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This is the Ideal Affiliate Network for Selling Software, SaaS, and Digital Goods. InAvangate Review

my Avangate affiliate review, you will learn about its pros and cons, where it’s located, and how it offers quality customization features to affiliates. Also, you will get to know who Avangate is meant for, and lots more.

What is Avangate?

Avangate is a network that will allow you to manage your channel and collect payments. It’s a platform for e-commerce channels. It helps to boost sales for all digitized solutions.

This company started out in the year 2006 and has improved the lives of many affiliates. Avangate is happy only when its customers are happy. It has its headquarters in the States and it operates across the countries in Europe.

Who Can Sign up to the Avangate Network?

If you’re involved in selling software products or services, you can use Avangate and make the most out of it. In fact, if you are already in the software industry with a great passion for customizing, Avangate is the match for you. It provides a tool that can be used to manage subscriptions on your site.

Avangate is a good option for you if your industry is:

  • Gaming software
  • B2B
  • Educational software
  • Finance
  • Multimedia design and video/audio software.

In this network, you will have access to many companies and products you can promote.

What Makes Avangate Stand Out?

  • Users are allowed to Create Coupons of their own.

Have you got coupons for your audience from a merchant? Coupons are a good way to attract visitors and increase conversions. However, many merchants are reluctant to release coupon codes to users.

But in the Avangate network, users can create coupons whenever they want. These codes are exclusive to users and are discounted from their commissions. So you get to decide how much of a discount your customers can get.

Let’s say, for example, you are receiving a 60% commission on sales from a specific merchant! You can create a 15% discount coupon for your customers to increase sales and responses from your prospects. For that coupon code, you will only take home a 45% commission on sales.

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What is the Relevance of Deep Linking?

This is the marketing practice that forces readers to the point of sale. Avangate takes this process a step further. It lets users decide how and where their visitors land when they click on promo links.

Users can decide how they want promo links to look. They can use:

  • Landing page links: Users can choose between the merchant’s site and any available landing page. They can also create deep links to direct visitors there.
  • Shopping cart links: With the click of a button, visitors can add their desired items to the shopping cart.  This is the most captivating feature that the Avangate network offers. Users can direct visitors to the checkout page through a link on their sites! This will help boost conversion and increase sales. Avangate users can design the purchase process and let it match their website layout.
  • Download trial links: With this feature, users may not make a provision for extra clicks for the visitors. They can simply direct readers to the software file download through a link.

Avangate deals in categories which can be:

  • Business and finance
  • Video/Audio
  • Internet
  • Design
  • Finance, and lots more.

The merchants that are listed on the Avangate network are well-known to your audience. You will find companies which can be: Hide My Ass, HP Software, Kaspersky, Bitdefender, and lots more!

What Are the Pros of the Avangate Network?

  • It’s ranked #4 in Think’s list of affiliate marketing networks for the year 2017. Though it’s not rated the best, it’s much higher ranked than FlexOffers, ClickBank, CJ Affiliate, and the likes.
  • There are multiple payouts ways which can be PayPal and others. Users can get paid through checks, PayPal, or wire transfer. They can also apply for an Avangate prepaid MasterCard through Payoneer.
  • Create coupons with no restrictions. Create your own coupon codes, and boost your following and readers’ loyalty.
  • It pays regularly. Users get their commissions on the due date.
  • Users create their own deep links. This enables users to direct visitors to the checkout page.
  • It shows detailed reports. Members can view reports based on the products they promote. The report shows details of cost per click, conversion rate, EPC, refunds, and many more.

What Are the Cons of the Avangate Network?

  • Its minimum payout threshold is $100. This is on the high side compared to several networks out there.
  • Payments are available only in EUR or USD. You can withdraw earnings from any ATM with the Avangate Prepaid MasterCard in any currency.
  • It uses a cookie length of 180 days. Though this is a fair cookie life, several networks out there make their cookie life longer.
  • Merchants must pay part of all transactions.
  • There’s no trial offer
  • There’s no live chat support

Businesses now use online media to build traffic. So, to boost sales, there’s a need to spend time and resources on content creation and promotion.

The goal of the Avangate network is to create a network that connects marketers with merchants. As such, this network has been in the business of connecting merchants with marketers for more than 10 years.

It has helped digital agencies grow their client base and expand their reach. Currently, the affiliate has got 4000+ merchants from all over the world and has won several awards.

How Does Avangate Work?

You can select any of the payment plans available and sign up for the network. The Avangate team will then review each application and decide if the network can accept the merchant.

How Can You Get Started?

To join the network, you must first select a payment plan. Businesses of different needs and sizes will find their own payment plans to choose from. There are payment plans for the different forms of businesses which can be any of SaaS, startups, e-commerce, and many more.

Once you select a payment plan, the next step is to fill in the signup form. The Avangate team will assess the form and process your payment only if they accept your application.

The signup process is simple. Enter your website information and hit the Submit button. You will only become a user when your application is approved. Once you’re done setting up the account, you can start connecting with the merchants. You can find some affiliate programs in your niche and sign up with them to start promoting.

 What are the Benefits?

