Coursera Affiliate Program Review 2022

Coursera is a fully integrated e-learning platform. Founded by Andrew and Daphne Koller in 2012. They wereCoursera Affiliate Program review

both professors in computer science and their goal is to share their skills and wealth of knowledge with others.

By using the internet as a medium for education. In my Coursera affiliate program review, I will be looking very closely at what they have to offer.

By putting their courses online, they successfully teach more people than they had taught in the classroom. Hence, they were inspired to create Coursera. A platform where anyone can have access to top learning institutions in the world.

Coursera partners with top learning institutions and organizations such as Yale, Stanford, Intel, Penn, and Google. It offers online courses and degrees in different subjects such as computer/data science, business, social sciences, etc. The platform supports learning in different languages.

Coursera has something to offer everyone and can help obtain personal or career goals such as:

  • Acquiring extra skills to find a new job or stay up-to-date at your current job
  • Polishing your skills in analysis, argumentation, or critical thinking
  • Or learn something new during this COVID-19 pandemic

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Brief Profile of Coursera

Initiated in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller:

  • CEO: Jeff Maggioncalda
  • Over 200 universities and partners
  • More than 4,000 courses
  • Over 70 million students
  • 20 certificate programs and degrees
  • More than 400 specializations


Courses, certificates, and specialization start at $39.Pricing for courses with Coursera

  • The annual subscription for Coursera Plus is $399. 
  • Degree courses start at $10,000 and can be paid in installments.
  • Masters programs start at $2000 and can also be paid in installments.

Details on Coursera Plus

Coursera Plus was introduced in 2020. The feature gives users unlimited access to more than 3,000 courses at a flat rate of $399 per year.

Subscribers also have access to regular courses, professional certificates, and specializations. But not to Master Track certificates.

Coursera Plus: Is it Worth It?

The answer to this question is somewhat problematic. It is based on the number of certificates you want to acquire on Coursera within a year.

If you plan to acquire multiple certifications in a year, Coursera Plus would be a good idea. Conversely, if you are only after one or two certifications, then it would be pointless to subscribe to Coursera Plus.

But by subscribing, you will be motivated to complete more courses in record time to get value for your money.

Learning Options in Coursera

Some courses in Coursera are free with options to purchase other courses.

Coursera has 5 learning options which are:

  • Individual courses
  • Professional certificates
  • Specializations
  • Degrees
  • Master Track certificate

These programs differ in cost and length. Some options may seem complicated on the Coursera website, especially for new users.

1. Individual Courses

Coursera offers more than 4100 online courses from high-ranking universities and companies worldwide. The courses are delivered by:

  • video lectures
  • peer-reviewed assignments
  • group discussion forums
  • Excellent reading materials.

You can enroll for free in most of these courses, accordingly, Coursera is an excellent destination for students and professionals.

There is also the option to pay and join individual courses, which give you access to:

  • More content in terms of bonus materials and video lectures
  • Graded assignments
  • A certificate at the end of your course

Most People see a certificate as the major difference between paid and free courses. A certificate can add value to your résumé and can be featured on your LinkedIn profile.

2. Professional certificatesProfessional certificates

Unlike individual courses, professional courses are usually career-oriented. All professional certificates are issued directly from the institution that anchored the course. Thus the professional certificate courses take around 3 months to complete.

Also, they include finishing hands-on projects to improve your portfolio. Such certificates are meant to give you an industry-recognized certification for your career.

3. Specializations

Specializations are more in-depth than individual courses. Each specialization has different courses that are centered on a particular topic. Coursera currently has over 430 specializations available.

Great for people who have career-specific goals and need to show some level of proficiency in a skill set.

4. Degrees

Acquiring an online degree on Coursera is tantamount to earning a Bachelor’s/master’s degree on campus. For this reason, online degrees on Coursera are fully legitimate as any degree finished on campus.

The degrees are awarded by accredited institutions that went into partnership with Coursera. Presently, Coursera offers both online Bachelor’s and Masters’s Degrees from the University of North Texas.

