AMZ Formula Review: Does it Work?

Joshua Crisp, the creator of AMZ Formula, has over 10 million sales on Amazon, making him a guru on Amazon selling.AMZ Formula Review

Additionally, he is a YouTube channel owner with over 21K subscribers and nearly half a million views, so you can trust that he is a qualified teacher.

To earn money on Amazon, you should read this AMZ Formula review. Joshua’s first three products failed, but he hit it big on his fourth. He claims to have been mentioned in Forbes and the Huffington Post.

The AMZ Formula course is quite helpful in teaching people how to list their products on Amazon. It goes through the crucial aspects of product selection and validation.

It also explains how to avoid bad reviews, enroll in Amazon’s early review program, and create an effective PPC advertising campaign.

The AMZ Formula Overview

Product Name: The AMZ Formula

Official Page:

Creator: Joshua Crisp

Price: $1997 but currently discounted to $997 (limited time offer)

Product Type: Amazon FBA Training

Best For: Beginners to Experts in Amazon FBA

AMZ Formula Pros:

  • – The course is relatively cost-effective
  • – Joshua Crisp offers a top-notch training program.

AMZ Formula Cons:

  • – The income margin is low
  • – The refund policy is shady
  • – Joshua Crisp runs an expensive business model
  • – The add-ons are non-refundable.

What is The AMZ Formula About?

The creator of The AMZ Formula, Joshua Crisp, is a popular figure in the Amazon FBA world. He has become incredibly wealthy through his online business. He has a lovely house, a decent car, and many other perks.

But is his product all that it’s cracked up to be? Does the AMZ Formula work? Or is it just another scam? Let’s take a closer look.

While this AMZ Formula course may seem packed with valuable information, it’s another Amazon FBA course that teaches the same old stuff.

Who is Joshua Crisp?Joshua Crisp

Joshua Crisp was a high school dropout. He worked as a team agent for a Finatech company and sorted trash for minimum wage.

The AMZ Formula is not just another course. The creator, Joshua Crisp, has over ten million sales on Amazon. He’s also the owner of an FBA business. That means he’s qualified to teach you about selling on Amazon.

In his video series, Joshua Crisp promises to share the secrets to becoming successful on Amazon. The AMZ Formula teaches keyword research, defending your brand, and how to build a profitable FBA store.

Is The AMZ Formula a Scam?

The AMZ Formula is a course that claims to teach you how to make money on Amazon. It claims to have limited members’ space, so you’ll get personalized attention and feedback.

Students also have a chance to ask questions and validate their ideas in the community. If you are considering purchasing the AMZ Formula, you first need to determine if the product you’re going to consider is a scam.

While there are some cons to the AMZ Formula, its free course content and online course are highly beneficial. It teaches all you need to know about Amazon FBA, including how to get started with little money.

The course contains over 70 videos and has 2,000 members, so it’s worth checking out. You can also join a live chat room and ask questions. The course will walk you through the whole process step by step.

What Will You Learn from AMZ Formula?

According to Joshua’s marketing materials, he’s been featured on Forbes and the Huffington Post and has a YouTube channel with nearly 30,000 subscribers.

If you’ve checked out his YouTube channel, you’ve probably noticed a genuine-looking person with an authentic voice, although he doesn’t reveal which product he made his fortune with.

Module 1: Introduction

The AMZ Formula course is a must-have for any newbie without knowledge of the FBA market. You’ll learn how to choose and validate products.

You’ll learn how to approach suppliers to eliminate mediators and make your products more attractive to customers.

While the content is extensive, some advanced users may not find it as detailed as they would like. Despite this, it is still a solid course that will get you started quickly and efficiently.

The AMZ Formula course includes eight modules. Each module walks you through a different aspect of your FBA business.

The first module introduces the course and covers topics like the Amazon Business Model, terminology and mechanics of FBA.

It also discusses the mindset needed to be successful in this industry. In this module, you can find helpful tips for marketing your products, social media marketing and QR codes.

Module 2: Creating Your Account and Getting Started

Creating your account and getting started is the first step in the AMZ Formula course. You’ll learn about FBA, branding, and fees in this module.

It explains how to protect your Amazon brand and rank. You’ll learn how to set up your account for maximum security. After that, you’ll learn advanced techniques to expand your business.

It’s worth mentioning that AMZ Formula doesn’t cover advanced marketing methods like social media or QR codes, but it teaches you how to implement some of them to improve your sales and increase your income.

This module introduces the course and discusses the Amazon Business Model, terminology, mechanics, and mindset. This is a surefire place to start if you’re new to FBA and unsure where to start.

Module 3: Product Research and Product VerificationProduct research

The first part of this module teaches the basics of product research. In this section, trainees learn how to create an adequate product description and conduct a risk assessment.

