How to Build a Free Website in WordPress (2023 Update)

You don’t need the technical skills to build a free website in WordPress, so stop delaying.

build a website today in WordPress

I’ll demonstrate this to you. I’ve loaded a link to a fantastic video that will walk you through each step. How to create a free WordPress website in under 30 seconds!

One of the reasons I didn’t join the Internet business world many years ago. Was because I knew I could never understand code.

Thankfully, WordPress began to simplify the process. Today, anyone can create a website in a matter of seconds.

Tips to Build A Free Website In WordPress

Wealthy Affiliate runs all their hosted websites in WordPress because 30% of the world’s websites use this system. Want to get started right now for Free, click here.

This site participates in affiliate programs. So, I might get paid without it costing you anything if you make a buying decision.

Any product or service you wish to sell will require a Web Host. It usually doesn’t cost much per month but aims to choose a service that provides you with training, security, and technical assistance. Today you can start for free and try out learning to create your own website.

A Quick Website Overview

  1. Choose a name for your website and a niche market
  2. Choose a theme page
  3. Building out your website and adding content

1. What Niche will you Choose

Pick a niche that truly interests you. There have been a lot of topics on this. Perhaps you want a website to advertise the business you already run or a dream hobby you have.Create a website in a niche market

You will be writing numerous reviews and blog posts on issues that people want to resolve if you want to make money online. Choosing a topic you are passionate about is essential.

Even if you lack industry knowledge (you can do research), having a sincere passion for your subject will help. If you are a serious gardener, your writing will focus on plants and gardening equipment.

Do you breed dogs, then you will know the best whelping beds and products to feed puppies. Maybe, you love vintage cars and can talk for hours about parts and design.

Perhaps you want to review software products available for people to build their businesses. Guitars and music may be the best hobby that you enjoy. There is a world of opportunity!

Many people start websites because they want to make money and that’s fine but you will need to build a service of help and knowledge for people to read and buy from you.

“If you help enough people to get what they want you will get what you want” by Zig Ziglar.

Choosing a Domain Name

Once you choose and pay for a domain name you will have it for life. Best to create a name that is indicative of your business as it will show above any posts that you load onto Google.

2. Choose a Theme Page

In the free version of Site Rubix, you can create your own website. You will need to choose a theme design from the 12 free and you can change the theme anytime down the track; it will just transfer your content.

Let’s get you started with the ‘Build a Website in 30 seconds’ Video.’ Click on the picture!

How to create a website in wordpress in 30 seconds

3. Building Out Your Website and Adding Content

Congratulations on taking the plunge into the Internet business world. I bet you are excited and ready for the next steps in writing content to attract buyers. Contrary to popular belief just having a website loaded with advertisements will not make you successful. You probably clicked away from that website as quickly as you could the last time you visited it, as I did. In spite of the fact that nobody enjoys being sold to, we all make purchases every day. Some of it we need to live and a lot is what we want to buy. Most of our discretionary purchases are to solve a problem.

Think back to the last purchase you made. Did it solve a problem or support a hobby?

Create ideas for your website

Everyone Googles the problems and interests that they have on a daily basis! Some ideas are:

  • Buying a present for a birthday, Christmas, or Easter
  • Need a new washing machine, Fridge, Lawnmower
  • Want education for a job or hobby
  • Booking travel, Concerts, Entertainment
  • Money advice
  • Everything for children
  • Everything for dogs, horses, and pets

Every day you probably ask a new question starting with;

How do I …….?

If you are working on building the content on your website start with the 10 free videos at Wealthy Affiliate to help you step through the early stages of writing. Click on the picture below.

Wealthy Affiliate Lessons for your website

Don’t Let Fear Stop You

We all start from the same place of not having a clue how to build a website business and you have nothing to fear. Wealthy Affiliate is a new person safe zone where you can learn all about how to build a website and write content for Free. You can take your time and progress as you learn with the support of the community and absolute security.