Some benefits of studying online include the following:

  • Get access to a top university degree
  • Study in comfort at home
  • You learn according to your own pace.

Emphasis on no time limit: Online courses are not affected by the time limit of a typical curriculum. You can accelerate your course and complete it quickly. So if you are planning to accelerate your degree program, an online platform is your best bet.

An example is Derek Silver, who wrote an article on “There’s No Speed Limit,” where he explained how he completed a 5-year course in 2 years.

Coursera is highly flexible and allows users to move at their own speed. Consequently, it means you can scale through a degree in a very short time or move slowly and steadily. You are in control.

If you are ready to start your own business but not sure how, take a read of this.

Ready to start today

5. Master Track CertificatesMaster track certificates

This program involves scaling through online sections which make up a distinctive fragment of a typical Master’s degree. You can work towards a Master’s degree with some coursework. As a result, you may eventually earn credit in a degree program.

Note that this certificate program encompasses practical projects plus live expert instruction. Master Track Certificates cost about $2000. They can be paid in full or in installments. The program can be run between 4 to 8 months. 

Affiliate Program

This e-learning platform is hosted on the Rakuten Advertising network. Affiliates get paid a set amount or percentage as a commission for promoting a product. This commission can come as a one-time payment or a recurring one.

As an affiliate marketer, you can promote the Coursera learning platform and receive a commission for your effort.

The Coursera affiliate program:

  • How Coursera Works
  • Commission rate from the program
  • Benefits of Coursera Affiliate Program
  • How trusted is its affiliate program?
  • How to join the program
  • Where and how to promote your unique affiliate link

How Coursera Affiliate Program Works

It works just like every other affiliate program out there. You get a commission whenever people purchase any Coursera program through your unique affiliate link.

Commission Rate from the Program

Coursera pays its affiliate marketers a commission that ranges between 20% – 45%. For any course or program, a customer purchases through an affiliate link.

The amount of money you can generate from the Coursera affiliate program depends on the type of program customers purchase. The more referrals, the more commissions you can generate!

Benefits of Coursera Affiliate ProgramCommission rate percentages

  • As an affiliate on Coursera, you get access to over 1,000 courses
  • Earn a whopping 20% – 45% affiliate commissions
  • You are entitled to receive 24/7 assistant from Coursera’s support team.
  • You get monthly newsletters from the affiliate program team
  • Coursera has an analytical tool to easily track how your affiliate link is performing.
  • You can see the number of clicks from people that clicked your affiliate link.
  • Also, track someone that returned to your page to purchase a program after they previously left without making any purchase
  • Coursera Affiliate Dashboard makes it easy to track your commissions
  • You have free access to attractive banners and text to promote your affiliate link.

How Trusted is the Affiliate Program?

There are lots of fake affiliate programs which can end up wasting your time and effort. Therefore it’s natural to be curious to know if Coursera is legit or not.

The company is considered trustworthy and legitimate. Above all, dedicated to imparting knowledge while creating a pathway for people to earn passive income online.

How to Participate

Becoming an affiliate marketer on Coursera is easy and free. Anybody can get approved for its affiliate program once they meet its minimum criteria.

Steps to join Coursera’s affiliate program:

  • Visit the Coursera website, scroll to the bottom and click on Affiliate
  • Sign up with LinkShare (if you don’t have an account with them)
  • You will be notified via email if your account has been approved or declined

Once your application has been approved, you can start marketing your link to earn commissions.

Guide to Promoting Your Coursera Affiliate Link

A common mistake made by new affiliate marketers is, they post their affiliate links to just any online platform. This approach will yield little or no fruit. For this reason that some of the social media platforms do not have the right audience for this product.

Affiliate marketing thrives when you locate people that are interested in what you promote. And this does not happen by posting your affiliate link to just any online platform. It is an inefficient method. Pick social media where prospective students may be lurking.

Create a Website with Content that Relates to Your Specialty

The conventional way of becoming an affiliate marketer is to own a website where you create valuable content. Indeed your content should be filled with valuable information that can be of benefit to your users.

Accordingly, you can drop your affiliate link in the content. Moreover, make sure they have been marked with a disclosure throughout the post as affiliate links.