A good product description includes identifying all ingredients and packaging materials. The next part of the module covers establishing critical limits, which determine if a product is safe or not.

Module 4: Finding Suppliers

The AMZ Formula course teaches you how to find quality suppliers. It also covers product validation and verification, negotiating with suppliers, and cutting out the middleman.

Finding quality suppliers is directly related to ensuring that you sell high-quality products. The instructor shows you how to research and contact suppliers of products in your niche.

You can then buy products at cost and sell them for whatever you want. Some suppliers will charge an MRP or Minimum Resale Price.

The first step to finding suppliers is to find profitable products. This module will teach you how to identify profitable products.

Next, you will learn how to contact suppliers worldwide, negotiate with them and set up your Amazon product page. It also gives you an introduction to the basics of Amazon listing and Amazon pricing.

Once you have these foundations, you can move on to finding suppliers for your products. The next step in starting your own dropshipping business is finding reliable suppliers.

Crisp starts this module with an overview of the Shopify dropshipping business model and then sets the basics for the rest of the program.

After that, Crisp explains how to validate products. Suppliers will handle the fulfillment and logistics of your products while you will promote their products.

Once you pay them, they will package and ship your products. As you can see, dropshipping businesses depend on suppliers strongly.

Module 5: Creating Your Listing and Getting Positive Reviews

If you start with Amazon, AMZ Formula might be the perfect product. This training is not only convenient and affordable, but it also teaches you the best methods to make a sale on Amazon.

Besides that, you can also get free training from other successful entrepreneurs. Like me, you are probably not familiar with the tools required to succeed on Amazon.

To learn how to make a profit on Amazon, you must create a listing. The best way to do this is to read reviews written by people who have already used the program.

This comprehensive course covers the basics of Amazon business and includes 16 cheat sheets and templates. You can also participate in mastermind chat rooms and bi-weekly coaching calls.

In addition, AMZ Formula also offers a community of other students who can help you with your questions. The course costs $997, but it is well worth it.

Module 6: Keyword Research and PPC AdvertisingPPC Advertising

Keyword research helps you target specific audiences with relevant ads. By researching the type of customers you want to target, you can optimize your funnel design, assess competition, and adjust your ad spending.

Keyword research helps you identify the right customers and optimize your funnel design and budget. Here’s how you can improve your PPC advertising and start driving more qualified traffic to your site today. Keyword research will help you get more traffic, leads, and sales!

First, make a list of ideas that relate to your niche. You’ll refine your list as you go. An easy way to narrow your keyword list is competitor analysis.

Figure out which keywords your competitors are ranking for. The bigger their bid, the more relevant their ads will be.

Make a list of possible keywords and use these in your campaign. If you find some keywords that relate to your niche, use those terms to create a more relevant ad campaign.

Once you’ve narrowed your list, organize those keywords into smaller groups. Each group corresponds to an ad group in Google Ads.

This strategy has multiplier effects on your account. Well-organized campaigns have more relevance, lower cost per click, and improved conversions.

Module 7: Maintaining Your Rank and Brand Growth

AMZ Formula teaches you how to maintain your brand growth and rank on Amazon. If you’ve decided to buy the AMZ Formula, you must be prepared for some challenges.

It’s not an easy task to build a business on your own. AMZ Formula recommends that all aspiring AMZ entrepreneurs take this course before starting.

It may take you a few weeks to complete. AMZ Formula also teaches the ins and outs of industry jargon.

AMZ Formula teaches you how to scale and grow your Amazon store. You’ll also learn how to hire virtual assistants and outsource work to improve your efficiency.

And the program also covers email marketing, social media marketing, QR codes, and other marketing tactics.

Module 8: Bonuses and Advanced Tactics

In Module 8, Joshua Crisp will teach you about brand protection, how to protect your rankings on Amazon, how to protect your product information, and how to secure your Amazon FBA business.

He will also cover advanced tactics for increasing your sales and reach. This course contains quick tutorials on marketing, using social media, and QR codes. This information is essential for your success.

Members can participate in bi-weekly coaching calls, group chats, and mastermind chat rooms. Members can also access replays of all of the group calls.

This way, members can learn the most advanced tactics inside AMZ Formula without spending a single cent. The program is worth the price, and the bonuses are well worth the price.

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The AMZ Formula Pricing

The training course costs $997. There are no installment options, but you can apply for PayPal credit if you’re based in the US or UK.

Inside, you will have access to JungleScout’s research tool. To explore that, you will need to spend an extra $468.


The AMZ Formula training shows how to cut out mediators and find quality suppliers. Ultimately, the AMZ Formula program is a valuable investment that can help you make money.

In addition, keyword research helps you identify your audience’s keywords to find you. In addition to keyword research, keyword optimization includes using negative keywords to improve your campaigns and decrease wasted spending.

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