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BuzzSumo is a cloud-based content network. It can be used to check for outreach opportunities and the best contentBuzzSumo Review engagement on different social media platforms. The BuzzSumo review tool can help you identify the type of content that resonates with your audience.

With a simple search of a topic on BuzzSumo, you will discover some well-doing content that fits your topic of interest. The tool also displays the most popular content based on the number of backlinks it has received.

Social media shares are also another factor used. It looks at the engagement that the content has on different social media platforms. You can also monitor what your competitors are doing with the amazing tool.

How to Use BuzzSumo

This tool can be used for a variety of functions that depend on your aim.

You could use BuzzSumo to: 

  • Monitor cross-channel performance
  • Conduct competitive analysis
  • Explore evergreen content ideas. 

Let’s proceed further on how to use BuzzSumo.

1. Identify Trending Content

The first step is to identify what content is trending on social platforms. BuzzSumo adds groupings for seasonal content while users can add their custom topic category for easy tracking.

2. Identify Popularly Shared Posts by their Domain

BuzzSumo has a feature that supports users to search a domain name for trending content. It shows the content and the most popular social media platform where the content is trending. Sounds great right? It is!

What’s more, you can also identify the social media platforms that visitors on BuzzSumo like. This helps you make a more informed decision when preparing your content. It helps to give an insight into what to expect from the media.

3. Find New Content IdeasFind new content ideas in BuzzSumo

The keyword is one of the convenient ways of searching for popular content. If you share content on social media, you may always be searching for articles that are relevant to yours. This is where BuzzSumo comes in handy.

The content analyzer of BuzzSumo helps a user explore content and engagement on social media. A lot of posts are shared on social media platforms every day. But BuzzSumo makes it pretty easy to identify content for your audience using the right keyword search. The tool helps you have an insight into the type of optimization to expect from your content.

You may need to start researching your content ideas from the topic analyzer section. When you enter a topic, the tool will produce much better ideas to write headlines. Don’t just enter a broad topic to avoid getting too many content ideas that might end up confusing you.

Choose a topic that generally suits your objective. You can then proceed to the keyword tool section to check if your chosen topic will perform well in the search. Or head to the content analyzer of the tool to see its performance on social media.

The content analyzer can help you do the following:

  • Combine the best ideas and headlines for your next content.
  • Use the content that reached many people on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit) to improve your content strategy.
  • Get insight into how people responded to certain topics, events or trends. This will guide you in your next campaign.
  • It helps you find a journalist’s profile in your field for content ideas.

4. Analyze Shared Content

Another amazing feature of BuzzSumo is the content shared analyzing feature. You can use this tool to gain insight into content that is shared on social media networks. You can use a topic, domain name, or keyword for your search.

When you search for content with BuzzSumo, it shows you the social media platform where the content is mostly shared. The analytic feature of BuzzSumo also shows the average shares per week, per channel, and the top domain.

5. Use KeywordsUse keywords you find in BuzzSumo

Connecting with the right influencer can take your brand to a different level. BuzzSumo’s optimization feature is designed for this purpose. It allows users to search for Twitter influencers that are related to a topic. Again, you can use keywords or domain names to carry out your search on BuzzSumo.

6. BuzzSumo Monitoring

BuzzSumo can be used to find publicity opportunities and new media content. It scans blogs, forums, news sites, and other online platforms across the internet to show what’s been published.

Such information is related to what interests you and your brand. With this information, you can easily find and filter quick-win media opportunities and get ahead of your competitors. It also helps you avert brand crises.

You can also monitor and track your brand’s publicity to know how good your brand is doing. It gives you the privilege of being the first person to know the problem that surrounds your brand.

Such information gives you an edge and helps you quickly adjust properly. In the same vein, you also get to be the first person to share the good news, which can even make you popular. You can create a monitoring alert for your brand by navigating to “Monitoring” on your dashboard and activating it.

