Detailed CJ Affiliate Review 2023 (Updated)

Want to make more commissions as a result of finding a reputable company with over 3000CJ Affiliate Review

Network Programs for affiliates? Have you heard about Commission Junction or CJ Affiliate on the grapevine?

Before being acquired by ValueClick in 2003, Commission Junction was first established in 1998 as Commission Junction. In 2014, it was rebranded as “CJ Affiliate by Conversant.”

At one point, CJ was the best affiliate network in the entire world. But let’s see if that still holds now.

Despite having a “Not Launched Yet” option, CJ does ask how many unique visitors your site receives each month. Compared to other networks, the CJ Affiliate by Conversant application process is painless and much simpler.

Right now I am going to give you all the insider gossip on this company in my CJ Affiliate Review.

 My Top 10 Pro Features of CJ Affiliate

  1. It’s Free to join.
  2. Special VIP program for high achievers. Influencer Campaigns. 
  3. Over 3000+ Merchants.
  4. In business for over 20 years.
  5. Real-time reporting analytics.
  6. Access to Content Expertise.
  7. Recognizable Brands.
  8. Over 1.8 Billion annually paid to Publishers (Bloggers).
  9. Products and Services.
  10. Getting Paid is Easy.

1. It’s Free To Join

Every company that you promote products for has its own standards and the Commission Junction Network Program has high standards. This is a partnership. Just as you are expecting high-class merchants with great predictable products and services. CJ is looking for Publishers (bloggers) who will write high-quality reviews and sell products and services through their business.

Apparently, you can be dropped if no sales have been made in the first 6 months. It’s a team effort. Worth planning ahead with at least 20 posts and over 500 traffic a day.

2. Special VIP Program For The Best Publishers

This is just brilliant. If you have written heaps of great blogs and achieved a certain standardVIP membership

of sales you will be invited to join the Content Certified Program or become a CCP. You will now get access to the best companies that are the cream of the merchants. You’ll be asked to contribute blogs that are constructed by CJ for the company Campaigns. This can boost your income through the roof.

Focused and strategic guidance based on region, distribution model, vertical, and business size. Innovative, easy to use tools, to help you understand and reach your audience and provide a streamlined customer experience.

3. Over 3000+ Merchants (Advertisers)

Merchants only stay with a Network company that produces results. CJ has collected over 3000 Advertisers to their company and continues to add new companies all the time. You can be sure to find products and services that suit your niche.

4. In Business For Over 20 Years

Commission Junction opened its doors in 1998 in California and is an online advertising company owned by the Publicis Groupe, which is part of a Fortune 500 company called Alliance Data Systems. It operates worldwide and has over 15 offices, Commission Junction is one of the oldest and biggest players in affiliate sales. It has been through a few name changes and grown, which you can read about here.

5. Real-Time Reporting Analytics

When you are checking your stats or getting links or banners for an Advertiser you don’t want to have to keep refreshing the page. You want information that is up to the minute and that is what CJ gives you. There is also a comprehensive team of advisors to help you understand the extra features available at all times.

Unlock insights into multi-device customer journeys. You can use this to grow and craft your presentations to gain a competitive advantage. Leverage device analytics to maximize promotional opportunities within affiliates.

  • Cookieless tracking.

6. Access to Content Expertise

This is an amazing service offered by Commission Junction to both the Publisher and theGetting expert advice


Advertisers will employ them to work out a targeted campaign to boost sales (i.e. Black Friday Sales.) When working out the strategy for the Advertiser they will achieve an excellent view of what blogs need to be written.

These choice plums are then offered to the Publishers who have achieved entry to the Content Certified Program (CCP.)

The largest and most established global Publisher Blogging) Development division with an average tenure of over 7 years in the industry

7. Recognisable Brands

CJ always put the competition on the back burner in the past by having major brands on their books. And that aspect of this network hasn’t changed at all.

On any affiliate network, CJ continues to have arguably the best selection of well-known brand names.

To draw affiliate marketers and other advertisers to this network, brands have a lot of clouts.

Except for a few minor cosmetic changes here and there, the CJ Affiliate by Conversant dashboard hasn’t changed much over the years.

When you place an affiliate link in your blog you want to know that the company you are promoting is reputable. Therefore, CJ has collected some outstanding companies for you to promote.

Just a few:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • IHG (Intercontinental Hotel Group)
  • Overstock
  • Priceline
  • Office Depot
  • J.Crew
  • Olympia Sports
  • Lacoste

8. Over 1.8 Billion Annually Paid to Publishers

Are people making money from being affiliates of Advertisers and earning a commission? Absolutely! Figures don’t lie and especially when Advertisers are paying a service payment to CJ to be listed. They want to see results as they are paying for it. 1.8 Billion dollars is a lot of commissions.

9. Products and Services

Commission Junction prides itself on offering advertisers who sometimes have solid products and others who run a service. Any quality company looking to promote themselves will find a helpful professional company in CJ.

10. Getting Paid is Easy

You’ve done the work. Pages of quality content about the products and services that you love. Getting paid is easy

People have bought through your affiliate links.

Choose from over 150 currencies via direct deposit, check, or via CJ’s global payments partner, Payoneer.

Who is A Publisher?

Publishers write blogs that interest buyers or solve a problem. These articles show up on websites, social media, search, email, mobile apps, offline marketing, and more. Anyone with knowledge can become a publisher. Writing is a skill that gets better with practice. If you are unsure about your Grammar or punctuation there are great free tools that can help, such as Grammarly. Read about this amazing helper here.

