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Buffer is one marketing tool that can help you generate a lot of traffic on social media platforms. It is a tool you can use toBuffer scheduling tool schedule your posts. It will help you get your content on any social media at the right time. You can schedule content for social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Using Buffer Scheduling Tool, you can have more than one social media account on which you schedule content.

Buffer is great for small businesses, especially when you do not have much time or skill to market your business. There are many social media management tools you can engage in running your business. However, Buffer remains unique. It makes scheduling very easy and keeps your activities simple and organized.

Setting up your content schedule does not take much time. You can get it done in a few minutes. It also gives you several options for shortening and tracking links. You can integrate it with Google Analytics and many other tools.

Buffer offers a free account. This means you may wish not to subscribe but use its tools for free. This free account allows you to schedule and post content on three social media accounts and schedules up to ten posts. But if you have a team that you work with, and also manage several profiles for each social media platform, then you will need to get a paid plan. This software has now been split into three separate tools.

Buffers 3 Separate Tools:

  • BufferPublish is a tool you can use to schedule your posts on social media.
  • Reply helps you monitor your content on the different social media and also send messages to your audience or customers.
  • BufferAnalyze is the tool you can use to monitor and manage your brand.

Social Media Engagement

You can use Buffer to get information about your social media posts. You can view your posts to collect some information about them. There is also the BufferReply which is a social inbox that allows you to reply to messages.

You can use the Buffer Reply feature to engage with your audience or respond to requests from your customers. You may wish to add tags to important conversations.

Social Listening

To follow your brand online, you can use BufferReply. It makes it easy to monitor RSS feeds and keywords on Twitter. You can also monitor whenever your brand is mentioned. However, this tool does not work on Instagram or Facebook.

Scheduling Posts and Publishing

Buffer is one tool you can use to manage your content calendar. It is useful for publishing your posts. With the Buffer Publish social media management tool, you can manage up to 25 social media accounts and also schedule up to 2000 posts ahead. The calendar interface is quite useful to help you schedule and re-schedule your posts.

Managing your social media content on different platforms, it can customize your content according to each platform.

BufferPublishBuffer Publish scheduling tool

This gives you several options to schedule and publish your content. You can schedule your content for posting directly from the web interface or mobile app. You can also use a browser bookmark to connect to your Buffer account.

To schedule your content, go to Queue and click on the box to add your URL and text. Buffer will shorten the link and recommend media according to the content of your post. After adding the URL, you will be able to see how your content looks on the media site. You can also edit the post.

Team Features

The Free and Pro versions of Buffer do not allow you to add your team members. But on Buffer Premium, you are allowed to add two users and six users for BufferBusiness. Even when you work with your team you can set access and permission for each social site. So your team members can only access any platform you allow them to.

You can use this feature to manage workflow so that the tasks are not duplicated. You can set approval for users who will need to get your approval before the work is published.

External Integrations

It is quite easy to integrate Buffer with external tools. There are tools to connect other apps like Zapier and IFTTT. You can also curate and read content with tools like Pocket, Scoop, and Feedly. There are Twitter management tools like Commun.it and Followerwonk.

Using Buffer

It is very easy to set up a Buffer account. After you set up your username and password, you will add your social media accounts. This will just take a few minutes to do. Then you can begin to schedule your content for posting.

Adding Accounts of Your Social Media

To add social media accounts, click on the Manage Social Accounts button. Choose the type of account to add and authorize. Then the social media is ready for posting content. Your plan determines how many social media accounts you can add.

The free plan allows you to add three accounts. For the Pro and Premium accounts, you can add up to eight accounts. And the Business plan allows up to 25 accounts.

Creating a Schedule

Buffer’s Calendar plans your post for each social media account. Then it queues it in the next available slot. To set your schedule, click on the Social Media icon. Go to Settings, and then post the schedule.

You can add days and times for your posting and also delete previous time schedules. Once your content is scheduled, you can see the next post on the calendar interface.

Publishing Tools

The web is the fastest way to publish on social media accounts. Go to the posting window of a social media account. In the post composer, you input your text and link and it will suggest an image to go with the post.

When you are done, you click on Add to Queue and your content will be scheduled for the right slot.

Buffer Pricing, Analytics & ReportingBuffer scheduling tool price

The free plan costs $0/month and it allows you to add three social accounts with ten scheduled posts. The Pro version costs $15 per month and it lets you add 8 channels with 100 scheduled posts. The Premium plan costs $65 per month and it lets you schedule 2000 posts on up to 8 channels. The Business plan costs $99/month and it lets you add up to 25 social channels with 2000 scheduled posts.

BufferAnalytics will show you a list of posts you have published in the last 30 days for Buffer Pro. Upgrading to the Premium or Business plan will give you unlimited history. On the BufferBusiness plan.

You can click on the social media site to view the analytics of that site. You can easily understand the data of the Analytics.


Buffer is a social media management tool that helps you manage your posts on social media accounts. With this tool, you won’t need to hire a social media manager for your accounts. You only need to create and schedule your posts for social media.

It will then be lined up for posting at the scheduled time. You can use this tool to promote your business with your customers and increase interaction with your audience.


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8 thoughts on “Buffer Scheduling Tool”

  1. This is timely for me, working with the multiple tools and keeping up with posting pins on pinterest have been very challenging. A tool like buffer should take away the stress of scheduling post for my social media and publish them at appropriate time. Thank you for this review, I will sign up and be back to share my experience

    • Awesome Parameter, with so many scheduling tools out there it is great to find a free one that can take away the burden on getting our content out to the public and helping them with their questions. Let me know how it works out for you please and we all need to support each other to be successful.

  2. Buffer sounds like a great social media management tool!  Everything I post now is done by hand.  And I don’t always post on all social media accounts.  It would be nice to have something that could help me with this!  Sounds like it offers so  much more too.  I will definitely look into this.   thanks!

    • You are so welcome Leah. We can really get bogged down in promoting each article by hand every day. I’ve found Buffer to be such a Godsend in freeing up a lot more time to write articles and to see the big picture of my business so that I can mold it to attract visitors and buyers.

  3. I never knew about Buffer until now!  For someone who engages in many different social media sites, this is excellent!  So much to access with so little time!  That’s actually my little problem, so Buffer is definitely something worth trying.  As you said, there’s the free mode.  This is great for someone who wants to test the waters before going forward!

    Thanks to you and this post, I’m now giving Buffer a try!

    • I think you will find that Buffer will save you a lot of time Millie. All these little tools help us to control our promotion so that we are covering all the bases. Let me know how you go with Buffer.

  4. Hey there!

    Wow! I didn’t even know about buffer or any other applications like this before this article! This can be very helpful for many content creators. It’s really hard to keep up with posting to every single app possible to maek your traffic grow by hand, these application really makes it a lot easier! I’m really looking forward to try this at my own content creating!

    Thanks for the very informative post, really looking forward for your future articles!

    • Hi Jesse, This is such an important tool that we need to install when we start creating content. It can be overwhelming to post to social media platforms and have a tool to schedule this is an absolute need. You may want to also read my article about Post Planner and have a look at the Blog2social WP plugin, they are also both excellent scheduling tools.


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