Bossless Forever Review – Is Amiee Ball Legit?

If you’re considering kick-starting your own online business, you may want to learn more about Bossless Forever. A formerBossless Forever Review job-killing student, Aimee Ball, wrote this lead generation course.

Her background in lead generation and the monetization of online communities inspired her to create this course.

While you can view some course elements as “salesy,” Bossless Forever is more practical and offers practical advice.

Bossless Forever teaches you how to sell leads to local business owners. The program shows you how to find high-value keywords with high commercial intent, create a website to rank for those keywords, capture leads, and forward them to local business owners.

Bossless Forever Training Overview

Product Name: Bossless Forever Training by Amiee Ball

Official Website:

Creator: Amiee Ball

Price: $4,000

Type: Amiee Ball’s training on setting up a local SEO agency.

Best For: Anyone interested in starting a local SEO business

Bossless Forever Pros:

  • – The free webinar isn’t your typical sales pitch
  • – It’s not a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ scheme
  • – The creator is a down-to-earth straight talker
  • -Refund available

Bossless Forever Cons:

  • – It’s pricey

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Learn how to make money

What is Bossless Forever?

If you’re concerned about earning a full-time income online, the Bossless Forever program can help you achieve your goal. You’ll learn to set up a free website and send leads to businesses.

You can also visit local businesses for free leads for a week. The Bossless Forever webinar shares recommendations on these industries.

Amiee is a well-known online businesswoman who quit her job 12 years ago, earning six figures. She began making money online when a friend asked her to create a website for his business.

Aimee’s friend couldn’t afford it, so she offered to pay the cost of the website. She quickly earned thousands and was soon earning six figures online.

The Bossless Forever course starts with a welcome video. Amiee will walk you through the Bossless process, including how to create a website, create content, and attract clients.

The course includes bonus content, such as cheat sheets, documents, and spreadsheets. If you have questions about the program, you can also chat with Amiee on her monthly live calls. Throughout the program, you can get answers to all of your questions and more.

Who is Amiee Ball?Aimee Ball

Amiee Ball is a renowned Entrepreneur. She has trained more than 10,000 business owners to succeed in today’s digital world. She is a speaker, published author, and digital strategist.

Amiee is the founder of the JAB Consulting Group, which focuses on the automation of business processes to increase customer loyalty, build trust, and create sustainable businesses.

Amiee Ball is a highly successful entrepreneur with several qualifications. She holds certificates in Understanding Arguments & Reasoning and Humanities/Humanistic Studies from Duke University.

Can You Make Money With Bossless Forever?

Unlike many other internet business programs, Bossless Forever doesn’t promise to make you a ton of money overnight. However, it promises to teach you how to generate leads and market them to companies.

While the Bossless Forever course isn’t free, it comes with a free webinar worth watching. The program also teaches how to use local SEO to attract customers in your niche.

The first step in the Bossless Forever course is to generate traffic, which you can convert into sales leads. Afterward, you’ll call local businesses to sell them these leads.

While this might sound like an easy way to make money, you’ll need to exercise some patience. Getting ranked on Google isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme, and it takes time to do.

One thing I cherish about Amiee is her openness. You’ll get a good sense of her approach when you listen to her webinar on the Bossless Forever website.

You’ll get an idea of the mentorship that she offers. She’s honest about the process and gives you a step-by-step blueprint that’s easy to follow.

Is Bossless Forever A Scam?

Many companies do not fully exploit their online presence and fail to generate consistent profits. While some companies have made an intelligent effort to optimize their online presence, others are still left in the dark about how to get the most out of their digital marketing strategy.

This system teaches you how to generate leads for local businesses and is designed to help you do so, too. As long as you comply with the training, you’ll be well on to a profitable business.

Amiee Ball, the founder of Bossless Forever, has a long list of accomplishments, including a Masters Degree in General Business Administration and Management.

She has also earned certificates in understanding arguments and humanistic studies from Duke University. Amiee Ball is not a scam, but she has plenty of convincing evidence to support her claims.

Bossless Forever claims that its course can help you generate leads for your local business, but that’s not necessarily true.

How does Bossless Forever Work?How does Bossless Forever work?

To become a Bossless Forever, you must first learn to build a website, implement search engine optimization (SEO), and niche marketing.

In other words, you need to identify a business that people will need. This could be anything from a digital marketing firm to a carpet cleaning service.

