Do Images Affect SEO?

Image SEO refers to optimizing images on your site so search engines can find them and “read” them. Do images affect SEO? Absolutely! By improving the visibility and rankings of your content in Google and other search engines. Image SEO covers elements such as load time, image size, image type, and optimization of keywords or … Read more

Free Lessons on Business Building

A business is an exceptional way to have fulfillment, financial independence, and a positive influence on the world. It takes hard work and sacrifice to build your business, as any successful entrepreneur can tell you. Before they succeed, most entrepreneurs have to endure many years of failure, frustration, and learning from their mistakes. Most want … Read more

How To Create A Website For Free!

In every business, there is a beginning, and learning how to create a website for free is the best place to start your online career. Why would you want to add more to your already busy life? For most of us, it is all about freedom. Financial, time and personal. You might be wondering what … Read more

12 Places for Royalty and Copyright-free Images

To find an image that is royalty and copyright-free can be very hard to do. Nobody wants to be accused of using someone’s content or picture without going through the right processes. So, I have listed 12 places to find royalty and copyright-free images to set you up for success. There are a lot of … Read more

The Best Email Autoresponder – Free

Making an email list of people

I’ve looked and tested all the big autoresponders around and I have found that the best email autoresponder is Aweber. It is sleek and quick to set up, great support and it is simple to start collecting email addresses. There are loads of reviews on GetResponse, ConvertKit, Sendinblue even Mailchimp but at the end of … Read more

How to Start a Small Business Online in 2023

How to start a small business online

In all the excitement to create your first business, it is easy to overlook some important facts about how to start a small business online. Here is a comprehensive look at what a business may entail for you. Will you make the time for a business Which business and where? How will you promote your … Read more