Best Form Builder Software in 2023

Are you looking for a powerful WordPress forms plugin and wondering if WPForms is the best form builder software?Best Form Builder software Then you have found it.

Building forms for your website is crucial to your success but you don’t want a hard-to-use plugin that doesn’t have the features that you want.

In today’s data-driven world, efficient and seamless data collection is crucial for businesses and organizations to thrive. Whether you need to gather customer feedback, conduct surveys, or streamline online registrations, having the right form builder software can make all the difference.

With a plethora of options available, finding the best form builder software tailored to your specific needs can be a daunting task. But fret not! In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the realm of form builder software and unveil the crème de la crème—the best form builder software solution that will revolutionize the way you collect and manage data.

From robust features to user-friendly interfaces, I have meticulously curated a list of the top form builder software tools that are primed to elevate your data collection endeavors to new heights.

I’ve outlined everything here about WPForms for you in my detailed review.

Best Form Builder Software – WPForms

In simple words, WPForms is a WordPress tool that allows you to build any kind of form on your WordPress site.

With the numerous features that make the forms super-productive, many professional entrepreneurs use them to improve their sales and revenue.

I’ve shortlisted the main reasons I believe every WordPress site owner should explore this form builder software. And yes, if you’re a new site owner you can use this tool to improve your business.

So if you are yet to decide whether or not you need WPForms, it’s high time you did.

Price and Features

  • $39.50 For a Year for the below benefits or upgrade to $199.50 for so much more (that is less than $17 a month)
  • + Unlimited Forms+ Totally Unlimited Entries+ Advanced Fields+ Form Templates+ Multi-page Forms+ File Uploads

    + Constant Contact

    + Spam Protection

    + Conditional Logic

    + A Year of Support

    + 1 Year of Downloads

    + One full Year of Updates

    + 1 Site

$199.50 a Year for advanced features(that is less than $17 a month)
price and features

  • + PayPal+ Stripe+ Form Landing Pages+ Conversational Forms+ Surveys and Polls+ User Journey Reports

    + Form Abandonment

    + Geolocation

    + Zapier

    + Signatures

    + User Registration

    + Post Submissions

    + Offline Forms

    + Form Permissions

    + Bonus Form Templates

    + 5 Sites

    + Priority Support

There are 4 plans in the WPForms stable. Basic, Plus, Pro, and Elite. You will certainly find one to suit your business.

Here are some more features you should know about WPForms:

1. Completely beginner-friendly

2. Gathers incomplete leads

3. Maintains form security

4. Reporting Tool plus Survey Builder

5. Links to email marketing

6. Adds lots of templates

7. Get paid via Forms

8. Creates an exciting user experience

9. User Registration

10. It Provides Pre-built Conditional Logic

11. Allows Submission of Guest Posts

12. Sends Instant Notifications When a User Submits

13. Provides a Great Support Team

14. Adds Lots of Money-Making Tools

15. Monitors Your User’s Journey

So, let’s get rolling and find out precisely how useful these features are and why they are so useful.

1. Completely Beginner-Friendly

If you look into all the form builder tools out there, WPForms stands out in terms of simplicity and integration. Even developers find it handy and it’s the perfect form builder software for beginners.

This is a drag-and-drop builder tool that makes the addition and removal of different form fields easy.

If you compare and contrast WPForms vs. Ninja Forms vs. Gravity Forms, you’ll discover how simple WPForms are to work in comparison with these others.

2. Gathers Incomplete Leads

More than 80% of online entrepreneurs have ignored forms at some point. They missed out on a lot of golden opportunities and that can frustrate lead generation endeavors.

  • Form Abandonment Add-on is a great feature of WPForms. It will save the details that users begin to complete on your form and leave before they are finished. This specific tool is handy when it comes to following up with users and building a subscriber base.
  • You can link it with a drip campaign that sends automated emails to these users.

3. Maintains Form Security

How do I keep a form secure? Does WPForms ensure security?

