Blog Growth Engine Review – Turn Your Blog into a Profitable Business

In this Blog Growth Engine review, I’ll cover all of the software’s features and show you how to implement the software toBlog Growth Engine Review maximize your blog’s potential.

This program covers everything from how to set up your website to tools and plugins that make your blog function properly. The software will help you create a solid content assembly line.

Although it’s possible to make a decent living blogging, most people treat their blogs as afterthoughts and passion projects. But Adam Enfroy has figured out how to turn a blog into a profitable business.

Blogging has an average profit margin of 90%. Compared to this, very few personal businesses can bring that much money back. Blog Growth Engine is a powerful course that can help you build a blog that will generate profits even in a down economy.

This program teaches you to build a sustainable passive income through affiliate marketing. The training includes step-by-step instructions on optimizing your articles for search engines and making sales.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to set up a YouTube channel, affiliate marketing, and brand partnerships.

Blog Growth Engine Overview

Product Name: Blog Growth Engine

Official Website: Blog Growth Engine: Blog Growth Engine: A Step-By-Step System to Start and Scale Your Blog (

Creator: Adam Enfroy

Price: $797

Type: Blogging, YouTube Marketing, Affiliate Marketing

Best For: Bloggers, Video Marketers, and Affiliate Marketers

Blog Growth Engine Pros

  • – Good training
  • – Adam is legit
  • – New strategies
  • – Extremely detailed

Blog Growth Engine Cons

  • – A little expensive
  • – Drip / Hybrid self-paced content
  • – Limited reviews available online

Who Is Adam Enfroy?Adam Enfroy

Adam Enfroy is a digital and affiliate marketer who began making personal blogs in 2019. He turned his hobby into a six-figure-per-month business in only two years.

His success was mainly due to organic traffic and lead generated by his blog. Adam Enfroy’s methods are now the basis for a new blogging course. In this article, we’ll look at what makes Adam so successful.

If you’re a newbie to blogging, Adam Enfroy’s course may be the best place to start. His training covers blogging, affiliate marketing, and finding people’s needs. However, his course has undergone three price hacks since hitting the market.

Adam grew up in a middle-class suburb in Michigan. He studied at a college and worked as an affiliate manager. He observed that affiliates who used BigCommerce were making tons of money.

Adam quickly rose to the ranks and managed a $10M+ digital advertising budget. However, as his career began to take off, he felt trapped by his responsibilities. He became fascinated by the idea of passive income online.

Adam began following a few famous marketers but found that their advice was too general. He then set out to start a practical and profitable business.

If you’re a newbie to affiliate marketing, Adam Enfroy’s training may be proper. His training is primarily video-based and includes downloadable content and private Facebook communities.

You’ll learn keyword monetization, article marketing, and more. By the time you’re done with the training, you’ll have enough income to quit your day job. And if you’re already a veteran in affiliate marketing, Adam Enfroy’s program can help you scale your business.

What is Inside Blog Growth Engine?

Module 1 – Niche Selection and the Brand of You

To become a successful online entrepreneur, you’ll need to understand how to select a niche. What is a niche? Simply put, it’s a group of people with similar interests, passions, or problems.

You can be a niche expert or just a “common guy” with no niche expertise. A niche is anything that people are interested in, but you must decide what is most profitable for you before choosing one.

Each module covers a specific aspect of blog creation, including choosing a niche market. Then, the course discusses how to develop a positive mindset and build relationships that will make you a successful blogger.

Module 2 – Mindset

This module focuses on mindset building and how to treat your blog like a business. In particular, it teaches you how to choose a niche market, a group of people who share a common interest.

After choosing a niche, you’ll learn to choose article topics that appeal to your audience. Finally, you’ll learn how to use the power of positive thinking to build your business.

To create a successful blog, you must analyze data. Using data analysis will help you learn what works and what doesn’t.

Once you’ve gathered this data, you can adjust your blog and improve it accordingly. And as with any business, there are no shortcuts to success.

Module 3 – Blogging like A StartupBlogging from a startup

This course will teach you to reason like a startup and use your blog as an asset. This session will teach you how to match user intent and scale your business.

In addition, you will learn how to generate traffic without advertising. The modules include step-by-step guides and practical tools for blogging success.

An excellent way to monetize your blog is affiliate marketing. This is a great way to increase your revenue, but it is often misunderstood.