7. Manage Your Brand’s Integrity

BuzzSumo can help you effectively manage the reputation of your brand to avert crises. The platform has a well-coordinated crisis management feature. The tool is one of the best monitoring tools out there. It has great speed and insight.

Ensure you configure your important alerts and set them to be delivered directly into your inbox. Take time to scan all your mentions before the close of the day, and find unique opportunities out of them. Stick to a time that suits your activities.

8. Do a Competitor Research

BuzzSumo provides room for users to keep a tab on their competitors. This is so important because it keeps you up-to-date with your competitor’s marketing strategy. You can do this by searching for content based on a domain on the search bar.

Enter the competitor’s domain name to know what they are doing. BuzzSumo will display its most shared content. You can also view the top influencers that share the competitor’s content and the performance report of their content.

CostCost of BuzzSumo

Free – 10 Free searches a month, covering 1 year of data, 1 User

Pro – $99 Per Month or $948 Yearly (20% discount), 5 Users, 5 Alerts

Plus – $179 Per Month or $1668 Yearly (20% discount), 10 Users, 10 Alerts

Large – $299 Per Month or $2868 Yearly (20% discount), 15 Users, 30 Alerts, covering 2 years of data.


If you’re a content marketer, you might want to consider using BuzzSumo to improve your performance. I’d recommend you opt for the annual subscription plan to save costs in the long run.

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

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10 thoughts on “BuzzSumo Review”

  1. This is really very informative. I’m a fan of social media and use them a lot but mainly to connect with people. I haven’t been doing much in content creation, However i do post my works sometimes on youtube, Instagram and Facebook but that just it. I think that BuzzSumo can really be a helpful tool for me on youtube to gain more engagements. Thanks for the in depth article on BuzzSumo Lily.

    • You are very welcome Pristo. I’ve found that I use the free version of BuzzSumo to do my research to see what is happening out there in my market. This makes my efforts more targeted which is very important.

  2. I love the way your website is laid out. after reading your post, I understand what I would need to do to earn money while I learn how utilizing BuzzSumo allows me to capture the content my audience wants to hear. a very lovely picture of you also! I am always looking for ways to enhance my posts, and BuzzSumo seems to fit that bill. good luck with your endeavor!

    • Thanks so much, Cherrie. It’s always nice to hear from another entrepreneur who is learning the ropes. You get ideas from everywhere. Wishing you lots of success.

  3. This is a very relevant and important topic because it gives the ability to identify content that will rank and be helpful to viewers. BuzzSumo gives you everything that you seem to need to go through the whole process of creating great content and attracting viewers. Being able to research competition and research your own methods for providing content is invaluable. I also like the convenience of the network because it gives you every section of the network all in the cloud secured and easy to access.

    • This is an excellent tool, Nicholas. Like you, I love the idea that I can peek at what my competition is writing about and then compete against them in the knowledge that I’m on the right track. Thanks for the feedback and wishing you well on your journey.

  4. I started listening to a podcast in which 2 guys share their experience in affiliate marketing. And they were suggesting us to get BuzzSumo. So, here I am reviewing this platform. And it seems even more awesome than what I originally thought. I would like to check my competition and find evergreen content. I’m in!

    • Hi Paolo, every new tool that gives us inside information as to what others are doing and getting results from is a plus. I’m always looking for free tools that will improve my grammar, meta – SEO , and competition information. I know you will get lots of value from this tool.

  5. Hi Lily!

    I am a content writer. BuzzSumo sounds like it cuts right to the chase. Analyzing your own content is not easy. This tool does cover a lot of ground but I really like “spying” on the competition. Some one like myself and probably you too, does not have the time to figure this stuff out. Although I am a content writer, I am a numbers person underneath that. Numbers don’t lie and this would be such a helpful tool. I will definitely check BuzzSumo out! Thank you for an interesting and informative post.

    • Hi Bob, you have it in one. Getting to know what is working for your competition is awesome and even better if you can do it for free on Buzzsumo. It is such an eye-opener to be able to check into what is happening online and get the facts about content. Enjoy!


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