These are important questions to ask every time you consider adding a plugin to your website.
Maintains form securityYou have the best of WordPress security with this software.

What is so special about this plugin is it has active security-conscious. You choose from the many options to select the best security for you based on what you need.

The WPForms plugin has these security features:

  • Restrict Specific types of File Upload
  • Multiple options for reCAPTCHA
  • Customized Captcha
  • General Data and Protection Regulations Compliance

4. Reporting Tool plus Survey Builder

The Polls and Survey Add-on is the most useful tool in WPForms. The survey reporting dashboard isn’t perfect but there is a choice of survey templates. So there’s no need to build your own templates from the beginning.

When it comes to polls and surveys, WPForms offers Likert scale surveys, Star ratings, NPS Surveys, and Polls.

5. Links to Email Marketing

This is likely one of the ultimate reasons WPForms has become so famous. With this tool, it’s possible to automatically connect your forms with the most well-known email marketing sites such as:

  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Drip
  • Aweber
  • ActiveCampaign

With this simple integration, you can automatically process a collection of leads. If you are using a platform that isn’t directly integrated with the WPForms plugin, you can link it via Zapier.

With the Zapier integration, you can link your forms to more than 2000 web apps, and this will facilitate the running of your online business.

6. Adds Lots of Templates

WPForms offers tons of pre-designed templates and that’s why anyone can create forms with it. This means you won’t need to make a form from scratch. You will choose from the templates.

The pro version of WPForms has tons of form templates that you can use after installing the plugin on your WordPress site.

7. Get Paid via Forms

This plugin has a feature that will allow you to get paid online and it is an easy way to increase your online revenue.

With the WPForms integration, you can incorporate and process PayPal or Credit Card payments on your site. Stripe and PayPal are part of the addons in WPForms. There’s an add on in the Elite version of the WPForms plugin if you are into the business of building WordPress websites for other people.

8. Creates an Exciting User Experience

One of the WPForms’ features is the Conversational forms tool; when you turn it on, you’ll find the kind of experiencecreates an exciting user experience that’s different from a one-on-one conversation. You will improve user experience and increase conversion rates if you make this modern type of form.

9. User Registration

Another great feature of WPForms is User Registration. With this feature, you can add a custom user registration form. You can then embed this form wherever you like on your WordPress site. So without having to visit your site’s default login page, users can create a free account.

10. Provides Pre-built Conditional Logic

A pre-designed form with conditional logic is excellent for a myriad of reasons. Such forms save the audience’s time and look beautiful.

You have the option to show and hide fields with this plugin based on the previous answer of an audience. This ensures that you keep your form short, to increase conversations and get more users filling out those forms.

11. Allows Submission of Guest Posts

This specific feature is part of what makes WPForms the best form builder software.

The WPForms plugin allows you to create a front-end content submission form; with the plugin, you can also accept user-generated content. Without users having to log in first, they can submit user reviews and guest posts whenever they want to.

12. Sends Instant Notifications When a User Submits

The WPForms plugin will automatically alert you (or another user) via email whenever a form entry comes in.

This helps if you intend to follow up with prospects straight away. You also have the option to set up an automatic form notification to instantly alert anyone upon filling out the form.

Your prospects will have peace of mind if you send them an automatic notification that you got their form entry. And give you an open door for you to present your brand and product to your new audience.

13. Provides Good Support Team

The support team has no rival in the market. They are fast with their routines and ensure users get responded to quickly.provide good support team The team members go the extra mile to find the best possible way to offer technical assistance to users.

WPForms has had many positive and outstanding reviews.

Users talk mostly about the high level of technical assistance they enjoy whenever they need it. There is a heap of five-star reviews on WordPress.

Aside from the excellent support team, the platform offers large-scale documentation. With a simple, easy-to-comprehend tutorial, they cover all the basic and advanced features.

