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If you are a content creator or someone who wants to start using content for promotion in business, it’s worth your timeDesignrr Review 2021 to read through my Designrr Review 2022.

If you think Designrr is good for your business, then there is a great lifetime price available to visitors. ($27)

What Is Designrr?

After reading about Reddit, I decided to try out Designrr too. Designrr is an effective marketing tool that allows owners of websites to repurpose existing content in the best way possible.

Designrr is apparently all about using blog posts, videos, or written content that already exist to create a useable eBook. This is why anyone who wants to earn money from their content, whether existing or new content, can benefit from Designrr. Also, anyone who wants to make use of quality eBooks can use Designrr.

Who Created This Company?

Designrr was created by Paul Bannister in 2016 and since then, Designrr has received several updates. You may know Paul or his company from, “PageOne Traffic”. PageOne Traffic is known for producing tools that focus on traffic optimization.

The tools on PageOne Traffic are very useful for owners of small businesses, who do not have access like that of bigDesignerr for Small Business companies. PageOne Traffic is highly rated with only one complaint over the past three years.

From my experience, Designrr has mostly benefited people who do not have the time or money to create an eBook. The Designrr app has saved many creative marketers a lot of money and hours they would otherwise have spent on organizing, creating, and designing an eBook.

Designrr can take on the job of a whole creative team. So with Designrr, you can save the cost and hours of many people. Although Designrr does not produce the most impressive or unique eBook on the market, the created eBook serves as a good lead magnet.

What is a Lead Magnet?

One of the most essential aims of any marketing campaign is to generate leads. Generated leads may come in the form of an email address and it is the part of the business owners and marketing professionals to plan on how to get these leads.

The best way, to gain subscribers’ email addresses is by using a lead magnet. The lead magnet is a digital product, or a service, offered to visitors. For them to gain access and use this lead magnet, their email address must be provided on a lead or landing page. Thus, this makes a win-win situation for the business and also the visitor.

What products or services can be used as a lead magnet?

The eBook has an additional benefit as a lead magnet. It shows your reader how well you know the subject. And if there are affiliate links attached to your eBook, you can earn more sales and also, increase your income. And in helping you to create the eBook as a lead magnet, Designrr is an excellent professional tool to use.

Who can benefit the most from Designrr?Who can benefit from Designerr?

Benefits of Using Designrr and Ways It Can Boost Your Business.

Many people can benefit from Designrr, but they haven’t realized that yet. There exist three groups of people that benefit most from Designrr. Note that if you do not fall into these groups, it does not mean that you shouldn’t use Designrr.

Group 1: Small Business Owners

A website owner is an easy target audience for Designrr. The Designrr’s marketing power, ROI, lead magnet potential makes it excellent as a download.

Unlike other marketing tools that are not useful after about twelve months, the eBook made by Designrr never loses its importance. Simply put, if you are a small business owner, Designrr is just right for you!

Group 2: Content Marketers

A professional content marketer will benefit from Designrr as much as a small business owner. Although it might not be for your business, it will certainly benefit your career as a content marketer.

Surely, you would like to satisfy your client and to ensure this, you will have to use the best tools. And Designrr offers the best tools you can use in terms of repurposing your content, as well as generating leads.

Group 3: Webinar Marketing

Over the last ten years, webinar marketing has become extremely popular and effective. It is well ranked as one of the best types of content marketing. This is because webinar marketing is not only good for generating leads but also for converting leads from people into sales.

To create a webinar, one of the best ways is to use an eBook that you created in Designrr. An eBook has sections and slides you can use while making presentations to your visitors. This is why Designrr is especially good for this purpose.

How Does Designrr Work?

In this section, we will discuss how Designrr works. And in just five simple steps, I will explain how you can create yourHow does designerr work? eBook in just a few minutes.

Step 1: Login and Create a New Project

This step is an easy one. Immediately you log in to the program, you will see the home dashboard. There’s a “Create a New Project” button, on the dashboard, near the top. Click on this button and you have started your eBook.

Step 2: Import Your Content

Your content may be an existing blog or an article on your website. It may consist of a group of blogs or articles. So to import your content to the Designrr app,

  • open your webpage
  • copy the URL
  • open your Designrr app
  • click on Import URL and paste it 
  • then click “Import”.

Step 3: Choose a Design Template

Designrr comes with a lot of standard templates. You can modify these templates by adjusting the font style, cover, etc.

Also, Designrr has a lot of images you can use alongside your content. You can also upload your own acquired photos to your content. Either way, this feature is enough to make your eBook unique.

Step 4: Make Final Adjustment

Take time to read your content through and ensure that everything is in place. Adjust the color, fonts, and other style elements if needed and check for spelling and grammar mistakes. You can run your free Grammarly over it to be sure.

I also use the Yoast Free plugin when I am writing content to make it as SEO-friendly as possible.

Step 5: Publish the Content

After you have ensured everything is correct, click the publish button. This will help you publish your content either asConclusion a PDF, HTML, or an Epub on Designrr.

Designrr provides these options based on your situation and you are free to use all the options as you like.


Designrr is a pretty impressive program capable of handling a lot of work. It can process and organize a lot of information and lasts a long time. Designrr also has a large, friendly group of users on its site that also share useful information.

Everything about Designrr is impressive. So join the Designrr platform now and enjoy its benefits and start creating email subscribers from your very own eBook.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.


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8 thoughts on “Designrr Review 2022”

  1. Hello there! I needed a focused app that would not do too much but would do what it is meant to do very well, and then I came by Designrr in this app. They are adding new features fast but only once they work, and so it may end up with a load of features but at least they will work well. I now feel better about creating my eBook in this app that doesn’t have more features than I need right now. Great Review.

  2. Lily, thanks for the review. I’ve had the Designrr software for a while & didn’t really appreciate what I had in my hands.  Since reading your review I’ve created a couple of eBooks & a separate lead magnet. It’ll definitely be a regular part of my arsenal to create content going forward.

    Great job!


    • Hi Darryl, isn’t that always the way! Sometimes it is almost too easy to use a tool like Designrr and we don’t notice how clever the tool is. I’m delighted that my article inspired you to give it a go. Well done.

  3. Hello Lily

    Thank you so much for such a great review on Designrr Review. I have never used Designrr software before but it seems to be such a great platform that I should try. The fact that it is able to handle a lot of work and that it last long is actually a great thing. I also like the fact that users share useful information with each other. I am a small business owner and would love to believe that Designrr would be the right thing for me. Thank you so much.

    • As a small business owner Boi this will really work as a tool for you in promoting all sorts of printable assets.

      Let me know if you need any extra help.

  4. I had no idea this kind of service existed. I have been thinking about ebooks both as a lead magnet and as a product for sale but I was thinking to create it on a word document save it as a PDF. Thanks to your page I now know designrr is a strong option and the price is pretty good too.

    I’m going to look at Page One as a company too. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

    • Designrr is a great tool to create all your eBooks and lead magnets. It is so easy to use, I think you will have a lot of fun doing them.


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