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Convert Amazon products into videos to generate free traffic and sales! We all know that Amazon is one of the best andAzon video maker review most popular e-commerce websites in the world. In this Azon video maker review, you will learn how to make videos from Amazon products. This can in turn earn you free traffic and sales.

This is the major reason why a lot of entrepreneurs are interested in getting an affiliate business with Amazon. Being a huge market does not stop Amazon from staying far ahead of its competition.

The major difficulty that entrepreneurs face is the conversion of their website visitors into their clients for more sales and commission. You don’t have to worry about that, as this Azon review will help you simplify the process.

A lot of entrepreneurs, however, choose to stick to a particular method of ranking their sites on Google. I won’t advise this because Google is not that great when it comes to generating large traffic. On the brighter side, YouTube video is a better option than Google.

Azon Video Maker helps to drive visitors from YouTube to your affiliate link. It was created by Ankur Shukla and costs $37

Unveiling Azon Video Maker

Azon Video Maker is the software used in our modern era to convert any Amazon product into video. This method helps you earn more commission from Amazon without having a website. I know this is an amazing offer, so let’s dive into the real deal.

Features of Azon video maker to take note of:

  • Conversion of any Amazon product into a video with just a click.

What you have to do is select the product you want to convert into a video displayed in Azon. Then you click on the convert button. This will automatically turn your product into a video, which you can upload on YouTube directly.

  • Built-in Amazon search, which helps you find any product easily

You don’t have to move to Amazon to find your desired product. The built-in search helps you locate your product in just one click, right where you are. All you have to do is insert the right information into the software search engine. You can then convert it into video.

  • Automatic Details of images and product is guaranteed

You don’t have to go through the copy and paste stress for product names, titles, and descriptions. This is made easy for you by linking your Amazon affiliate link to your Azon software. This helps you get details of any image and product quicker and faster and without any stress.

Automatic voice-over effects with about 18 natural voices

Azon Video Maker has a smart voice-over effect that is powered by a company called Fortune 500. This effect gives you the liberty of converting your text into speech. You can always select the voice you want to use either male or female in any language. Of course, that’s amazing.

  • Automatic upload of New videos to the top video sites

You don’t have to worry about moving your converted videos to top video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and so on. Azon video maker automatically uploads your video to top video sites, provided you’ve linked the site to your Azon software.

  • Automatic insertion of Amazon affiliate links into your uploaded videosLinks inserted by Avon video maker

The most important thing to do after creating your video is to upload it on YouTube. The Azon software helps you with that and also provides your affiliate link in your video description. You can as well add a call to action to make subscribers click on your link.

  • Automatic sharing of your Affiliate videos on the social platform

Having a great number of affiliate video visitors can in turn make you more sales. This is possible when your video is shared on different platforms. The more they share, the more prospects you get.

Creation of distinct content

Azon Video Maker helps you create unique content that is different from other people’s content. It makes use of the content spinner integration to distinguish your content. A unique piece of content eventually attracts your prospect to click your link.

  • Shortening of affiliate link

We are in an era where we have a short attention span. Azon is ready to do the magic of shortening your links. Short links will definitely attract more clicks.

  • Automatic addition of SEO tags to videos

The most important thing for getting site visitors is search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing. Azon Video Maker attaches the correct titles and video tags to your video. This helps you to gain more attention.

  • Free selection of background music to your video

Music is very soothing. Adding background music to your video won’t hurt. In fact, it can attract your prospect to you. With Azon Video Maker, you have access to thousands of music tracks to choose from.

How Does Azon Video Maker Work?

First of all, you must have the software. If you don’t, then you need to download it. Type a keyword to search for products. Click on the Amazon product you want to convert to video.

You can always select the images, music, and voice-over you want. You can do that right in your settings.

Click on the Enter button. Give it few minutes, and then your video is ready. It’s that simple.

Advantages of Azon Video Maker

  • Helps in the creation of motion pictures in no time.Create motion pictures with Azon video maker review
  • It gives you a higher chance of earning more commission with less stress.
  • Very simple and interesting to use.
  • You can always get technical help when you have any difficulties.


The only disadvantage this software has is that you must always use the contact desk for questions. This is a long process. It would be really nice if a comment section is added.

In Conclusion

For people that are optimistic about boosting their business, this software is for them. This software is a gold mine for both affiliate marketers and non-affiliate marketers. It simply boosts the visibility of your business and generates more prospects for you. I hope I’ve been able to clear your doubt about this software.

Have fun exploring Azon!

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

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  1. I am looking forward to get into making videos. I like Azon Video Maker because it makes it easy to turn Amazon products into a video. We know that these days, videos have more traction than text posts. This way we can earn more Amazon commissions. And use our blogs to support our videos.

    • Absolutely correct Paolo. The next big marketing move is into videos and Azon makes it very easy. I’m pleased that you found my article so useful. Have fun creating all those new videos.

  2. This is an important review to read if you are an online marketer! The Azon Video Maker is an unbelievably powerful marketing tool for anyone selling on Amazon.  The time you can save and the quality of marketing content you can produce is groundbreaking. Azon was developed by Ankur an amazing developer who has dominated in the field of Internet marketing for a long time. Given all of these characteristic qualities, I strongly believe Azon Video Maker should be a required app for Amazon products.

    The Azon app runs between $37-$47, and you get access to a front-end version of Azon Video Maker. You’ll find Azon far less expensive than other video marketing tools on the market today. If you decide to download the app now, they have an early bird special, which you can get a chance to receive exclusive bonuses from the vendor. I have a used a number of video editing systems and tools and hands down, if you’re an Amazon marketer, the Azon Video Maker will elevate your product’s marketing and sales.

    • It’s great to hear your thoughts on this amazing tool Terry and thanks for the extra info on their special at the moment. This is one tool everyone needs if they are keen to establish another income stream. 

  3. This is changing the face of marketing, I must say a big thank you. You have helped me kill the stress of video creation in my Amazon business. Now with Azon video maker, I do not need to write and spend nights practicing and scripts for video content. Top of it is Azon’s ability to upload directly to YouTube for me and add my affiliate link in the description. 

    • I guess we all need to be starting to get our video skills organized as the world is changing. Azon can really help you to nail making videos for your business. Wishing you much success.


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