ClickBank Affiliate Review: Will You Make Money?

Sick of being a cog in a wheel and recently found that you love working from home? It looks like affiliate marketingClickBank Affiliate review 2021 may be your thing. In my ClickBank Affiliate Review: Will You Make Money?

I’m going to dig deep into why you should consider running your own online business and explore how.

ClickBank is just one of the big players who are the link between you and the companies who want to pay you a commission to sell their products.

We’ve all grown up buying our products and food from brick-and-mortar shops. We understand that the retailers buy at wholesale and sell to us at retail price. Perhaps you have even had a friend sell his guitar through a shop on commission?

Then you understand commission or affiliate marketing! The only difference between the above methods and you selling products online is that you don’t have to store the stock or deliver it. Awesome.

What Does This Have to Do with ClickBank Affiliate?

ClickBank links you to companies that will pay you a commission on sales that you generate. The method is up to you, you can write a blog on your own website, create a funnel, or even promote it on social media. Some of the products that you can promote can even pay you monthly (recurring) commissions.

How Does ClickBank Affiliate Work?

First, you go to their website at and fill in a form to sign up for Free, this is easy. They also have training on-site to help you to understand them and how best to do your promotion.

But if you are ready to jump in I suggest you go to their best tool of all CBENGINE this is a great place to view their list of products and analyze which products you want to promote.

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When you are in CBengine go to the widget on the right-hand side where it says ‘Find Products’ and click the blue search button at the bottom of the widget. This will bring up the list of all the products similar to the picture below.

CBengine Helps You Choose Products

It can look a bit busy when you first go there but you are getting a look at the 21562 products in 276 categories that you can choose to promote. The products with a little green icon with a large R beside them have recurring monthly or yearly commission payments. Just a few of these can help you create an amazing monthly income as an affiliate marketer.

The other option for you to make money with ClickBank is to sell your own product through them and become a product vendor. For this, you must pay a one-time activation fee of $49.95.

Let’s look closely at just one product. I’ll choose a product in Health Supplements as that is a huge market. Purelife Organics – Multiple High Converting Supplements.

The little green R tells you that there is a recurring income from this product. You will earn a 75% commission and the average sale is $75.43 = $56.57 commission to you.

Who are Your Customers?

ClickBank already has 2 million customers across 190 countries. Your potential customersWhere do you get your customers are the whole world and are only limited by your ability to promote the products.

What you will need to do is narrow your focus down to one or two categories and provide quality information for your readers to decide on the products. Everyone reads reviews on products and Google rewards quality informative content.

You can’t just plaster a million product links on your website and make sales. Your job is to inform people and answer the questions that they Googled with information and a solution.

Once you have decided on who would be your buyers and created a niche website to encourage them to come back to you again and again. You are heading for success. Creating quality content will get you ranked on the first page and lots of organic traffic to your website.

Who Started ClickBank Affiliate?

This company was started in San Diego in 1998, in the United States by a couple, Eileen and Tim Barber. With 22 years behind them, they really know what they are doing and you can cash in on their expertise.

They started ClickBank out of a garage and now have:

  • 6 million entrepreneurs on the platform
  • Over 200 million dollars in annual sales
  • 21562 Products in 276 Catagories
  • The 87th largest Internet retailer in North America
  • Digital and Lifestyle Products

Who wouldn’t want a slice of this pie?Who wouldn't want a slice of this pie?


  1. Quick and Simple sign-up process. Within a few minutes, you can be ready to go.
  2. Anyone can join for Free. A great way for beginners to learn the ropes of affiliate marketing in a quality affiliate program Network.
  3. You can be a Vendor or an affiliate. A double bite of the cherry. On most affiliate marketing networks, it’s either/or.
  4. Huge quality Selection of Products. If you can’t find half a dozen products amongst all those on offer you are not serious.
  5. Excellent Commission Rates. Commissions payments can be as high as 75% or even 100%.
  6. Fast payment. No-fuss payments straight to you every month.


  • Everyone hates slow customer service.  It may take up to 7 days for ClickBank to respond to some customer emails.
  • Charges on Dormant ClickBank Accounts.
  • ClickBank sales accounts with a positive balance, but no earnings for an extended period of time, are considered dormant. Dormant accounts are subject to a charge of $1 per pay period after 90 days of no earnings, $5 per pay period after 180 days of no earnings, and $50 per pay period after 365 days of no earnings. These charges stop as soon as your account has additional earnings or if your account balance reaches $0.
  • In other words, if you make a few sales but then discontinue to promote products through ClickBank and don’t withdraw your profit it will be gobbled up in fees.
  • Some Poor Quality Products. No-one likes a bad product and obviously with this many products occasionally a dud will slip through so do your homework before promoting a product. It’s your name and reputation on the line too.
  • There is a lot of competition to sell the Quality Programs. All part of doing business, you just need to learn and be more clever and choose less competitive products at first.

How Do You Get Paid?

  • Check
  • Direct Deposit into your bank account
  • Wire Transfer
  • Payoneer

You can change your payment choice at any time and set your payout as low as $10.

Basics on Choosing Quality ProductsBasics on choosing a quality product

You don’t want to be ripped off any more than your customers, so some due diligence is important to protect your reputation.

  • Get the product and try it yourself. Ask for a review product from the company or invest some money to be sure.
  • Check out the reviews on Trust Pilot and read a cross-section of other reviews.
  • Look at the Gravity score on each product. The number is based on how many sales of that product were in the last 12 weeks. The higher the score the better the reputation of the product.
  • Keep Your Guard Up. If it sounds too good to be true then listen to your intuition. Overinflated promises are the first sign.
  • Check if a Vendor is real. Whenever I go to buy a product from a new company I Google them and check that there is a legit address, can I contact them, and do they have a traceable online history? Beware!

Get a Free Website and Training in Affiliate Marketing

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You can really make great money using an Affiliate Program Network such as ClickBank. So dive in, do your research, and start promoting. Enjoy the journey and have fun becoming a success. I hope my ClickBank Affiliate Review for 2021 has really helped with your decision-making.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.

LILY Munday

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6 thoughts on “ClickBank Affiliate Review: Will You Make Money?”

  1. Well, I have encountered Clickbank affiliate in the past and I was so intrigued by what it is about. When I go to their website, I was surprised that it is free to join and so I did. And I can say that pay is really great, well that is if you make a successful transaction. Aside from that, they let you choose your niche to sell which in my case is really great. What I just don’t like about it is its fees and the saturation of users. But overall, I liked it.

    • Hi Nico, well I guess nothing is free and there are definitely a lot of players out there in the world. Everyone wants to get a piece of the action and there is enough to go around. I’m so pleased that you found ClickBank a great place to find new products to promote.

  2. I know ClickBank and I know that it is a good affiliate marketing platforms for those who want to get linked with affiliate programs but I have concerns which are the many complaints that people have about some of the digital programs that are available. I’m sure many people will not want to join in because of that.

    • I hear what you are saying Aug and yes there have been complaints about some of the digital programs. I guess it’s like a big supermarket and you have to do your research before signing up for any product. Generally, there isn’t a problem getting your money back, and ClickBank drops vendors whose products are a problem.

  3. There are a lot of products out there that are supposed to be helpful and they are really under developed, it can be really interesting to read through this article for help. It could be helpful to those who are into online businesses and deciding which product they would like to promote as it gives advice on what to look for.

    • I’m pleased that you found some benefit in my warnings on what to sell and what not to sell at ClickBank. They do a great job of vetting vendors but sometimes a bad one slips through.

      Thanks for your comment.


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