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To keep up with new, changing trends, marketers now have a lot of effective tools for social media marketing. These toolsAgorapulse review have made marketing on social media less complex and a lot easier. The major focus of digital marketing and even the advertisement industry is on social media and my Agorapulse review can help you to find a better way to manage your interactions.

In this article, we’re going to review one of the best social media tools – a new kid on the block. Let me introduce to you – Agorapulse – a social media management tool that gives an all-around advantage to marketers. This is a perfect tool for business marketing you can make use of. This tool can give you the upper hand in marketing over others.

Managing social media isn’t an easy task, especially when you have multiple accounts. While the concept of handling multiple social profiles with just a single tool sounds interesting, however, there isn’t a reliable one. This is however before Agorapulse comes on board. The story has changed since it came along.

What Does Agorapulse Do?

Agorapulse is an incredible app for handling multiple social profiles. It is helpful for managing social media pages. It works great and helps you to keep a tab on all your social profiles across different platforms. This review is packed with vital information about Agorapulse to help you decide if the tool is for you.

The best word to describe Agorapulse is “power.” In my own view, it is the most powerful app for social media management. If you take into cognizance its scheduling/publishing functionality, you’d probably agree with me.

Agorapulse is amazing for its CRM feature. It differentiates the Agorapulse app from its counterparts. What about the power report feature? It’s superb. It’s a convenient way to have an overview of your social media pages.

Agorapulse and Its Features

Agorapulse was launched in the year 2001 by Benoit Hediard the creator. It has its focus on communities: family, friends, associates, alumni, and passions.

Agorapulse helps you:

1. Schedule/Post Your Post

Agorapulse requires users to sign up just like other platforms. When you have signed up, you’ll be prompted to have it connected to the accounts you intend to manage. These include Facebook Page and Group, Instagram Business, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

To publish, simply open the publish icon. Type in or paste your message (if you’ve written it somewhere). Select any of the social media pages you’d want to have published. It’s quite straightforward.

You may have to first preview the post to see how it would look like when published. This is recommended because it helps you see the flaws of the post before it goes live.

You can edit it to suit your taste before finally publishing it. Additionally, it allows users to tweak the thumbnail. This is usually done when posting a message with a link. For Twitter, simply use the Twitter Card for converting links to images.

Scheduling and publishing posts are of different processes. Scheduling a post implies that a message is posted at a stipulated day and time. It isn’t difficult on Agorapulse too. The platform would simply take you to its content calendar page to schedule your post. The calendar page also contains the social media pages you’ve linked to your account.

Agorapulse enables different scheduling options. A user can choose to republish a post regularly or just once. If you like to publish regularly, you would need to input the number of times you want it to be published.

2. It helps to boost user engagementBoosts engagement on Agorapulse

Although it is amazing to have a good audience on your page, it is quite necessary to engage them. You can do this by starting a conversation with your audience about your brand. Or make them start a conversation among themselves about your brand.

This is the reason Agorapulse is one of the most powerful social media management tools you can explore!

A distinct feature of Agorapulse is its notification feature. This feature alerts you of every comment or message from your followers.

If you have a good number of followers, this feature can help you organize through the chaos. The content calendar from all accounts is combined in a place for you to easily read, review and reply to messages.

3. Help You Organize

It can be quite difficult to keep up with different social media platforms for reaching audiences.

But Agorapulse combines your efforts and makes it easier to do for you. This it does by providing a tool that enables you to schedule and publishes different contents from just ONE place. So, you can use this tool and feature to paste it across content with efficiency and ease.

4. Get to Know the Hearts of Your Audience

With Agorapulse, you can listen to conversations about your business. You will be able to hear and see what your customers are saying about your brand. This, particularly, is vital for your business. Why?

It helps you know how your audience really feels about your product. How, then, can you listen in?

Agorapulse gives you the ability to track every hashtag, and trend about your product within your industry. It also shows you what influencers are saying about your product. With this, it will even help you know where and how to improve further.

5. Join Hands with Others

Apart from tech and financial capability, one rule that always works in marketing is the power of teamwork. When people come together to work on a specific task or project, efficiency always stands out.

So, another benefit of Agorapulse is that it is flexible and gives room for people to join hands. You can collaborate with people within and outside your team, or within the organization and outside it.

When you join hands, Agorapulse makes it possible to monitor every activity of your team. For instance, you’ll be able to know who from your team is creating or reviewing content, etc. Also, you have the opportunity to see whatever changes have been made to a post.

6. Measure Metrics: A Special Feature

Professionals do spend a lot of hours collecting and organizing reports. But with Agorapulse, the work is done faster as it generates instant reports.

No problem of having to deal with a complex report setup! Just with a single click or drag and drop, you can view the report in your browser. Agorapulse also makes it easy by enabling you to export the report to PowerPoint, if required.

7. Target the Right Audience

With Agorapulse, first-time visitors can turn into earnest followers whom you can trust. How? One trick to a successful marketing campaign is to target the right audience. This helps to give your campaign a more useful purpose.

When you target a specific audience with your post, they are more likely to be drawn to you.

In any business, identifying your audience and targeting those who are likely to become followers is very important. With Agorapulse, you can clearly identify your audience. Not only that, you can go in-depth to analyzing your audience’s behavior. And this will enable you to make the right content just for them.

