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Click Meter may be right if you’re looking for a link-tracking solution. This software can help you measure your links’ClickMeter Review performance and determine their effectiveness. The platform can also import data into Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or CSV files.

If you’re a super affiliate, you may want to take advantage of the Click Meter API, which allows you to interface with third-party services. Click Meter also allows you to conduct A/B testing and redirect users by device and country.

ClickMeter is a web analytics tool that allows affiliate marketers to monitor and measure the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. The service gathers data from 35 unique data points and aggregates them into an easy-to-read format.

You can use it to track conversions, clicks, and other metrics. It also can track unique visitors, which is especially useful for PPC and auction-based advertising campaigns.

ClickMeter has a simple-to-use interface that enables even newcomers to get started on their business. The system is intuitive in all aspects, making it suitable for beginners and professionals.

ClickMeter offers free support to help users navigate its features. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ClickMeter offers detailed reports that can be exported into CSV and imported into various software programs. Moreover, it provides business tools and alerts that allow users to track goals and actions in real-time. The software also supports a variety of third-party integrations.

What is ClickMeter?

ClickMeter allows you to manage the performance of your online marketing campaigns. You can track traffic, sales, and website metrics in real time. The tool also helps you create detailed reports and maps.

You can export the information in these reports in CSV format for further analysis. ClickMeter supports various integrations, including Google Analytics and Shopify.

ClickMeter is easy to use, with a clean and intuitive graphical interface. It is user-friendly in all aspects, making it a good choice for both beginners and advanced users. You can also connect your favorite systems to the platform and customize your reports to your needs.

This tool lets you create tracking links that you can use to measure your marketing campaigns. It isn’t easy to track tracking links across the Internet, but ClickMeter makes this process quick and simple.

The tool helps you determine the effectiveness of your campaigns, marketing channels, and activities. It’s easy to set up tracking links and get real-time reports.

How to Use ClickMeterHow to use ClickMeter

To set up ClickMeter, you must create an account and choose a plan. Some plans are free, while others charge a monthly fee. You can also modify the number of events per month and the number of data points you want to see.

ClickMeter will provide options for how long your plan runs. You can choose a monthly, 12-month, or 24-month plan.

You can also add a promotional coupon to your account. If you want to track more than one client’s website, you can create accounts for each.

Once you’ve registered for a ClickMeter account, you’ll have access to the ClickMeter dashboard. This tool will help you monitor your online marketing campaign’s success. It will allow you to manage your account and sub-accounts and share information with partners.

You can also view detailed reports to see how well you’re doing. You can see how much traffic your website receives and where you can improve your performance.

ClickMeter Features

ClickMeter offers powerful features such as tracking pixels, split-testing, and raw data exporting. The service is a relatively inexpensive investment.

Link Tracking

A link tracking tool allows you to attribute traffic to various marketing channels, such as Facebook, AdWords, and custom campaigns. It can help you determine which content has the most value and how to optimize it.

In addition, it can help you identify bot traffic and protect your advertisements. The tool can also help you understand your customers’ buying patterns.

ClickMeter is a powerful link tracking tool that lets you understand what happens when people click on your advertisement or link.

Once you’ve installed the tracking link, it adds a cookie to visitors’ web browsers and reports the information to your dashboard. You can track many conversions using a single account and then analyze the generated data.

ClickMeter has a user-friendly dashboard and supports over 400 affiliate networks. It offers real-time reports of all your campaigns and can even create shortened tracking links. The tool also provides statistics on the frequency of visits and demographic data.

Conversion Tracking

ClickMeter is a powerful tool for tracking conversions. With it, you can see which links convert and from where. This data helps you make the right decisions to maximize your ROI. In addition, you can assign different tracking links or pixels to the same conversion.

The tracking link records a conversion based on click, while the tracking pixel tracks conversions based on page view.

Once your site has installed ClickMeter, you can create a campaign and tracking links. You can post these to various sources.

To begin tracking, you enter the name of the campaign, the tracking link, and the destination URL, which is typically your website. ClickMeter will then automatically collect important data and provide real-time reports.

Ultimately, this tool helps you understand how your marketing efforts are performing and what you can do to improve them.

Links ReportLinks report

The ClickMeter Links report is a valuable tool for analyzing the success of your online marketing campaigns.