To get a high-quality backlink, you need to learn where to find it. The rules for monetizing your blog with affiliate programs will vary from one network to another, so you must do your homework.

It all starts with setting up your blog, where you will use WordPress and the theme. You will learn how to install plugins, install WordPress, and find focus keywords for your blog.

Adam also includes a section on keyword research. This section is vital for starting a blog for a startup that wants to make money online. It will teach you to write content that matches your target audience’s intent and get it ranked on Google.

Ultimately, if you want to succeed as a blogger, you must understand keyword research. You must know which keywords have a monetary value.

Keyword research is only the first step. Once you understand the rudiments, you will be on your way to creating SEO-optimized posts. There is a lot of knowledge to absorb in this module.

Module 4 – Decoding Search Intent

When analyzing the intent of a search query, you must first understand what is driving it. In a general sense, transactional search intent is the intent to purchase, subscribe to a newsletter, fill out an opt-in form, or make a phone call.

Exploratory search intent focuses on browsing the web, while commercial intent focuses on pursuing a specific objective.

This course teaches how to treat your blog like a business. You learn the importance of keyword research and how to treat your blog as a startup.

However, this is just a tiny part of the keyword monetization matrix. Without matching the search intent, your blog will not receive any traffic from Google. Adam explains how search works and how to make content that matches a searcher’s intent.

If you want to learn how to optimize for different intents, you must create pages that answer questions and allow for the intended transactions.

There are guidelines for optimizing for different intents, such as placing advice or answers after the header content. But regardless of your purpose, the key to optimizing for transactional search intent is to state that you are attempting to convert the user. You can do this by analyzing the intent of your website visitors.

Module 5 – Your Minimum Viable Website and Blog Promotion

This module will give you a fundamental clue about what to include in your minimum viable website and how to market it.

Adam explains how to approach your website as a company, focusing on creating content that matches user search intent. Without this, you won’t be able to attract traffic from Google.

This module is a must-read if you plan to scale your blog and attract traffic. You will learn how to optimize your blog for search engines and make it look appealing to users without wasting money on ads.

This module teaches you the principles of search intent, how to match your content to searchers’ intent, and how to use tools to achieve that. It also covers how to build a free blog from ads and generate more traffic with it.

The process of selecting a niche is critical for determining market value. By analyzing your competition, you can choose a market that will offer the most opportunity.

With this knowledge, you can build a brand of yourself around your digital identity. The brand of yourself will help you pivot, adapt, and forge your path to monetization. You can choose your minimal viable website using startup principles, including a theme, plugins, and settings.

Module 6 – Keyword Monetization

In this module, you’ll learn what Keyword Monetization is all about. Adam Enfroy will teach you how to turn your blog into a profitable company.

By the end of this module, you’ll understand how to use SEO and keyword monetization to create traffic for your blog.

You’ll learn how to create a profitable website and discover the right keywords to target. You’ll also learn how to write how-to posts, review articles, affiliate lists, and comparison posts.

Adam Enfroy teaches you to find profitable keywords and use them in your content. He also provides step-by-step videos that walk you through creating a blog and installing WordPress.

This module also teaches you how to organize your blog and add useful plugins. Adam Enfroy covers finding profitable keywords and systematizing different types of posts.

The modules are structured to guide you through the entire process, from keyword discovery to article creation. In addition to creating a blog, you’ll also learn how to utilize affiliate marketing to generate revenue.

Module 7 – Blog Content CreationBlogging creation

In the first part of this module, you’ll learn to create content that will attract your audience and earn a commission. The next step is to know how to find high-quality backlinks.

Backlinks are links from other websites to your home page. Adam Enfroy recommends knowing where to find them and using them on your blog.

Affiliate marketing is a way to leverage other people’s products or services and earn a commission from every sale.

Adam teaches you how to treat your blog like a company by sharing lessons from The Lean Startup by Eric Ries. Often, it isn’t easy to understand what people are looking for. To earn traffic from Google, you must match your content to their search intent.

Adam’s course will teach you exactly how to do that and give you templates worth thousands of dollars.

Once you know how to find high-quality keywords, you can focus on writing articles. The course will also help you learn to write SEO-optimized posts. This is important for attracting traffic from search engines, but keyword research alone will not make you a millionaire.

Learn how to write content that your readers will enjoy reading. And make sure to write at least four blog posts per week to keep visitors coming back.

