Best Camera to Record YouTube Videos

Are you in need of a good camera for YouTube videos? I’ve picked the best system cameras, compacts, and DSLRBest camera to record YouTube videos in 2021 cameras to give your YouTube channel an attractive look. Let’s look at the best camera to record YouTube videos in detail.

If you’ve wanted to launch or grow your own YouTube channel, then you’ll definitely want the best camera for your videos. There are a lot of options for creating content on YouTube.

What Sort of Video Content?

For you to decide on what camera to use, you’ll need to think about what content you want to put out. Is it product reviews, beauty content, or travel blogs?

DSLRs provide a weather-resistant option, but these can be much too heavy. They don’t have the latest features found in smaller, lighter cameras. These two types of cameras need various lenses, which boost their flexibility but also add to the expense. For simple recording, you should consider a small camera with a fixed lens.

Read further and find the best system camera for YouTube video production.

8 Best Cameras to Record YouTube Videos



3. SONY A6000

4. SONY ZV-1

5. GO PRO HERO 9 Black

6. BLACK MAGIC Pocket Cinema Camera 6k



The Best Available Cameras for YouTube


This is a do-it-all compact camera with 4k video that can live stream to YouTube. Beginner-friendly. It has a fast and flexible lens and a great flip-up touch screen. Also a 10-minute 4k limit, and average battery life.

If you need an affordable camera for YouTube that has a large capacity and is easy to work with, I recommend Canon PowerShot. It’s a compact camera with a flexible lens that makes shooting easy for you.

This Canon camera can produce an amazing 4k UHD video at 30p, though it has a 10-minute time limit for its highest quality footage. It has the live streaming capability, so you can set it up to broadcast directly to YouTube.

It has a 3.5mm microphone input that ensures your video sounds as good as it looks. This model is the best camera for new and intermediate users on YouTube.


This camera is suitable for Advanced YouTube users. It has a multi-aspect sensor and low-noise technology. This model has been around for a while now, and it still gives the best video specification around. The smart multi-aspect sensor allows you to shoot at different aspect ratios without difficulty.

With dual native ISO complex technology that offers cleaner video with less noise. It is easy to handle and it’s a good choice for outdoor shooting. A wonderful tool that is capable of producing smooth content for your YouTube channel.

3. Sony A6000

If you are on a budget, then this budget-friendly camera is a must for you to check out. It is the best camera for intermediate YouTube users. Sony A6000 has grown into many models, but the original camera is still available. Thanks to its prolonged popularity!

The Alpha 6000 has a firm foundation in the form of a 24MP sensor and a processor. It has a 179 point autofocus system, which you don’t see in the recent models. With its Sony E-mount, the camera gives an option to choose from different great lenses.

The lenses produce footage that still looks awesome. This camera serves as a reminder that you don’t even need the latest devices to produce quality videos for YouTube.

4. SONY ZV-1

This is a specialist vlogging camera with features to help beginning and intermediate users. Its video resolution is 4k video at 30p.

Most of Sony’s compact cameras are still great for shooting. Sony ZV-1 was particularly designed with vlogging in mind. This makes the model come with many standard video features.

One major feature of YouTube video production is an in-built direct microphone. And this cancels out the need to purchase an additional Microphone for most users.

Since it’s one of Sony’s latest cameras, it has exceptional autofocus. It also has several useful automatic modes that are created to simplify the process of shooting. This makes it a great camera for anyone that is new to YouTube video production.

5. Go Pro Hero 9 BlackGoPro Hero camera for YouTube

This camera is for YouTube users who love adventures. It is best for outdoor shooting, sports, and travel vlogging. Anyone can use this camera. With a maximum video resolution of 5k video at 30p.

It has a useful front screen that makes vlogging easy. Also, excellent image stabilization to record really smooth footage under extreme conditions. This camera is highly recommended for adventurous videos, like sky diving, mountain climbing, and so on.

6. BLACK MAGIC Pocket Cinema Camera 6k

This camera is best for YouTube users. Its greatest video resolution is 6k at 50p. The black magic camera is a quick device for filmmakers. It produces nice footage without any difficulty.

The Black Magic has a large super 35 sensor and the ability to shoot 6k footage at 60fps. This feature makes it an excellent option for producing YouTube videos.

The camera has a Canon EF- mount. This makes it possible to take any of the range of Canon lenses. It is a powerful and budget-friendly camera. It offers a great choice for anyone who wants to turn their YouTube channel into a successful career.


This is a hefty DSLR with classic handling and excellent video specifications. It is best for both intermediate and advanced users. It has a maximum video resolution of 4k video at 30p! The battery life of this model is very strong.

It has only one card slot and no in-body stabilization. This camera is bigger than most of the cameras out there. But it is comfortable to use with an excellent optical viewfinder.

This camera model has impressive uncropped video, microphone, and headphone ports. It has a full HD of 120p and many more features for YouTube producers. In short, it comes with many different amazing features.


This is a mini Gimbal camera that’s used for excellent shooting. It is best for beginners and intermediate users. It has a maximum video resolution of 4k video at 60p. This camera model has huge effective stabilization.

This is an amazing camera for video production on the go, during travels. It’s easy to carry and can be taken anywhere at any time. This camera model gives amazing footage in any situation.

The only issue with this model is the sound. The audio is not that great but can be improved with an external microphone. It is still a valid option for awesome travel vlogging.


Since you want to get started on YouTube, you should probably check out my guide to finding the best video editing apps forVideo recording for YouTube

YouTube. The best thing to remember about shooting your video is to plan ahead and just do it!

Be joyful and have fun.

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