CashJuice: A Web Traffic Exchange Site?

CashJuice is a recently created social network that helps business owners build instant traffic and generate sales.Cashjuice: A web traffic exchange The platform was built and designed by Darren Merrett. It was built to help online and offline businesses build organic traffic from nothing.

If you have a business and are yet to brand yourself online, CashJuice can help you do all that. It’ll help scale your business to a new level.

Aside from being a traffic building platform, Cashjuice is also a community. It is made up of people from different countries. The platform allows you to teach, learn and even message other members.

You can advertise your business or brand on the platform and attract more traffic. As long as you have a phone and internet access, you can use the platform.

Another amazing thing about Cashjuice is that it gives you the opportunity to make money with different activities. It is not just a social platform but also a place to make money and meet new people.

The platform has a similar setup to Twitter and Facebook. It allows you to follow and unfollow people, post updates, and do many other things. Once you register with the platform, you will be given a guide on how to fully navigate the website.

What this article covers:

  • CashJuice at a glance
  • Making money from the platform
  • First method
  • Second method
  • Third method
  • User’s grading and award levels
  • What are the things you can post on the platform?
  • How to make CashJuice effective for you
  • Top features on CashJuice
  • Post rotator tutorial
  • Opportunity seekers on CashJuice
  • Benefits of Upgrading to CashJuice Premium
  • FAQ
  • Is the traffic exchange (post rotator) effective?
  • What is the ad revenue commission?
  • Is the platform a scam?
  • Who can become part of the platform?
  • How much can I earn from referrals?

Overview of CashJuice

CashJuice has a free membership and pro membership. The platform also has no restrictions on its users. As long as you are an everyday social media user, you can use Cashjuice. 

Making Money on the Platform

There are three different ways to make money on CashJuice. The best and most effective way is by using the platformThree ways to make money on CashJuice to drive traffic to your website or business. You can build relationships with other members and get opportunities.

The method mentioned above might not be an actual money-making method to most people! Although, traffic to your website will create sales. We will be taking an in-depth look at the different ways to use CashJuice to make money.

First Method

When you have registered with CashJuice, you will see different steps you can use to make money online for free. You’ll get this list of tips at no cost.

A good way to make use of this opportunity is to use at least 15 minutes every day to search for different ways to make money online.

Second Method

Another way to earn money is through the referral program. If your referrals end up with them upgrading their account, you will receive a 15% commission on the amount received. This opportunity is open to both free and upgraded members.

Third Method

The last method to make money from this platform is through its ad revenue. The platform splits a portion of its revenue with its best 200 users. This simply means, the more active you are on the platform, the greater the chances of you earning.

These sets of users are separated into a hierarchy. They are referred to as the bronze, silver, gold, and diamond members. The platform also allows you to track your rankings through your dashboard. The dashboard shows you where you stand as a user with regards to the rankings.

In order to move up the ranking list, you have to ensure that you are more active on the platform. The more you stay active on CashJuice, the higher your ranking goes. An effective way to do this is to make at least one post every day.

Your referrals can also get you more rankings. The longer they stay active on the platform, the higher your ranking goes.

Revenue Award LevelsRevenue award for CashJuice

Any member that is within the top 200 users on the platform will get commissions from the ad revenue. The higher your rankings, the higher your hierarchy! Here is a breakdown of the award levels on the platform.

  • Bronze – Top hundred users
  • Silver –  sixty users
  • Gold – thirty users
  • Diamond – Top 10 users

What Can You Post on the Platform?

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned clearly that CashJuice is a place to build traffic for your business. This is because it allows you to advertise your business for free without restrictions.

Here are a number of things the platform gives you the opportunity to post.

  • Links to your blog post
  • All your Links to special offers and affiliations
  • Link to discounts your business may have
  • You can also post images, videos, and any other material you can use to promote your business or brand.

These posts are not limited to a number of users. It is highly visible. CashJuice allows your post to appear on the feed of every user that follows you. The only limit is that these posts have some daily restrictions.