Module 8 – The Link Building Machine

There are several elements to the Link Building Machine. First, you must create a strong link profile. You can earn media attention and create your own media kit.

Earning media attention can be as simple as giving away something of value or releasing a great new product.

In any case, SEO is all about creating an online representation of your brand. It is crucial to craft an impressive outreach email representing you and your brand. Don’t send out emails that read like spam.

In this module, you’ll learn how to acquire backlinks. To gain quality backlinks, you must know where to look for them.

Affiliate marketing is another way to obtain quality backlinks. This involves sharing other people’s products or services in exchange for a commission.

Ahrefs is an excellent tool for finding broken links. By analyzing a website’s backlinks, you can identify the links that are not working and then work to fix them.

It will also enable you to find more linkable assets. Moreover, Ahrefs also lets you know how many referring domains link to your website.

Module 9 – Affiliate Marketing and Blog MonetizationAffiliate and blog monetization

This module will teach the importance of backlinks and links to other webmasters’ home pages. Affiliate marketing promotes other people’s products or services in exchange for a commission on any sales you refer.

Different companies and networks have different rules and regulations and varying affiliate policies.

In this module, you’ll learn to optimize your posts using profitable keywords. This is only one part of the monetization process; you’ll also learn how to optimize your posts for SEO.

When monetizing your blog, you need to think like a company, not a hobby. You need to treat your blog like a startup, and you need a process for writing great content. Adam explains how to write a post that matches the search intent of a user.

Otherwise, you won’t get any traffic from Google. Learn how to write content that matches the search intent of your readers and how to use buyer intent keywords.

Module 10 – Scaling and Outsourcing Your Blog

If you have ever started a blog, you’ve probably experienced doubts about your ability to succeed. You may feel like you’re doomed from the start or an imposter, but this feeling is not unique to bloggers. Every entrepreneur has felt this way at one time or another. Here, Adam shares some tips to overcome imposter syndrome.

In affiliate marketing, many bloggers make mistakes by focusing on getting links, not creating valuable content, and converting visitors. Deliver value to your readers and negotiate higher commission rates with your affiliate partners.

Getting backlinks is another crucial component of scaling your blog. Many bloggers do not get enough links or do it the wrong way. This module teaches you how to scale your guest posting, link-building partnerships, and leveraging influencers on social media.

You can outsource some work when you’re ready to scale your blog. But this will require some time. As with any business, the longer you can outsource, the better off you’ll be.

Blog Growth Engine Pricing

  • – The marked price of Adam Enfroy’s digital marketing course is $2,997.
  • – You’ll get lifetime access to this program.
  • – You’ll incur additional expenses on web hosting and several other tools to explore the course.

A Less Expensive Solution to Hosting and Learning

If you are completely new to the online marketing world you will be wondering if there is a cheaper option than paying for a course? And then having to pay even more out to host your website and get plugins and keyword search tools. Well, there is!

A company that has been running for over 17 years called Wealthy Affiliate created a training course of 120 videos and 1000+ tutorials on WordPress website creation, SEO, Writing quality content, and marketing through email and social media.

You will receive a free keyword finder (Jaaxy) when you start your free website with training on how to use it.

All this is available for only $49 per month but the best part is that you can start for free and try it out before committing. I’m available to mentor you and there is a friendly community to answer questions 24/7/365.

There is nothing to lose, so read more below and get started today.

Start your training now

Is Blog Growth Engine Worth $797?

It depends on what you’re looking for in blogging software. If you are a blogger who has no idea how to start a blog, you might want to learn more about Blog Growth Engine before investing your hard-earned money.

This course contains many features to help you build your blog and succeed. The program offers unlimited one-on-one coaching with Enfroy and his team. This is a fantastic benefit for you as it allows you to ask questions and get quick answers.

As a member of Blog Growth Engine, you will learn how to start a blog, get targeted traffic from search engines, and monetize your blog with display ads and affiliate marketing. Display ads allow you to earn money from visitors who click on your ads.


While Blog Growth Engine is an excellent program for beginners, it’s not for everyone. It’s not a cheap product and requires a considerable investment of time and money. If you’re serious about your blog and want to make it successful, Blog Growth Engine is well worth $797.

But I recommend it only to serious bloggers who are willing to invest a lot of time and money to see results. You can try other programs like Google AdWords if you’re on a tight budget, but you will never make this money unless you have a blog.

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