It works much in the same way as you helping a friend asking about a product or how to solve a problem. By writing in an entertaining and sincere way you really are helping. If then you can provide a link to a reputable product or service everyone wins.

A writer can create a lot of organic traffic to a product, read about it here.

Who is An Advertiser?

Advertisers sell products, experiences, and services and reward publishers for driving desired results from what they write. It is a competitive world out there and having talented writers who will promote your products makes paying commissions a no-brainer. Cheaper in some ways to TV or Radio advertising. Some businesses only have a warehouse to store and make deliveries. This makes it possible to keep prices low and competitive online.

The CJ Dashboard

It offers a brief overview of your account, and the layout has a lot of space, making it simpler to read and navigate.

Most functions you require are nested in several dropdown menus:

  • Dashboard menu
  • Your personal internal CJ mail
  • Gadgets
  • Links
  • Reports
  • Insight (advanced reporting)
  • Placements

To prevent these from clogging up other areas of the dashboard, it is best to have them all in one spot like this.

What I like about the CJ affiliate interface is that it doesn’t appear or feel crowded, which is made possible by the subdued color schemes.

In contrast, CJ seems airy and light. It, therefore, receives a good user-friendliness rating.

Search for CJ Advertisers

This is effective for broad searches, but the programs will likely be specialized because of the nature of your niche.

You can quickly search for programs by keyword or advertiser name by choosing “Advertisers” from the top menu. Additionally, you have the option of searching by category:

  • Currency
  • Status as an advertiser
  • Type of advertiser
  • Language
  • A good location
  • Source location
  • Nation of the advertiser

Here, CJ shines.

Assume that you are looking for affiliate programs for your blog about financial services! Follow the procedure below.

Browse Categories for CJ Advertisers

Searching by category makes finding programs simple, but you’ll want to look for ones that pay well and have metrics to back them up.

Every single program on CJ can be filtered by:

  • Income from a network
  • 7-day EPC
  • Three-month EPC

The trick here is to filter by “Network Earnings – high to low,” as brands with a high score also tend to have relatively high EPCs and pay quite well.

When sorted solely by EPC, a large number of fresh and unproven affiliate programs appear at the top.

EPC Filter for CJ Advertisers

Each succeeding program is listed according to its actual 7 or 90-day EPC. Thus, using this appears and feels awkward.

But since CJ makes it so simple to find profitable programs, I can forgive them. And that is precisely what each affiliate network needs to aim for. Generally speaking, most programs on CJ have a high entry barrier.

Before being approved, you must make sales on the network, but you can’t make sales unless you’ve been accepted into at least one program.

The chicken-and-egg approach to new affiliates is one that far too many CJ merchants take.

Generating Affiliate Links

Creating affiliate links on CJ used to be a very simple process. You click on “Links” and then “Search,” which is still the standard procedure for creating links.

Once you’ve decided on an advertiser, look over the available creatives.

Link Types for CJ Affiliates

This layout is a hot mess, primarily because they place so much emphasis on mobile-optimized offers that it pushes the different kinds of links you can create off the main menu. The tabbed layout in Pepperjam is much more effective than this.

But to make up for this blunder, CJ provides two useful additional link-creation tools.

The anticipated bookmarklet for your browser, called “Deep link generator,” enables you to link to a particular page of an affiliate program you’ve joined.

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In my review, I have shown you how Commission Junction brings together Advertisers and Publishers to promote their products and services.

They help each group to achieve their goals by helping to create a plan of action where everyone makes money.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.

LILY Munday

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6 thoughts on “Detailed CJ Affiliate Review 2023 (Updated)”

  1. Thanks for your CJ Affiliate review, Lily! Commission Junction is an affiliate marketing network I’ve always loved to join, though I’m currently building my site so I can get approved once I submit an application. I intend to promote some affiliate products, and going through the CJ Affiliate network will make the process faster and easier for me.

    I was first impressed by the fact that it’s completely free to join for publishers or website owners from all walks of life. It’s amazing that there’s real-time reporting analytics, which is vital to any affiliate marketing business’s success. Interesting to know that getting paid is easy with the network, and thanks for your clarification of who an advertiser and a publisher are.



    • You can definitely get into information overload with all the jargon used on the internet and it does change from country to country. I sometimes think companies are uncomfortable with the term Blogger but I guess CJ doesn’t just support bloggers but has celebrities and social influencers. Calling all writers Publishers gives them a bigger range of promoters.

      It sounds like you are on track to register with CJ in the future, well done.

  2. Over the years, while I was still getting started online, Commission Junction topped the search results I got every time I search for “Best affiliate programs to join and make good money online”. Becoming part of the program brought light in my career and I must say, affiliate marketing couldn’t get better. The little challenge I had starting out was that after joining CJ as an affiliate publisher, I still had to apply for each advertiser to market their offers. But all that became settled as I got accepted by majority of the advertisers I applied for.

    • It sounds as though you have had quite a journey, Peter. Unfortunately, most affiliate platforms work this way, where you have to apply for each company to become an affiliate but it is usually very quick. Definitely not a barrier to your success. Joining these huge Network companies can quickly ramp up the profit in your business.

  3. I have never heard of CJ Affiliate before now but they sound amazing!!  I love the fact that there are so many big names to work with.  I just happen to love Overstock and J. Crew.  With more and more closing their brick and mortar stores, this may be the wave of the future!  Thank you for sharing!

    • It is exciting to find a new Affiliate Network outlet and I can’t say how impressed with CJ I am. I hope you will join them and be able to earn some great commissions for your business this year.

      Wishing you a profitable 2021.


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