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BuzzSumo will allow you to discover the most popular blog posts, news articles, or video content related to a topic.BuzzSumo Review It will also notify you when a competitor posts content.

You can use this tool to track competitors’ content strategies. It is a tool that will show you which content resonates well with your target market so that you can compete in that area.

In this post, I will go over BuzzSumo’s features. You can also learn about its pros and cons, so you can decide if it is the right tool for your company.

Plenty of Filtering Options

BuzzSumo lets you filter your search results according to the following criteria:

  • Publisher Size – Exclude large publishers or include them.
  • Country – Display only results from a particular country. You can enter either the complete country name or the abbreviation.
  • Date – Shows results for the previous day, week, or month. Filter by date ranges.
  • Domain – Display results for one or more domains separated by a period.
  • Language – Search by language.
  • Word count – Reduce the amount of text or only show in-depth articles.
  • Content-Type – Show results based on the type of content: Listicle, how-to article, infographic, video, or why posts.

Filter Domains from Your Searches

To search for a precise phrase, use quotation marks. Or maybe you prefer to restrict your search results only to a specific domain like To do so, enter along with your search term in the search bar.

By simply entering the domain name in the search bar, you can search for the most popular content from any domain. It’s a great tool to see what is working on similar websites. BuzzSumo also lets you search for content by author.

A Cloud-Based Content Marketing Solution

BuzzSumo’s cloud-based operation is the first thing to understand. You don’t need any software to use BuzzSumo. After logging in, you can access the tool from your browser without having to launch any other apps.

BuzzSumo’s interface is very user-friendly. After logging in, you can enter a topic and click “Go!” to see the most relevant online content. Enter a few words or a long-tail keyword. BuzzSumo will identify the most popular blog posts and articles online. How does BuzzSumo determine which articles are the most viewed?

BuzzSumo examines engagements on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. It also calculates the number of backlinks that are coming from other domains to those articles.

Advanced Queries

BuzzSumo is user-friendly. However, it offers the opportunity for its users to do more detailed searches that go beyond a topic or long-term keyword. You can also perform your advanced searches in the standard search box.

You can exclude specific words and domains from your query using the tool. For example, if you type in “,” search results won’t show any video matches from Vimeo.

Competitor Researchcompetitor research

It’s vital to monitor your competitors. You’ll be able to avoid being blindsided by new marketing strategies. BuzzSumo allows you to look at your competitors’ content marketing strategies. You can search for content by the domain. You need to type the domain name into the search bar and hit the “Go!” key.

The search bar will let you enter a competitor’s domain name. Take a look at the content your competitors produce. BuzzSumo can show you the competitor’s most popular content. There might be topics you didn’t cover on your site that you may find in the search results. Add similar content to remedy the situation.

Content Insights

BuzzSumo allows you to examine the content of search results in a variety of ways:

  • By Headlines – Look at the headlines for popular topics to see if clickbait is a key to attracting visitors.
  • Content-Type – Learn which content formats will resonate most with your target audience.
  • By Network – Determine which social media networks are sharing the most content.
  • Content-Length – Determine if you need long content to rank.
  • Most Popular Domains – Find out which websites are sharing your type of content. These sites may be great for backlinks or guest posting.

Question Analyzer

Answering a question that people frequently ask can help you rank content higher in search results. BuzzSumo makes it easy to search for related queries. It works in the same way as a content search.

Enter your topic, and then perform your search. Click a tab to see all questions about that topic. The list of questions you get is your content inspiration.

The default display of a question list shows the most common questions first. These should be your highest priority. Where does the tool get the questions? It pulls information from hundreds of thousands of forums such as Reddit and Amazon.

To monitor your brand, you can also use the question analyzer. You can find out what people are asking about your brand online. You’re welcome to participate in those forums and answer the questions.

Find the Most Shared Content by Your Competitors

BuzzSumo also shows you a list of influencers who have shared the content of a competitor. You can filter this list by engagement level or several followings. You can reach out to top influencers and share news about your content. They may also share your content.