In addition, if you’re a person who likes dealing with clients, you’ll be thrilled to learn that the Bossless Forever system is designed for people who love interaction and contact.

You can profit from both online and offline traffic with this program. While other businesses may have optimized their online presence, many do not realize that their efforts are not paying off.

Bossless Forever has a unique model that allows you to profit from online and offline traffic. You can start a new business within hours and spend as little as $5 per day on advertising.

In addition to the monthly fees, you’ll also get access to a community of fellow entrepreneurs.

What is Inside Bossless Forever?

This Bossless Forever course will teach you how to make online money by selling something someone needs. You’ll learn how to identify these clients, find them on Google, and make phone calls to find them.

Amiee also teaches you how to monetize your business. The program is broken into five parts:

Step 1: Niche Selection

Before you can create a business plan, you must select a niche. Bossless Forever provides five steps to success.

The first step is niche selection. Choose a niche that fits your personality, interests, and needs. In Amiee’s opinion, going after a need-based business is the best approach.

It’s a legit marketing and advertising tool and will pass white-hot leads to local businesses. You’ll only need to pay a token fee to access the information. Don’t miss this opportunity! Become a Bossless Forever affiliate.

Before starting the training program, you should consider your budget. Aim for a budget of around $10 per lead.

Whether you’re looking to sell leads to local business owners or create a business to help people, setting a budget will help you get started.

You can also try to invite people to join your coaching program. In addition to your own business, Bossless Forever can teach you how to use local SEO to boost your website’s ranking.

Step 2: Proper Due Diligence

This is the process of examining the information on a company before you decide to buy it. Due diligence is essential for business transactions since it enables companies to determine if a potential acquisition offers enough potential to merit the investment.

It can be time-consuming, so it is crucial to begin early. Due diligence software helps teams create organized checklists and checkpoints. It helps you complete each step in the process.

The Bossless Forever website does not list a price. It requires you to attend a webinar for a free trial. However, you will receive a full refund if you decide not to use the course.

Step 3: Traffic and Lead Generation

Lead generation is a vital part of building an online business, but the question is how to do this effectively? The course inside Bossless Forever teaches you how to generate traffic and convert it into qualified leads.

To generate traffic, you must first contact local businesses and ask them to buy sales leads from you. Alternatively, you can use free lead marketing schemes to introduce your business. The downfall of free sales leads is that you lose all of your initial investment.

If you’ve decided to pursue this type of business opportunity, it’s essential to understand precisely how it works.

The system is geared toward creating a passive income that requires minimal effort – compared to full-time work. Amiee’s Bossless Forever training will teach you to build a lead-generation business from scratch.

Instead of spending countless hours on sales and marketing, you can focus on running your business as a supervisor. You can also charge local businesses for your services.

Step 4: Prospect ClientsProspect Clients for Bossless Forever

The next step is to find your target market. This means creating a website and implementing SEO strategies. It also means doing some local SEO and niche marketing.

Once you have done this, you can focus on contacting need-based companies. This is perfect for a digital marketing agency.

Before you contact prospective clients, Amiee recommends doing a Google search to determine their needs. You can then offer them a free quote or begin working with them.

Once you’ve mastered this step, the next step is to pitch your services to prospective clients. It’s the most challenging part of this step.

You can’t just jump into the first client you come across. You’ll have to build a rapport with them. You’ll need to give them the information to convince them to hire you. After all, it’s the first step to a long-term relationship.

Step 5: Monetize Business Owners

The last step of the training program is to monetize business owners in your area. To do this, you must analyze the current status of the business owners and then contact them to strike a deal.

Amiee Ball recommends that you keep it simple and set a threshold of $10 for each lead so you can know what you are spending. Once you have contacted a local business owner, invite them to join her coaching program.

After acquiring a team of professionals, it’s time to monetize your business. You can do this through Google Ads and other digital ads, but it will cost you money.

Besides, these ads are the fastest way to bring traffic to your website. More traffic means more leads and more sales. In short, you can monetize business owners in Bossless Forever using a digital ad campaign.

Bossless Forever Pricing

The program costs a whopping $4,000 to be paid in monthly installments of $299


The title of this course suggests that you should be completely focused on your business. This course is not just for online business enthusiasts. People who are looking for a sustainable home-based business should watch it. If you are interested in network marketing, recruiting, or any other job that requires you to spend a lot of time and money, you should check out Bossless Forever.

While this program is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it does work. It will help you earn money from home and create a residual income by selling leads to local business owners.

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