Their behavior and their stage at the funnel can help you segment your campaigns into parts. One merit in using this feature is that it helps you build a good relationship with your customers. Also, it enhances the way you interact and shows that you care.

With the features above, Agorapulse is a useful tool. An amazing feature of this app is its broad range of free social media marketing tools. These tools increase the effectiveness of Agorapulse.

With these tools, you’ll get the best results, and with just small efforts.

Here are some of the tools:Tools to build your promotion in Agorapulse

  • Facebook Barometer

Facebook Barometer makes it easier for you to understand your audience on Facebook. It also helps you track your content reach and engagement level on the Facebook page.

You will be able to track your campaigns and even compare them to other performances. This tool gives you a hint on what works for others and how you can do it for yourself to get the same results.

  • Twitter Report Card

The Twitter Report Card performs a similar function to the one mentioned above, on Twitter. With the report card, you can compare the traction of your tweets with that of your competition.

It is vital to understand the motivation for user engagement and what gets more likes and retweets from them.

  • Content on Facebook pages

For brands with a large audience on Facebook, contests on Facebook pages are really powerful tools.

Agorapulse solves your worries by creating the content itself. For design, you can choose from different templates that suit your contest. Agorapulse will not only help to design and create content, but also help you cancel out and pick the winner of the contest.

This is even more than impressive!!

Integrations on Agorapulse

Agorapulse helps users store data such as reports and statistics that the user can use to create another campaign.

Here are the following Agorapulse Integrations:

The Price of AgorapulseThe price of Agorapulse

With all the features packed in it, I must say, Agorapulse is really worth the price. You can explore it for free or subscribe to any of its premium plans.

Social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and so on work well with the Agorapulse software – another benefit.

For each pricing, there are four plans you might want to choose from.


This plan is for small businesses of up to ten employees. Agorapulse for this plan is $49 US dollars per month (for the monthly plan) and $39 US dollars per month (for the annual plan).

Small scale businesses who promote their websites to get more audience can use this plan. It has the ability to manage 3 social profiles, has publishing features, report monitoring, etc. For this plan, only a single user is liable to use it at a time.


The Agorapulse medium plan is $99 US dollars per month (for the monthly plan) and $79 US dollars per month (for the annual plan).

With this package, you’ll be able to manage up to ten social profiles. In addition, six months of data retention, advanced sync, and the ability to monitor up to 10 comments, etc. are also available. It supports collaboration among three users.


The Agorapulse large plan is $199 US dollars per month (for a monthly plan) and $159 US dollars per month (for an annual plan).

This package is wider than the medium and small packages. This plan allows retaining data for up to 24 months, monitors up to 40 comments. Also, it allows joining hands of up to six users.

It is the best plan for agencies. It can help them manage up to 25 social profiles.

EnterpriseBuild an enterprise with Agorapulse

Monthly Plan: The Enterprise plan (for Agorapulse) costs $299 US dollars per month. Annual Plan: It costs $239 US dollars monthly (Enterprise plan).

Large-scale businesses are the best fit for this plan. With this package, they can easily care for their large audience and social management needs.

It can potentially handle up to 40 social profiles. Allows up to 12 users to join hands. It even allows you to keep track of up to 180 comments. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Pros: The Likeable Parts

  • The inbox feature combines everything in one place so that you can view and take actions in one place.
  • Agorapulse is quite easy to access and explore.
  • Quite impressive are features such as the analytics and generation of reports available in Agorapulse.


  • It lacks Pinterest integration and blogs can’t be scheduled.
  • Quite expensive as a starting plan!

Who Makes the Most from Agorapulse? Big Agencies!

The features are worth the price. The starter plan is quite expensive but good for businesses. Based on performance, it is ranked 4.5 over 5.


From this review, we’ve examined Agorapulse multiple tools and its feature, pros, and cons. From this, we can say that the Agorapulse tool is distinct among others.

I’m sure you’d love it for the appeal and the features it offers. Think it through and if it suits your need, go for it.

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

Thanks for visiting.


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  1. Love this! Very comprehensive, thorough, and precise, you make it clear who benefits the most from Agorapulse, including but not limited to the implications, limitations, accessibility to power, and capacity to be a powerhouse on social media with a single tool across multiple accounts.

    On top of this, this is the type of review that is highly appealing to enterprise operations. I think that your specificity is a major plus one in this blog post. Also, you have a competitive advantage because you not only list the pros and cons but also outline what and who Agorapulse is good for and why.

    Above all, this is a very excellent post that ranks just as high, if not higher, than the Agorapulse rating thereof.

    • You have it in one! It’s so important to give a comprehensive review of these business tools that can really help us to grow or costs us more than we had wanted to pay. It takes time to install a new tool and learn to use it well and then to find that it is too costly or not the best choice can be disappointing.

      Wishing you much success.

  2. Well, that was an interesting read as i had never previously heard of Agropulse. But i have to say, especially when looking at the price that it’s not for me. Not that it’s features arent, but the price of it doesnt seem worth it to me, as it also lacks many things that certain Free Plugins do. I use Blog2Social as it does all that and more for Free

    • That is great to hear that you have found a free plugin that will help you to publish to social media. It’s so key to all our work for our success. Thanks for reading and giving some great input.


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