14. Adds Lots of Money-Making Tools

This plugin provides so many great features that one cannot list them all in any single blog post. In a nutshell, here some amazing tools you can explore with the WPForms plugin:

  • Geolocation
  • Offline Forms
  • Entry Management
  • Webhooks
  • Form Landing Pages
  • Digital Signatures
  • Multipage Forms
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Form Locker

15. Monitors Your User’s Journey

Prior to submitting the form, users may visit other pages on your site.

WPForms has the User Journey add on that reveals to you where users have been until the time of hitting the Submit button on the form. This kind of intuition will help you discover the specific area of your website that requires your attention.

WPForms Pricing

With all these amazing features incorporated into just one plugin, you are likely thinking it will cost you hundreds of dollars monthly. But it will surprise you to know that it’s more affordable than you thought.

Let’s take another look at how much it costs to use the WPForms plugin.

  • The basic version costs $39.50/year; this plan is meant for a single website license. In addition, you will have access to its Form Templates Pack add-on.
  • Plus plan that is licensed for three sites; it’s integrated with other services and it goes at the price of $99.50/year.
  • Pro plan is the most-used; it costs $199.50 per year and gives you access to all features for up to five sites. Also, it offers one-year priority support to users.
  • Elite version is licensed for unlimited sites; it offers client management features and multi-site support at the price of $299.50/year.

The awesome thing about this plugin is that every business size or budget has its respective plans. Are you the owner of a not-for-profit organization, small business, website, blog, or e-commerce business? You will find WPForms very handy and great value.

Is WPForms completely free?

Yes, it has a free version; this is the WPForms Lite version. With this plan, you will gain access to basic form fields.Is WPForms completely free?

If it’s not currently in your budget to spend some money on a WordPress contact form plugin, the Lite version of the WPForms plugin is accessible for free downloads through the WordPress plugin directory.

However, if you want to unlock the amazing features of this great plugin, you will have to try out its pro version.

Both the premium and free plans of the plugin have the interface for building forms, with the pro plan offering more functionality and features.

Let me give you a deeper understanding of how easy this plugin is to use. I’ll walk you through the process of creating forms under the Lite version before accessing the features of the paid plans in full.

This will help you make an informed decision. Whether the WPForms plugin is the right option for your project, and if you will have to upgrade to one of the paid licenses or the free plan will suffice.

What Can You Do with the WPForms Lite Version?

You can access the WPForms Lite version through the WordPress Plugin Repository. It has several competitors in the market; these include the Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Ninja Forms, and others.

To make WPForms stand out, there’s the need to add the Contact Form to its free version; otherwise, a lot of people will install the plugin and uninstall it almost immediately.

Upgrading from Lite to Pro

If you are currently on the Lite version and would like to check out the pro features, simply choose the pricing package and buy a license for the plugin; then upload WPForms to your WordPress site.

Remember to deactivate the free package before activating the pro plan. You can then continue using the forms you built with the free version.

Activating the Free Version of WPForms

The ultimate goal of WPForms is to be the best form builder plugin when it comes to user-friendliness.Activating the free version of WPForms To know if the plugin lives up to its promises, activate the plugin, and create your first form.

After installing and activating the Lite version of the plugin, you will see a welcome message showing on the computer screen.

You will find a button to launch and get started with the form builder. There is an embedded video to walk you through the process and links to the user documentation.

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Now that you have seen how robust the features of this plugin are, and how responsive its support team is. There should be no doubt that WPForms is the best form builder software in the market.

This is a reputable company that offers a 14-day money-back guarantee, you can ask for a refund if you aren’t satisfied with any part of WPForms.

Selecting the best form builder software is a critical decision that can significantly impact your data collection efforts. By opting for the right software, you can streamline your processes, collect accurate data, and enhance the overall efficiency of your business or organization.

With the best form builder software at your disposal, you can create customized forms, harness advanced features, enjoy an intuitive user interface, and seamlessly integrate with other tools.

So, take the leap and empower yourself with the best form builder software that aligns perfectly with your data collection needs. Unlock the potential of streamlined data collection and elevate your business to new heights of success.

I hope you have enjoyed this informative article and now feel confident to make a decision for your business.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.


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