This method will most likely attract potential buyers of the product you are trying to promote. Content is king. When you create quality content, you can rank higher on search engines. Accordingly, it favors your affiliate marketing.

People are confident to check the product after reading an informative post that satisfies their query. So take your affiliate game to another level by leveraging on creating accurate and valuable content.

Google PPC

Using Google’s PPC is another smart way of promoting your affiliate links. So the trick is to place an advert that points directly to your website.

Your ultimate aim is to drive quality visitors to your site, get them to read your well-written content, which has your affiliate links at strategic positions. This is yet another reason owning a website as an affiliate is important.

Facebook PPCFacebook PPC for Coursera

This method works similarly to Google ads. With Facebook ads, you can generate a lot of traffic to your site. Take the time to study user’s interests and demography to understand how they behave.

Including Testimonials

Adding testimonials of people that have bought and used a product is a powerful way to win more buyers. You can contact people that have bought a product you are promoting and Ask them to submit their honest testimonials about the products.

Use Video Campaigns

The use of video to promote a product is gaining more attention. Videos easily catch attention more than fancy text or banners and can deliver more information in a few seconds compared to text or banners.

Creating a marketing video isn’t that hard as there are a lot of free video-making/editing tools online. Keep your videos short but intriguing. This will make users seek more details about what you are promoting. Direct those to your website/blog and your content would do the rest.

Here are more ways to promote your affiliate link:

  • Build an email list
  • Write promotional eBooks
  • Use social media platforms
  • Use BuySellAds
  • Write reviews on the products

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Coursera is an e-learning platform, and its affiliate program is legit and offers a decent way to make passive income.

This is how to successfully promote your affiliate links the smart way. Also, a great way to make a great passive income and everyone is looking to study these days.

Thank you for visiting, I would love it if you would leave a comment and share this blog.


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8 thoughts on “Coursera Affiliate Program Review 2022”

  1. Thank you Lily for this comprehensive review. I certainly consider myself a lifetime student so I am always looking for flexible learning options that can move at the pace I desire with a price tag that fits my bill. These two criteria appear to be satisfied by Coursera. One thing that I miss is the actual interaction that you get from being in a group but I realize that there are hands-on projects which can similarly solidify the learning. 

    I also believe that many members of my community would benefit from the range of subjects that Coursera offers so I would be happy to apply and earn through their affiliate program. The commissions appear really good. I might have missed how long the cookies are? All in all, you have gone a long way in convincing me to choose Coursera. Thank you.

    • I’m also a lifetime student Hugh and that is why I was so impressed with Coursera and their affiliate program. How terrific that you can even get a degree from Yale and many other high standards educational institutions. This company is worth looking into. Wishing you a world of learning.

  2. Great post! This very informative and comprehensive and covers in great detail the who, what, where, when and why of not only Coursera itself, but also all of the benefits of becoming a Coursera Affiliate. I know that online learning has been growing in popularity over the last few years and exploded last year during the pandemic. I have taken a bunch of courses online, but I have never made or filmed one myself, but it seems like it would be a great way to passively earn an income. 

    • Very good thinking Matt to create your own and promoting a company like Coursera is a good way of earning affiliate commissions too. I have enjoyed many learning events online and it’s fun.

  3. Thanks for posting this cracking article Lily. It’s the first time i’ve actually heard of Coursera but i’ll be sure to check it out, as well as the affiliate programme. It sounds like something i may well be interested in myself as well as promoting or at least just promoting anyway. Do you have a link for the website?

    • It really is a great company for studying and getting those qualifications we all need to get ahead. I haven’t a link to the website but it is very easy to Google. Let me know how you go with your journey.

  4. During my time at home during this pandemic, I was giving Cousera a careful thought. I wanted and still want to pursue an online certification. And Cousera has the degree I want. But I didn’t imagine I could also promote them as an affiliate and with the money they pay me save for my Master Track Certificate.

    • It really is a great company, Paolo. That’s great news that you can study and make and save some money at the same time. Enjoy your learning journey.


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