Aversity Gold Masterclass Review: The Most Amazing Course?

The Aversity Gold Masterclass is the latest affiliate marketing program created by Sean Bagheri and one of the biggestAversity Gold Masterclass Review affiliates on ClickBank and JVZoo.

The course looks like a decent one, and there are some excellent points to keep in mind when purchasing. First, note that the course is affiliate-linked so that you can benefit from these links and make commissions.

It is a high-ticket affiliate program, and you can earn up to $4k per sale. There are three membership plans available: Pro, Gold, and Elite. You can purchase a membership for Aversity Gold Masterclass.

It’s not hard to see why Sean Bagheri can make millions of dollars online with this training program. He’s the founder and CEO of Aversity, Inc., a training site that offers a variety of topics.

In addition, he offers a wide variety of affiliate programs and is a “super affiliate.” His courses are available on the Aversity membership site.

Who is Sean Bagheri?

Sean Bagheri is an experienced internet marketer and creator of the Aversity Gold Masterclass course. He is a co-founder of Empower Network and has a wealth of knowledge. Despite the low cost of this course, the benefits are worth it.

This course is not a one-click money-making system, but it does teach you how to build a website and monetize it through affiliate marketing. It’s not a secret, but it will teach you to be a successful affiliate marketer. You’ll need to invest some money, but it’s worth it in the long run.

S. Bagheri is a proven digital entrepreneur and a top ClickBank affiliate. It is a proven system that will help you earn an income online. With the help of this course, you’ll be able to make over $8k in a month with affiliate marketing.

Students will learn how to start an affiliate marketing business in the course. The courses are also offered in private groups and 1-on-1 interactions with the founder. You’ll learn the basics of affiliate marketing and how to build free organic traffic.

It’s still essential to check out the quality of the training in the program before enrolling. While many people have tried out different programs, the quality of these courses is very high.

Aversity is an online course created by Sean. Among other things, it’s an excellent choice for beginners. The cost of the course is $297. The course includes all the essential tools to start an affiliate marketing business.

What is inside the Aversity Gold Masterclass Course?What is inside Aversity Gold Masterclass

The Aversity Gold Masterclass is a training course aimed at helping people build their businesses and achieve financial freedom. This program is not just another course that tells you how to make money online. It also comes with feedback and support from the community.

This training course has been around for over two years, and it has helped thousands of people build a successful business online.

The modules include:

  1. Gold Masterclass Strategy Introduction
  2. The Free Report Funnel
  3. Your Presell Content
  4. Creating Your Website
  5. Free Traffic
  6. Paid Traffic
  7. Introduction to Gold Elite Training
  8. Your Video Presell Funnel
  9. Campaign Conversion Optimization
  10. Taking Your YouTube Campaign to the Next Level
  11. Course Updates
  12. Bi-Weekly Webinar and Strategy sessions

Plus 3 Extra Bonus Modules!

The Aversity Gold Masterclass is a high-ticket training course that can earn you some thousands. If you’re looking to be set free from the 9-5 grind, this training course can give you the knowledge and skills.

It is suitable for beginners, as it is designed to provide an overview of affiliate marketing. The course also includes one-on-one coaching, which can help you improve your skills and get better results.

If you’ve been finding a way to increase your income with affiliate marketing, the Aversity Gold Masterclass course is a great choice. The program consists of a video training series, a private group, and one-on-one interaction with the instructor.

You’ll learn about paid traffic, solo ads, and affiliate marketing from Sean. The program also includes mentorship and education from top affiliates.

While the course itself looks decent, some aspects are more beneficial for beginners than others. For example, you’ll learn how to get a free website and generate free organic traffic. Aversity Gold Masterclass is not a scam, so you’ll have access to mentorship and education.

How Much Does it Cost?How much does it cost?

This course initially costs $1,000, but Sean Bagheri offers it for a mere $297. It includes affiliate marketing lessons, as well as a no-monthly fee. Although it might seem pricey, this program is highly recommended.

It’s possible to make a full-time income with affiliate marketing by following the steps outlined in the Aversity Gold Masterclass.

Who is this Course for?

The Aversity Gold Masterclass is a training course created by the CEO of Aversity, Inc. He is one of the top affiliates on ClickBank and JVZoo and has made millions online.

This course is an online program, just like many others. It includes videos, 1-on-1 coaching, and weekly webinars. It covers affiliate marketing, how to build your website, and how to split test and create free traffic.

It’s a comprehensive program that helps anyone make a profit from affiliate marketing. Although it is an online course, the content is practical and relevant to any experience level.

You’ll learn how to create a website and pre-sell content. You’ll also learn how to choose a domain, set up WordPress, and install plugins. The program also includes a private group full of mentorship and educational material. 

How does it Work?

It’s like any other online course. You get videos, one-on-one coaching, and weekly live webinars. You’ll learn how to set up your website, create split tests, and get free traffic. It’s easy, affordable, and a great way to earn money online.

Aversity Gold Masterclass is an online course that teaches anyone to become a successful affiliate marketer. The course is not a secret method. It provides over ten hours of training in six modules. It claims to have 30k members, with 55% earning enough to cover their initial investment.

It is a membership site and is very affordable. Aversity Gold Masterclass is a decent online training backed up by many testimonials from customers.


  • Despite the price tag, this software is a great way to learn affiliate marketing without spending money.
  • It makes a good investment for beginners.
  • It is an excellent course for people who want to break free of their 9 to 5 workweek. However, it’s not a foolproof system that will make you rich overnight. You’ll need to work hard and learn many skills to succeed in your online business. You’ll have to learn Internet marketing, but you’ll get there.


  • It takes a lot of hours to learn and start making money.
  • You will still have to pay for hosting, plugins etc.

A Simpler Solution

This is basically a training course but you will still have to find hosting. My #1 Recommendation is to find a Membership platform where all the training is bundled with hosting and technical support. Creating a website business is hard enough without the stress of your website going down and no available help.

A better option is Wealthy Affiliate, where you can start a website for free in WordPress. Do 10 free video lessons, and have a taste of learning. At only $49 per month for hosting, lessons, community, security, technical support, 1000+ Tutorials, and a free keyword finder, it’s the best value for new people. Read more below.

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The course creator and CEO is Sean Bagheri, the man behind the Aversity gold membership. His YouTube channel boasts 41k subscribers and over 400 videos. In addition, he is an active instructor on Udemy, a popular e-learning site.

He offers 21 courses, each with a 4.6-star rating, and he has a vast amount of knowledge about affiliate marketing. The course is affordable and includes all the necessary training to succeed.

Aversity is a membership site for affiliate marketers, and there is no monthly fee to join. It is not a “get rich quick” system, but you can make money online with it. And while the Aversity Gold Masterclass may not be for everyone, it can help you earn some serious money.

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