A free website with helping handsOne of the main fears for anyone new to the internet business is being afraid of scams and/or being hacked. Wealthy Affiliate has built-in safety to ‘watch your back’ while you learn all the ins and outs of design. Your success will only be limited by your own thinking and the amount of time you decide to apply to the lessons and writing.

There’s a lot to learn but the Online Entrepreneur Certification course steps you through from the simple to the more complex. Plus at the top of your dashboard screen is a place to write any questions that you need extra help with. Many have traveled this road before and have left tutorials and videos to help clarify and demystify the process.

The Start Of An Exciting Journey

You may not be aware of it right now, but today you made the first decision on a journey that could last years. This is advantageous. Time will pass regardless of what you do, but it’s inspiring to understand that you are advancing daily toward your objectives. Your past is a collection of countless insignificant choices and deeds you have committed throughout your life, whereas your present is a deliberate movement in the direction of your choice.

Prepare ahead of time by deciding how much time you will need to learn, execute, and evaluate each step. Farmers would not anticipate harvesting their crop prior to 3 to 6 months. Perhaps a year or two would pass if you were growing trees.

Join The Community

If you are a lone wolf like me, it is tempting to ignore the benefits of participating in a caring community. Believe me, you will gain much more from actively joining in on discussions than you can ever repay.

Other community members will support and encourage you as will I. We live in an ever-decreasing world of boundaries, reach out.Get access to the world with your instant website

Wishing you enormous success and I look forward to hearing all about your journey.

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Warm Regards,

LILY Munday

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12 thoughts on “How to Build a Free Website in WordPress (2023 Update)”

  1. I’m a lone wolf, too! But, one of the nice things about having a community is when you are getting down they are always there to pick you up so it is very important.
    After all, humans are more of a tribal species than a lone wolf species, even if we think otherwise.

  2. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on how to create a free website in word press. I always wanted a website but I couldn’t because of the perceived cost. I didn’t know I could create a free one and these steps are very easy. Now I know how to create a free website, I’ll build one now. Thanks a lot. 

    • Hi Sophie, it’s always great to know that what you have posted has helped someone else reach for their dream. The video is excellent for taking your first steps to own a business online. Wishing you great success.


  3. Thanks for writing this very educating, informative, and instructive article that talks about how one can build a free website in WordPress. I have tried building a free website on WordPress, and the process was quite easy and very understandable. From reading this article, I have gained more knowledge by watching the great video, boy that made it easy and quick.

    • I’m so pleased to see that watching the video really helped you to build a website so quickly. Wishing you great success in your business.

  4. Hi Lily,

    Glad that we have the advanced technology to eliminate the need to be good at coding or programming to create a website effortlessly. It’s good to know that Wealthy Affiliate offers a site builder that helps us shorten the time for a professional-looking website under 30 seconds(wow…)
    It looks like Wealthy Affiliate provides more than a site builder and tools, support, and a worldwide community. I must try the starter membership to see how good it is.

    Thanks for the recommendation today.

  5. Indeed it is possible to build a website in less than 30 seconds.

    I love how Wealthy Affiliate has everything one needs in one place.

    With many people losing jobs, it is time that we give online business a thought and tap into the global audience.

    • Hi Bernard,
      You are so correct. We are living in an exciting time where we can create our own future prosperity and have total control of our income. Enjoy the journey. Lily

  6. Thanks for the awesome tutorial on building a free website! One of the things that matter in setting up a website is the website name. The website’s name represents a street name where your office is located, while the website address represents your shop address. So, a website name is truly important to your brand. Also, there are hundreds of themes that can be chosen for free.

    These represent the designs for your website. It’s important to consider mobile responsiveness while choosing a theme. Content is King as mentioned in an essay by Bill Gates. So, nothing happens without building out quality and useful content consistently. Thanks for the helpful post!


    • Hi Joyce, I’m so pleased that you got some value from my post. WordPress is key to all our success, so when you understand then you are on the best track for success. Wishing you all the best with your business venture online.


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