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We all need to use a scheduling tool for posting to our social media. I will compare Buffer and SocialBee so that you can see which might fill your needs best. Buffer is a fantastic tool for social media management. You can schedule posts ahead of time and view analytics on yourCompare Buffer and SocialBee review social accounts.

You can also see which posts were published earlier. This allows you to determine when to post content and publish it.

Whichever your choice for optimizing your online marketing, it’s worth paying the subscription to a scheduling tool.

Buffer Pricing and Channel list

  • Free – 3 channels only – 10 stored posts per Channel.
  • Essentials plan – $5 month per extra channel – $60 Yearly. 2000 stored posts per Channel.
  • Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. TikTok. LinkedIn and Pinterest.
  • 14 Day Free Trial.

If you’re using Buffer for a team of more than six people, you can get the Business plan for $100 a month. It also includes advanced reporting and analytics.

In addition to the paid plans, Buffer also offers a free 14-day trial period. After this period, you can downgrade to a free plan and use the service for three social channels and one user. Once you have chosen a plan, you can opt to pay annually to save 20%.

The Buffer team provides webinars every month to help its users learn more about the social media management platform. These webinars are free and recorded, and you can also ask questions or voice your concerns during the webinars.

These webinars cover topics varying from introductions to getting started with the publishing tool. It’s an excellent way to try out the Buffer service and get started. If you’re a small business, it’s a good idea to check out the free version first.

Buffer’s Features

The Buffer web app has a very intuitive interface. You can easily view and manage your posts in a single place. The dashboard also features an editor that lets you rearrange posts.

Whether you are a mobile or desktop device owner, Buffer gives you the flexibility to manage your accounts. The drag-and-drop editor makes it easy to edit your scheduled posts and rearrange them.

The Buffer interface is straightforward to use. This is an essential tool for social media management. The trial period is transparent, and you can cancel at any point.

It’s a good tool for improving your social scheduling. It’s also an excellent choice for those who want to improve their ROI.

SocialBee Pricing and Channel ListSocialBee Pricing

  • BootStrap Plan – $19 per month – 5 Social Profiles to 7 Channels
  • Accelerate Plan – $39 per month – 10 Social Profiles to 7 Channels
  • Pro Plan – $79 per month – 25 Social Profiles to 7 Channels
  • Instagram. Twitter. Facebook. TikTok. LinkedIn. Pinterest. G my Business.
  • Free 14 Day trial.

SocialBee can manage all of your social media accounts at once with three paid plans. You can create and schedule posts for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram and publish to Google My Business and Pinterest.

You can also set individual post-expiration dates to make scheduling easier. Using SocialBee for scheduling will allow you to post to each of those profiles at once, making it an amazing choice for businesses that need to maintain a consistent schedule.

There’s no need to worry if you’re just starting out with social media management. SocialBee’s publishing features are straightforward to understand. The software offers several pre-configured categories, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

You can even create your custom categories if you need them. There’s a schedule and the option to add the first post and set up a concierge meeting with the company’s support team.

SocialBee’s Features

The UI is straightforward, though it is not as feature-rich as other tools. It is headed by a top bar with quick-access buttons for adding and managing posts. You can customize these with different settings and choose whether to share the post on multiple social accounts.

Once you’ve done so, you can select which social media accounts to publish your posts or choose a category to add your new post to.

One of the most attractive features of SocialBee is its automatic recycling of content. This service will queue older posts for future reuse, and it has a Post Variations feature to keep your content fresh and appealing.

It’s easy to customize posts for different platforms, which is a nice feature for users who don’t have time to write and publish new content all the time. If you don’t have time to spend hours crafting your content each day, you can automate it with this tool.

Extra Special Features with SocialBee

With SocialBee, you can create categories for your social media accounts. You can assign UTM parameters to each category, which lets you analyze which of your posts performed best. It offers a weekly email with summary stats of your posts.

Another excellent feature of this social media tool is creating multiple variants for the same post. It is good to use multiple variants for different platforms since different audiences respond differently to different types of content.

This way, you can direct your campaigns to be optimized for each of these platforms. This feature can also help you retweet your posts. If you’re using Twitter, you can create a list of followers that follow you.

SocialBee allows you to create your posts. It is a helpful feature that allows you to create different types of content for your social media profiles. Businesses should create non-promotional posts for their blog or news articles.

Regardless of how you use the tool, you will use it to grow your social media pages. If you’re a beginner, you’ll find it easy to set up and use, too.

You can choose when to publish a post by selecting a schedule. You can queue up your posts for later, and the next 100 posts will be displayed in the next section.

The social media posting feature of SocialBee is compelling. With a single click, you can schedule hundreds of posts. You can create and set up different categories for your posts. It also offers Zapier integrations, which are very useful for social media management.

Pros of Using Buffer:Buffer Pros

  • Buffer’s free trial is the most crucial feature for Buffer users. This allows you to check out the software’s full functionality before signing up.
  • It’s easy to see live posts and preview them before they go live.


  • The free version comes with limited features. You can, alternatively, sign up for the paid version and upgrade after 14 days.

Pros of Using SocialBee:

  • With SocialBee, you can create and schedule your posts with ease.
  • The editor is user-friendly and straightforward.


  • The initial setup can be confusing
  • It’s not as suitable for Pinterest scheduling as tools like Tailwind.

Compare Buffer and SocialBee

The Buffer extension lets you share content on any website. Add the extension to your current browser. It’s a simple way to share content on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Then, click the icon and copy and paste a link. You’ll be taken straight to the Buffer interface. This feature is an excellent benefit for Buffer. It is a great way to schedule your posts, and it allows you to use multiple accounts simultaneously.

SocialBee allows you to customize your dashboard by selecting industry-specific tools. You can build customized content for your audience and improve your online presence using the platform.

Then integrate third-party services with SocialBee. You can use this tool to schedule your posts with the most people possible.

There is one other social media scheduling platform that you should research before deciding as it is my first pick. It’s called Blog2Social and has a 60 day trial period and costs around $10 per month for 10 channels.

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