappy with their web hosting provider. They may have had issues with customer service, downtime, or server performance and want to change.

Each passing day, millions of people are searching for reliable web hosting services at an affordable price. You can promote A2 hosting on your site and earn commissions as an affiliate!

A2 Hosting offers free site migrations. That is an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking to move to a new platform.

You can blog right away or make YouTube videos online to drive targeted traffic to your banners and affiliate links. That is what I do with my YouTube channel. I get tons of clicks. If you want to make money with A2 Hosting’s affiliate program, I highly recommend doing this.

Make sure to include your affiliate links and blog post URLs in video descriptions so that viewers can click on your referral link and purchase.

If you don’t have an A2 Hosting website, I strongly recommend you start one today. Once you have created your website or blog on A2 Hosting, it’s time for you to market to make money.

What Can You Make with A2 Hosting Affiliate Payments?

Here’s how the A2 Hosting affiliate payout works:

  • 1-10 sales: $55/sale
  • 11-15 sales: $75/sale
  • 16-20 sales: $100/sale
  • 21+: $125/sale

There are no guarantees with any affiliate program. Any sales you generate will depend on your marketing efforts. The more clients you refer, the more online commissions you will be able to make. It all comes down to you, and only you!

The A2 Hosting affiliate program payouts are incredibly competitive compared to other programs like Scala hosting, iPage, Dreamhost, Bluehost, or Hostinger.

NOTE: If passive income is what you’re looking for or you want to earn residual income through your blog, I suggest the Cloudways affiliate program and Kinsta WordPress hosting. Cloudways hosting offers a free trial, and you can make $200/sale if you refer people to them!

Liquid Web’s affiliate program is a great way to promote high-ticket products and earn commissions of up to $7,000 per sale.

You must track clicks and conversions when you are a part of the A2 Hosting affiliate program.

Indeed, you won’t know if your marketing is working if you don’t track your traffic sources and affiliate links.

ClickMeter is a great way to track clicks and conversions in affiliate marketing.

You can also make money by promoting A2 Hosting’s web hosting plans in many other ways, such as emails, solo ads, and lead capture pages. You can place banner ads on high-traffic sites, video-sharing platforms, and many other ways to make money promoting A2 Hosting web hosting plans.

Promote with YouTube

YouTube is my favorite video marketing tool. To allow viewers to click through to buy the web hosting, make sure you include your affiliate links within the video description. You can earn money for referring customers and earning a commission. Referring more customers will result in more money!

Although you can certainly make money blogging about it, you should create a quick campaign online to drive traffic.

Let’s face it; marketing can be expensive. You should do it correctly. A2 Hosting is legit and not a fraud. This is a fantastic program to join.

Many people wonder: “When does A2 Hosting pay affiliates?”

Affiliates of A2 Hosting receive payments via PayPal. The affiliate must first earn $100 in commissions before they receive the monthly payment. A2 Hosting also offers a 100% money-back guarantee for clients.

It is against the A2 Hosting affiliate program agreement to bid for trademarked or misspelled terms in PPC marketing. These terms can cause you to lose your commissions and not participate in the A2 Hosting affiliate program.

Is A2 Hosting Web Hosting a Good Choice?A2 Hosting is excellent

Their web hosting is high-speed, and they have many positive reviews and feedback from customers just like you. Your earnings and commissions are dependent on your SEO efforts and marketing strategies.

However, I can tell you that having a website or blog with targeted traffic such as this blog is of considerable benefit.

If you’re still a novice in the business of affiliate marketing, you should learn SEO and how to advertise using different methods to maximize exposure for your A2 Hosting referral links, banners, and lead capture pages.

The best way to learn is to buy your hosting on a platform that also focuses on lessons in all areas of SEO, social media marketing, email marketing and gives you security and technical support. If this is where you need to start then I can recommend Wealthy Affiliate to help you start from scratch and build a successful business. Read more here.

Here you will find a friendly community of savvy entrepreneurs to support and encourage you as you learn. And I will mentor you too. You can start for free today and see if it works for you.

Iniquinet was the original name of A2 Hosting. It started as a hobby but has evolved to become much more. It started its roots in a two-room office in Ann Arbor, Michigan. There they picked the best team members and built data centers around the world.

For every customer that you refer through your affiliate link, you can earn up to $125. It’s easy to tell your family, friends, website visitors, and social media followers all about A2 Hosting.

You’ll be making a lot of money very quickly. In the last year, they paid more than $100,000 to their top affiliates. You will earn more if you send more sales.

They have the following additional features:

  • Management of Active and Responsive Affiliate Programs
  • Real-time Affiliate Stats
  • Long 90-Day Cookie Life
  • Monthly Payments starting on the 15th
  • A/B-Tested Landing Pages
  • Triple Redundant Tracking

Easy-to-Use PostAffiliatePro Control Panel

  • Deep Linking (Choose where you link)

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Are you required to be an A2 Hosting customer to become an affiliate?