  • You can make up to 10 posts per day for upgraded users.
  • You can only make 3 posts a day for free users.

How to Make CashJuice Effective for You

To make the time you spend on this platform worthwhile, here are the steps that will guide you to properly make use of the platform.

1. Make the community benefits to you

CashJuice is not just another social media platform. It is also a community. It is a place to meet new people that will help you improve your skills. Members of the community may have opportunities that will benefit you. Find them and connect.

2. Build an audience

Being relevant on this platform will help you to get a lot of followers. It will bring a lot of traffic to your business, and that means more money. You can also get these followers to click on affiliate links, and this will bring you lots of money.

Top Features of CashJuice

A feature of CashJuice that is worth mentioning is the post rotator feature. This is one feature that increases the visibility of your post across the platform. It ensures that a lot of users will see your posts on the platform.

To use this feature, you need to earn credits.

Here is a detailed tutorial on how to use the post rotator.

Post Rotator Tutorial

To get your post on the post rotator, you will need to set up a campaign. After that, you will surf for credits. By surfing for credits, you will ensure that your best posts are more visible on the platform.

To earn these credits, you will have to watch other people’s posts for at least 5 seconds. Watching a post earns you 1 credit.

You can use this credit to get the same traffic exchange. In simpler terms, it’s a 1:1 credit exchange system.

Becoming an upgraded user will cost you $29.50. The first monthly payment will be $4.95 and the following $19.99 a month. There is a 56-day money-back guarantee.

As an upgraded user, you will be able to set the location you want your traffic to come from. This option is limited to a number of countries, otherwise, there is a vast number of locations where you can geo-target your traffic on CashJuice.

Opportunity Seekers on CashJuiceOpportunity seekers for CashJuice

A good feature of this social platform is the opportunity to access the profile information of CashJuice users for free. Comparing CashJuice to other platforms, you are only allowed to view users’ screen names. But CashJuice gives you this opportunity for free.

With this feature, you can contact these members outside CashJuice.

As an upgraded user, you have the option of sending automated or edited messages to different users. This feature can be likened to Facebook and Twitter’s auto-DM style. This will be an amazing way of thanking your referrals for joining the platform.

CashJuice makes it really easy to contact other members of the platform. Some other similar platforms have failed badly on this aspect. And that is one reason it will be difficult to grow your business on such platforms.

Communicating with other users will give you a chance to meet new people and get more traffic.

How the Platform Helps You Get Traffic

CashJuice also has a feature called “The plan”. This feature is a free-to-use system that can help you make money online. It is simply a free advertising funnel.

Any CashJuice member can use it to drive traffic to their business or program. There is no better way to get more traffic to your business than this feature.

Benefits of Upgrading to Cashjuice Premium

Like many online platforms, you can get more opportunities on the CashJuice platform when you upgrade to the premium version. This is really a lifetime upgrade and it gives you a lot of opportunities over free users. The benefits of upgrading to the premium version are many, but a few of them are listed below.

  • You get a lot of followers

When you upgrade to the premium version, CashJuice will find you more followers. These are the people that will see your posts on their feeds. This will help in driving a lot more traffic to your business or program.

  • You get better commissions

An upgraded account gives you the opportunity to earn more commissions on the platform than the free users.

If you upgrade to the premium version and you happen to change your mind, Cashjuice offers you a 56-day money-back guarantee.

Downsides of the CashJuice as a Platform

So far there are not many recognizable failings of CashJuice. The only one I can point out is that the site is pretty slow to load. Otherwise, the benefits of this platform supersede any failure you may point out.


Is the traffic exchange (post rotator) effective?

Although it is a little bit effective, it isn’t as effective as you think it is. When your post is being viewed by someone, they may not necessarily click on the links you have attached to these posts. The sales conversion from this method is really low.

Is the ad revenue commission worth the chase?

There are 200,000 + users on CashJuice, and you may just be one in thousands. Trying to take part in the ad revenue is a good thing, but I don’t think it is worth your time and energy. Instead, try to use other means to make money on the platform.