You can use the tool to view performance reports on competitors’ content. They will help you see where your competitors are succeeding. You can use the information to identify strategies that you should copy.

Influencer Search

This tool gives you a list of social network users who have shared content about that topic. These are the people you should contact. It is easy to tag them in tweets and make contact. Depending on how they feel, they’ll look at it and may share it with other followers. Then, you win.

BuzzSumo displays the list in descending order according to relevancy by default. You can also sort by page, domain authority, number of followers, re-tweet rate, reply ratios, average retweets, and Instagram authority.

BuzzSumo allows you to filter the list by bloggers, influencers, companies, journalists, and regular people. Pay particular attention to the column titled Twitter Followers in the table. Twitter users who have thousands of followers are likely to be influential people you would like to get along with.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a popular way for strategists to spread the word about their brands. BuzzSumo can also help. In influencer marketing, you reach out to influential people within your industry and ask them to spread the message about your company.What's the BuzzSumo review

You can often get them to share your content.

This is how influencer and content marketing relate. BuzzSumo has created an influential marketing feature that will help you identify brand evangelists. You can use the tool to locate influencers, just as you do to find content. Enter a topic or domain, and then click the “Go!” button. Then click on the Influencers tab.

Is BuzzSumo Worth the Asking Price or Just a Buzz?

Let’s look at Buzzsumo’s advantages and disadvantages to gain a better understanding.


  • Many customization options are available, based on your requirements. You can also filter to understand better what people want to read, buy, and see in your niche.
  • It is simple to use and filters based on language, country, or domain.
  • You can monitor and update your domain regularly with the latest information
  • An extensive database is available to search and conduct research
  • You have a broad range of options to choose from if you are short on content
  • Export data quickly to excel sheets.
  • It keeps you up-to-date on your competitors and helps you plan better to win


  • I don’t recommend this tool for beginners.
  • Twitter‘s influencer search and insights are limited. This is a problem as many people use different social media platforms.


BuzzSumo is going to cost you to enjoy its benefits fully. The monthly price starts at $99, the low end. This will give you five alerts but not the ability to access the question analyzer.

The “Large solution” costs $299 per month. You will get almost everything. The maximum time you can search for content is two years. You will pay $499 per month for an enterprise solution.

The prices displayed above are monthly prices. You can purchase an annual subscription upfront and save 20%. BuzzSumo provides an API to help you develop apps using data gleaned through the tool. But you will pay a minimum of $500 per month.

Try BuzzSumo free for 30 days – 10 free searches a month or upgrade for much more features.


BuzzSumo also enables you to run competitor comparison reports. You can compare your content to a competitor’s. BuzzSumo lets you set up an alert for the competitor’s content. It will notify you whenever a competitor publishes new content. You can opt to receive the alerts either by email or via the dashboard. But this is only available in the paid versions.

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I hope that this has helped you to find a resource to analyze your competition, find new keywords and subjects to write about. Let me know with a comment and ask any questions, please like and share too.

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  1. Thanks for the info! To be honest, I had never heard about BuzzSumo before and I am totally amussed to see what I missed for a long time! So much Filtering options and characteristics I can use in my business! I was checking the price, and I find it really catchy too.

    Thanks again

    • It certainly is a great tool for finding out what people are interested in to write posts on and spy on your competition. It is pretty cheap for all that information.

  2. Hi Lily, BuzzSumo Founded in 2013 and loved by business owners worldwide ever since. BuzzSumo is all-in-one content marketing tool that gives you content research and performance insights.

    You can get performance insight from Reddit data, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, to large scale content analysis, influencers, trending news stories etc. It will greatly assist you to run social media the best way possible and the design of the site is also very intuitive and easy to use.

    In my opinion, BuzzSumo is a very helpful tool for making smarter SEO decisions to help improve search rank.

    • You are so right Bushra. We need all these data tools to make the best marketing decisions for our business websites. We need to learn what people are looking at and what interests they have so that we can answer questions and be helpful.


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