Not at all! Although you don’t have to be a customer, it is worth giving them a try.

I know someone in need of hosting. How do I earn a referral fee?

Sign up for the affiliate program. After you have got approved, log in to your affiliate account. You will earn a commission if some people click the affiliate link and place an order. So make a copy of your link and send it in an email to your friend.

I got approved for the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program. What should I do now?

To access A2 Hosting marketing materials, log in to your affiliate account. Under the “Promotions” tab, click on Banners and links. Grab your affiliate link, which you can either paste in your sidebar or share on social media.

What time is the approval of sales?

After 45 days, active sales will get approved.

I have made a sale. When will I get paid?

Before you receive payments, you must maintain a minimum of $100. After they’ve approved your commissions, you will get paid via PayPal on each month’s “15th” day.

I just closed a sale. Where can I find it?

Log in to your A2 Hosting Affiliate Account and click on Commissions to the left. You can then view all of your pending and approved commissions.

A2 Hosting Affiliate Second Tier ProgramNext tier in A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers second-tier commissions. It means that you can refer affiliate marketers to the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program, and you’ll get $5 for each new customer you refer to A2 Hosting.

Use your A2 Hosting affiliate link to sign up for the second-tier affiliate program, and you will have a spot in the second tier.

It is a great way to make money by referring people to the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program.

Steps to register for the A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

Step 1: Register an account at the A2 Hosting affiliate signup site. After approval, you can access banners and a unique referral hyperlink.

Step 2: You will need to fill in the following information. Enter your username, email, first name, last name, and Referral ID. It can also be your blog name. Add additional information such as Web URL, Street address, State, Zip Code, and Phone number. Complete your registration by entering the Captcha.

Step 3: You will need a PayPal email to get paid.


They are a reliable provider of web hosting services. If you are looking to increase your blog’s revenue, they are well worth your time.

A2 Hosting is one of the best affiliate programs. I highly recommend new affiliates sign up first with A2 Hosting. It will make it easy to share the link with others and promote your banners and affiliate links to make extra money on your website.

They offer a 100% money-back guarantee for web hosting. A2 Hosting provides excellent customer service, uptime, and marketing tools in their cPanel. You can even have WordPress installed on your brand new website.

The A2 Hosting platform is an excellent cheap way for people to get into the market and build a website.

I hope that this has helped you to see how you can make a lot of money by promoting the A2 Hosting platform.

Warm Regards,


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  1. Hi Lily.  A2 Hosting seems to be a great way to start earning commissions. More and more people are starting a site online these days. After the pandemic, people have turned to online opportunities, and that includes having their domain. So, the audience of people looking for hosting is big. Thank you for this review. I will focus on this niche.

    • The great thing Paolo is that there are many excellent hosting platforms in the online world. It’s important to know they all offer and not offer. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few top hosting platforms that also offer education and support in creating a successful business.

  2. nice website I like the concept of the website and I see you have some great idea on making  good review on affiliate Products There are many web hosting affiliate programs but A2 Hosting seems to be a great way to start earning commissions. More and more people are starting a site online these days. After the pandemic, people have turned to online opportunities, yeah it also a  great niche.

    • I’m so pleased that you found some value in reading my article on A2 hosting. It’s an excellent hosting platform and the affiliate commission is excellent.

  3. Hosting is one of the key elements if you’re running a website and in most cases hosting providers are playing a vital role. You need a super server performance, zero downtime, and excellent customer service from your hosting provider but the sad reality is most of them just sell you a product. Whereas A2 hosting offers you a bunch of services along with a low-priced hosting starts at $2.99 US/month/3-year plan hosting plus SSL certificate for security, DDoS protection, Brute force defense, Hackscan 24/7/365, and much more. Additionally, if you’re an affiliate marketer they give you the high pay $125 referral benefit. You can promote A2 hosting on websites, blogs, youtube, and different social platforms and earn passive income as well. Thanks, Lily for the detailed information about A2 hosting I definitely try their referral program.

    • They are certainly worth a look and really great for affiliate marketers Preetam. I’ve heard lots of great things about their hosting and think they are very competitive in the hosting marketplace.

  4. Hi Lilly, A2 Hosting is a low cost web host and delivers 20x faster servers worldwide. A2 Hosting also offers an affiliate program for bloggers to make money through affiliate marketing.

    The best thing is that you don’t have to be their customer to earn affiliate commission. Anybody can promote A2 hosting and earn affiliate commission. They have very friendly, prompt customer assistance from skilled Techs and they resolve every issue quickly and satisfactorily.

     As you know, your website security is really important, if you have a good web host your website is secure. In my opinion, A2 hosting is a good secure web host. Thanks for sharing a great review about A2 hosting. Much appreciated.

    • Thanks for your comment Bushra. A2 Hosting is an excellent company with cheap plans and great service. I definitely don’t think you can go wrong by with this company if you are just looking for the cheapest hosting with great security.


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