Is the platform a scam?

The Name “CashJuice” may actually put some people off, but the platform is far from it. A lot of people have testified to the progress they have made from the platform. It is a legit platform where you can get a lot of traffic and still make money.

Who can become part of the platform?

The platform has no restrictions as to who can use it. As long as you have a working device and internet access, you are eligible to use CashJuice.

How much can I earn from my referrals?Earning from referrals

On CashJuice, you can only earn a referral commission when your referrals upgrade to the premium (lifetime $29.50) version. You will get a 15% commission on any of your referrals that upgrade their free membership account.

Your affiliate earnings will depend solely on the number of people you are able to refer to CashJuice.

Wrapping up

After looking through this review, I can say that CashJuice is a perfect platform to join? For me it is.

If you are looking to drive more traffic to your business or program, then becoming part of CashJuice will be a good decision to take. The platform doesn’t only give you the opportunity to get sales and leads but you also get to make money while doing so.

When it comes to getting real-time traffic to your affiliate marketing website, CashJuice will help a lot in achieving that in no time. It’s one of the best traffic exchange sites you can rely on for generating more leads and sales.

Other similar traffic exchange platforms you can explore include Traffic Ad Bar, WebTalk, and GlobalMoneyLine.

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10 thoughts on “CashJuice: A Web Traffic Exchange Site?”

  1. Nice article. I had never heard of CashJuice before reading this, but It seems like it is a great resource and platform for growing an affiliate business. I am active with affiliate marketing and I will have to sign up! Have you made any money with it yet?

    Thanks for sharing the info!

    • Hi Matt, I’m so pleased to introduce you to this platform. You know that you need to be getting your articles out there and this is a great way to do that. They all have different features that can help you to grow.

  2. I actually joined CashJuice not so long ago, but haven’t actually been back to work it all out. So I’m really glad I read this article as it seems to give a great account of exactly what it does and how it works. So I think I’ll bookmark this page and refer to it again when I next go back onto cashJuice. Thanks for sharing this.

    • That is great news that you are making a choice to use CashJuice. It is so important to make sure that we promote our articles. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  3. We all need more traffic. I have been looking at my Google Analytics account quite frequently these days. It’s exciting when we see that people every day arrive at our site. But I would like to join CashJuice encouraged by your good experience with it. Thank you very much for this post. 

    • You are welcome, Abel. Growing our business is about getting more traffic and this is a great way to get a flow and make some money at the same time.

  4. I have been in the make Money online niche for some while, seeing a comprehensive opportunity like this is not easy. I got attracted to your article seeing that I can make money through referrals and ads. Top of it is the reward from ads for the top 200 users, then there will be no need to queue for Google Adsense approval. Good platform

    • That is an excellent idea Parameter. Now that you are getting traffic to your website it is time to monetize it by getting clicks. I’m pleased that you saw my article and that it has started a fresh way to promote for you.

  5. I am bit confused by your article and review on CashJuice. You state it’s a social and traffic building network platform that helps business owners build organic traffic “online and offline” from nothing. They help you brand your business, and they are a community of over 200,000 members.

    I am not sure how to build organic traffic offline and could not find any further information about offline organic traffic building on the CashJuice website. From my experience with online marketing, I have never seen someone marketing their platform as a social and organic traffic building platform. Sounds like a mouthful!  And on their website, they claim to have 20,000 members, not 200,000 +.

    Your FAQ answers didn’t give any real strong reasons to join CashJuice. You didn’t endorse their “post rotator”, stating “it is a little bit effective; it isn’t as effective as you think it is.” In terms of the ad revenue commissions, there are only 20,000 users, not 200,000, which would have a huge impact on generating income through ads.

    From what I was able to research, CashJuice has a good reputation. A number of bloggers have endorsed the platform, and if I was to make my decision based on your review, I would have passed. But from what I have read and reviewed online and, on the website, CashJuice deserves another look from me.

    • These are all good points that you make Terry. I will do a total check on this article to be sure that it is correct. Thanks for your input.


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