The software helps you track and attribute the traffic derived from marketing channels such as AdWords and Facebook. The report can also help determine how many customers interact with your ads.

You can customize this report by setting parameters such as product ID, commission value, and SSL or UE privacy.

To set up a ClickMeter link, follow these steps: To begin, create a campaign and a tracking link. Once a visitor clicks the link, the software will collect information about that visitor’s behavior, such as what page they visited next.

The program is also compatible with Google Analytics so that it can track conversions as well. For example, you can specify a specific product ID or commission amount for every purchase made through a tracking link.

In addition, ClickMeter allows you to exclude IP addresses, which is useful if you want to block spammers. Its monthly subscription plan starts at $19 a month, and you can upgrade to a more powerful plan anytime.

If you exceed your monthly events limit, you’ll be offered an upgrade plan or see your links being redirected. This can be an inconvenience if you’re working with many clients.

Link Cloaking

Link cloaking is the process of hiding the real URL of a link on a web page. The purpose of this technique is to boost SEO. Note that this technique is different from standard SEO.

When the specific audience clicks on the link, the search engine spider sees content entirely different from the user’s.

LinkTrackr is a web-based link tracking service that gives you the tools to create, manage, and cloak your links. The service also includes split-testing and allows you to track your links in one convenient place.

Traffic Distribution

This program offers a variety of analytics, including click-through and bounce rates. It can also track all types of ads and support redirects. In addition, it offers super-fast reporting and features such as tracking traffic sources and conversion.

With its advanced features, you can maximize your ROI, even while you’re not logged in. This tool also lets you track ad fraud.

ClickMeter allows you to track clicks in real time and provides a self-updating report. It also lets you filter by campaign and view where traffic is coming from on a world map.

In addition, you can see your affiliate links and share your results with your affiliate partners. ClickMeter links redirect to a 301 or 307 status code, ensuring maximum SEO performance.

ClickMeter PricingClickMeter Pricing

ClickMeter is a good option for tracking the success of your online marketing campaigns. Its pricing plans are designed to meet the needs of various types of businesses.

Starter plans start at $19 per month. You can upgrade to a higher plan if you find that the basic plan is not enough for your needs.

Each of the tiers of the pricing plan offers different levels of data. For example, the $29.90 Medium plan allows you to track 20,000 events per month and receive 2,000 data points.

The $99 plan offers you sub-accounts, branding, and protection from click fraud.

ClickMeter Integrations

ClickMeter has an intuitive drop-down menu system and can be configured easily. Unlike other platforms, its reporting is human-driven, meaning you will not have to worry about bots affecting your data.

The platform also offers integrations to popular systems, allowing you to customize your analytics.

ClickMeter is a powerful tool for measuring the click-through rate of your web pages. This tool offers detailed reports and maps to help you compare data points.

You can also export data to CSV format and import it to other applications. Other features of ClickMeter include real-time notifications, organizational tools, and filters.

ClickMeter Alternatives

If you’re looking for an amazing affiliate marketing tool, then ClickMeter is probably the best option. Its comprehensive features allow you to track your site’s clicks, views, and conversions. Its system originally emerged as a web tool for agencies, but it has since grown into a popular software solution.

It offers freemium or premium options. A freemium account allows you to track your campaign and use its features without paying a monthly fee.

The awesome part is that you can use ClickMeter on your devices. Even though it is a freemium service, you can always upgrade if you want.

ClickMeter Pros:

  • – Can export raw data
  • – Easy to use
  • – Bot detection/flagging
  • – Money-back guarantee (within the first 1 month)

ClickMeter Cons:

ClickMeter’s conversion tracking is highly effective, but there are some drawbacks.

  • – It doesn’t work well with WordPress.
  • – It lacks a WordPress plugin and doesn’t provide a method to block Google from analyzing your website’s data.
  • – Also, the documentation is outdated.
  • – The website doesn’t mention whether or not to use SSL on the postback link.

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ClickMeter is easy to use and can collect vital data from your website visitors. You can use it to create real-time marketing reports, and you can also use it to redirect mobile users to your mobile website or desktop web page.

Setup is easy with the help of a drop-down menu system. Besides, the software offers easy-to-understand reports and allows you to integrate them with your favorite tools.

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