Ahrefs Content Explorer Review

Ahrefs is a top Site explorer and SEO tool. They have now added Ahrefs content explorer to their portfolio. BuzzSumo alsoAhrefs Content Explorer Review

has a content explorer, one of the most trusted in this area but Ahref has decided to compete with their tool.

Ahrefs’ Content Explorer has many useful features that content marketers and bloggers will appreciate. Now, let me share the new features in this post.

Ahrefs explorer is it good for you?

Features & Usage:

Content Explorer by Ahrefs lets you search for the most popular content for any topic. You can sort content according to social shares or backlinks. But it is not available for free like BuzzSumo.

A paid subscription is required to get the best out of this feature. However, the free version lets you view a small amount of data. Ahrefs is a paid service that you already use, so you will love this new feature.

The homepage will display the top 10 most popular shared content for the past 24 hours. Surprisingly, you won’t find filters on the homepage. You can’t sort the results by language (Which is what should be there) and any other parameters.

The search box allows you to type in any topic and it will display the most shared content. The tool allows you to filter the results by language and date. You may use the search operators to refine your search.

To use the advanced search operator, simply click the Advanced Search button. The export option is also available. These are the features that I use since I’m on the Ahrefs free plan.

Let’s examine how you can use content explorer to your advantage!

How to use Content Explorer to Your Benefit

You can use the content Explorer feature in many different ways. Here are some examples:

Find the most widely shared content on any topic or niche. You can share it on your social media profile for more engagement and CTR.

Look for popular posts from other blogs (or your competitor’s blog) to find content on that topic.

The option to view referring domains gives you insight into what content might get more links. Buzzsumo users are familiar with Ahrefs content explorer. Although this tool does not currently show top influencers, there is a significant difference between Ahrefs & BuzzSumo.

The Content Explorer is a great feature for content-hungry teams. This feature allows you to see which content is performing well. To see a list of related posts, simply type the topic in.

The report provides detailed information about the peak date for your pages, as well as a list of top authors and the amount of traffic they generated.

Your content team may use this data to identify thought leaders, find out what content is doing well and create similar content.

You can also see the demand and level of competition in a particular niche. You may get an overview of all your competitors, as well as the traffic value, to better understand who is doing well and who you need to emulate.

Site Explorer

Ahrefs Site Explorer provides a comprehensive overview of the SEO performance of any site or page. It is basically a dashboard that contains tons of SEO-related data.

Ahrefs rank is a measure of how much organic traffic a page or site receives (Their backlink profile quality determines it).

URL Ratings: This is how strong a page’s links are (on a 100 point scale).

Domain ratings are a measure of how strong a website’s backlink profile compares to other sites (on 100 points scale).

Referring domains: This is the total number of domains linking to your website.

Site Explorer can help you monitor the performance of your site over time. It can also show you how your organic traffic has changed over time.

Not only is Site Explorer useful for determining how your sites are performing, but it can also help to evaluate other websites. You can use it to assess the performance of your competitors’ sites and determine what you could duplicate!

Organic SearchOrganic search with Ahrefs content explorer review

This tool allows you to see which keywords are most valuable and which keywords your competitors are using.

To see the keywords driving traffic to a particular domain, simply enter the domain name and site URL.

Organic Search has many powerful filters such as “keyword”, “keyword difficulty (KD), and “volume”. These filters make it simple to:

  • Search for keywords that contain a particular word or phrase.
  • Choose a keyword difficulty.
  • Find the keyword search volume.

These are two ways you can get the most from organic searches.

  • Get keyword insights

Organic searches can give you insights into which keywords are most popular and most trafficked. You can then use this information to determine what pages to promote and what pages to work on.

  • Learn from your competition

You can also see which keywords bring your competitors the most value through organic searches. You will then see which keywords are most valuable to you and how you can turn them into a profitable keywordsMake money while you are still working.

Keep in mind that if your competitors rank for these keywords, so can YOU too!

Paid Search

This one is for you if you are a PPC marketer.

Here’s a quick explanation of PPC:

This is an internet marketing tactic that allows advertisers to bid on keywords to ensure their ads appear at the top of Google’s search results.

Paid Search allows you to keep an eye on your competition and track which keywords they are targeting. Ahrefs can help you target these keywords.

Your competitors may be paying for the same keyword as you, which could indicate that they are interested in it and/or are making a lot of money. It’s a keyword you should definitely target.

You can look at the PPC ads of your competitors to help you create title tags and descriptions that increase click-through rates (a measure that tracks how many people clicked on a particular link from the total users who viewed it).

Paid Search is also useful if you are running paid campaigns. You can use it to monitor your performance and determine if the ads are worth the investment.

Rank TrackerRank tracker in Ahrefs content explorer

Ahrefs can be a great tool for helping you identify opportunities and conduct competitor research. However, it is not able to tell you if your efforts have paid off.

Ahrefs’ rank tracker is a great tool to keep an eye on your progress and see if you are making the right decisions.

You can do this by simply entering or importing keywords and listing the URLs to the relevant pages. To help you track your progress over time, the data will be displayed in a graph.

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  1. Hey Lily,

    Great article on the Ahrefs content explorer tool! Having a website of my own, I found your content very helpful and informative. I think you had some great points like looking at your competition for keyword ideas and using the content explorer to generate new topic ideas. I will definitely look more into Ahrefs content explorer for my future content!

    • Hi Pat, glad I could help with this. Arefs is a great tool and the content explorer will give you lots of information to make good decisions.

  2. I like the way you start your blog:  “We all need help to build a successful online business.  Let me lead you to the best affiliate programs and tools so you can be a success!”   That got my attention super-fast!

    You review of Ahrefs Content Explorer and SEO tool was most helpful.  I had been looking for such  a product for quite a while!

    I found your Features & Usage paragraph most informative.  I welcomed knowing that Content Explorer by Ahrefs lets you search for the most popular ontent for any topic, and that you can sort content according to social shares or backlinks.  I welcome knowing what I get with the free version, also with the paid subscription and finally with the advanced search operator.  Knowing what to expect is very important!

    I found your paragraph entitled “How to use Content Explorer to Your Benefit” to be most interesting.  For instance, how to find the most widely shared content on any topic or niche.   You can then share it on your social media profile for more engagements and CTR.  How you can look for popular posts from other blogs (or your competitors’ blogs) to find content on that topic.    I would never have found that on my own!

    Also helpful was your paragraph entitled “Site Explorer”, stating that it provides a comprehensive overview of the SEO performance of any site or page, that it is basically a dashboard that contains tons of SEO-related data.

    The rest of your blog was full of good, helpful advice.  I’m glad I read it!  And thanks again!

    • Hi Monique, this is such a lovely comment and wonderful feedback. I’m inspired to keep writing informative posts to help people even more. Enjoy your journey.


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