The Avangate network will connect you with over 4000 merchants from all parts of the world. This is not like the software solutions that let merchants promote their programs on their own.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAvangate review

What does the network require to be able to join?

Users must fill in the signup form and wait for approval first before they join the network. Affiliate marketers use the network for free, while merchants pay a fee to get access.

1. Are there any setup costs?

For entry-level payment plans, there’s no setup cost. However, if you want to integrate the network into your own system, you will pay a fee.

2. Must I buy a web hosting package?

No! Avangate is a self-hosted e-commerce provider. And it’s PCI-compliant.

3. Can I delete my account whenever I want?

Yes! You can delete your account at any time. All you need to do is reach out to the support team and make your request.

4. How can I contact the support team?

To contact the support team, simply visit their official website and use the contact form. If any payment-related issue arises, the way to reach the support team is to use the 24/7 hotline.

5. How can I create an Avangate myAccount?

You will have this account created for you automatically when you order a product on the Avangate network.

6. What is the flexible payment option for users?

This will give you the option to get paid monthly through Checks, Avangate MasterCard, PayPal, or Wire Transfer.

Do you want to create an affiliate marketing community? 

If so, then Avangate is the right solution for you. The issue is that you can hardly find companies that offer a good affiliate marketing contract.

What are the Plans on Avangate?

The Avangate network offers 3 different payment plans for merchants to select from.

  • Standard plan

This starts from 4.9% plus 1.95 Euros or 8% with at least a network fee of 1.95 Euros per transaction. It covers merchant account and payment processing fees, but no revenue limit is associated with it.

Also, it includes chat support, 15 different billing currencies, an integrated shopping cart, email, A/B testing, phone, and more than 50,000 affiliate members.

  • Growth plan

The growth plan starts from 3.99% plus a network fee of 0.79 Euros per transaction. It includes merchant account and processing fees and has a monthly limit of $15,000. It’s the right choice for merchants who don’t earn more than this limit.

This plan supports EUR or USD. Merchants can send emails to support or use the live chat platform.

  • Enterprise plan

This plan is for merchants who need an integrated advertising solution. It offers all the features on the standard plan. These include:

  • Multi-channel e-commerce
  • Complete marketing service
  • Integrated brand experience.

How Avangate is a Great Choice for Users

Users can log in to their accounts through the API or online portal. They have access to all features. These include:

  • Different languages
  • Order management
  • Payment methods

 What Are the Advantages of Affiliates Signing up with Avangate?

There are lots of benefits that await you if you decide to sign up with the Avangate network. These include:

  • Avangate provides a free e-book for those who are just starting out online. So, with the click of a button, you can download this e-book and start reading it. You will have nothing to worry about. This book comprises a hundred tips for becoming a successful affiliate marketer. It provides lots of tips that work even for beginners.
  • The signup process is so easy that a little child will be able to do it correctly. It takes only a couple of minutes to finish registration, and it’s completely free.
  • Once you’re done with the signup process, you can start building relationships with vendors. You will earn a 75% commission on sales. If you do well, you will also get extra rewards, paid license renewals, and lots more.

Reach out to the support through live chat or email.

And you have access to the team whenever you need help. The support is a team of real humans who have the skills to help you succeed in affiliate marketing.

  • Use the API to export all sales orders. Also, monitor your progress through real-time stats and reports. You can keep track of your refunds, earnings per click, conversion rates, sales, and lots more.
  • Create more coupons to attract more customers. These coupons can be deducted from the vendor’s promotions and your own commissions.
  • You can create promo links that will direct visitors to the checkout page, and this will boost the conversion rate.
  • Avangate completes millions of transactions yearly. It has served more than 4000 digital channels in 180+ countries. In more than ten years, the network has helped hundreds of companies stand out from their competition. This has led to a boost in sales and conversions.
  • The Avangate network ranks in the first position in the list of networks that sell digital goods.

What Are the Features of Avangate?

For Merchant Services:

  • Global Payments
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Affiliate Network
  • Channel Manager
  • E-commerce Manager
  • Subscription Billing


Avangate has a footprint in the international market. More than 4000 merchants from all over the world are using it. It has achieved this global reach because of its ability to sell in 180+ countries. It has the capacity to trade in multiple currencies. Not that alone! It also has a huge network of 50,000+ partners who sell digital products and services.

If you are looking to grow your company or make money as an affiliate this is a company that is worthy of your time and effort.

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  1. Never heard of Avangate.  I thought that this business was pretty new. I like the idea of a specific type of e-commerce platform made for those who choose the software universe as a niche.  I love the fact that you can connect to  over 4000 merchants. The cookie length may be short for some. But 180 days is a lot compared to many affiliate programs.  Great article.

    • You are correct in that this is a great space for those wanting to only be in the software. They give great support and help with promotion. I’m delighted that you enjoyed my article.

  2. The idea of having a platform that can trade all these international currencies is cool. That, in part, explains its exponential growth. I like that we can get started right away and that it’s an affordable platform. I’ll sure give it a try! I’d love to test the feature in which I use an API to export all sales orders.

    • It sounds like you are on the ball with your business plans Paolo as using the API to export sales orders will really speed up your business. Wishing you smooth sailing.


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