ECom Elites Review – Can Franklin Hatchett Help You?

If you are considering signing up for a program like Ecom Elites, you may be wondering what it offers and how FranklinECom Elites Review Hatchett can help you.

This review focuses on answering these questions. You will learn about the program’s benefits and how it can help you master your online business.

In addition, you will discover who Franklin Hatchett is and what he has to offer. It’s possible to earn as much as $17,000 with this course.

The Interactive eCom Elites course teaches students to create a ChatBot to increase customer engagement
and generate leads for their business.

The ECom Elites course starts with a video that introduces Franklin. He explains what makes his course different from other courses. In addition, he provides detailed marketing strategies and step-by-step guidance.

Franklin is a New Zealander who writes on the KiWi website. He covers various topics in the online world, from product reviews to marketing strategies. Franklin also rewards his students with badges when they reach milestones.

ECom Elites Overview

Product Name: ECom Elites

Official Website: Ecom Elites | Best Shopify Drop Shipping Course! Franklin Hatchett

Owner: Franklin Hatchett

Price: $197 for the Standard plan and $297 for the Ultimate plan

Type: Dropshipping Course

Best For: Newbie entrepreneurs who want to start making money online from home

ECom Elites Pros

  • – The content is worth the price
  • – Earn traffic without paying for ads
  • – Get tricks and tips to boost conversion and open rates
  • – The course is quite informative and useful

ECom Elites Cons

  • – The courses focus on Shopify

What are ECom Elites?

The eCom Elites course is a video course taught by Franklin Hatchett. This is an excellent course for beginners. The training videos and other resources will show you how to increase your sales and profits using Shopify.

You can purchase the course for a one-time fee, including a guarantee for 30 days. You can cancel the course if you are not satisfied with the product or find it insufficient.

This eCom Elites course will teach you to use Facebook Ads to promote your product. You will also learn how to find products to sell and optimize your online store.

The video content is over 20 hours long, so you will want to watch them. If you have trouble understanding the course content, you can ask a fellow student for help. You can also watch the videos and ask questions if you are unclear about something.

The eCom Elites course has several modules and focuses on setting up your own Shopify store. Shopify is an excellent eCommerce platform. You can sell almost anything on the platform.

The lessons in this module will help you source products and establish a strong relationship with your suppliers.

Who is Franklin Hatchett?Franklin Hatchett

Hatchett has created multiple online assets and has owned several dropshipping stores. He was one of the pioneers to do this online and has documented his success in videos on YouTube and social media.

Besides teaching dropshipping, Franklin Hatchett also runs a successful YouTube channel. He imparts his knowledge on Dropshipping, Facebook advertising, and Clickbank products on this channel.

His videos have garnered more than 25 million views and 488,000 subscribers. This is a testament to his expertise in the online commerce industry. Franklin Hatchett is a master of his field and is an active member of the eCommerce community.

He also shares free income-generating tips on YouTube. His eCom Elites course starts at $197 and consists of ten modules.

There are over 200 videos available on the course, which is an excellent value for money. Although the course is video-based, you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing and advanced strategies to become a successful affiliate marketer.

So, if you’re looking for a dropshipping course that can teach you the basics of eCommerce, Franklin Hatchett’s Affiliates Academy could be the perfect fit for you.

Mastering Your Online Business with eCom Elites

If you have been looking for a course that will help you succeed in your online business, you can consider Mastering Your Online Business with eCom elites.

This course comprises nearly 35 hours of video content that will teach you everything you need to know about running an online business.

It is also filled with notes and demonstrations to keep you on track. You will learn everything from setting up your business account to bidding and creating different ad types.

Before purchasing eCom Elites, you should know that it is not a scam. You must be prepared to put in a lot of work upfront and in volume to make your business a success.

Franklin shares his theme with you, so you can change it to match your business style. In addition to the video tutorials, you can also follow the steps in setting up a Shopify website.

Who Should Use eCom Elites?

ECom Elites is a revolutionary eCommerce training course that will teach you how to use a proven system to build a six-to-seven Figure Online Business.

This program will teach you to make hundreds of dollars per day while scaling it quickly. It comes with a private Facebook group for its members, where you can get help and ask questions.

Franklin has a YouTube channel and a website, Online Dimes, which pitches itself as an eCom Elites blog but is primarily a collection of affiliate links.

What’s Inside ECom Elites?

Before buying this program, you might be wondering what’s inside. What do we learn? Read on to find out. Then, stay tuned to find out whether this course will help you become a successful online businessman.

Module 1 – Creating Your StoreCreate a store with Shopify

When you have completed Module 1, you will be well on your way to creating a successful online store. Your store will showcase your products and make a point of pride for you.

You may be looking for strategic help or assistance with your website design and sales strategy. If that’s the case, you should take the time to speak with a professional Shopify expert.

Module 2 – Sourcing Products

One of the most challenging aspects of dropshipping is sourcing products. Luckily, Franklin Hatchett explains the process in great detail.

This module includes 20 videos that demonstrate the steps to finding a reliable supplier and choosing the best products for your online store. You will learn how to contact suppliers, choose the right products, and even use third-party websites to find a reputable partner.

The final videos in the course will walk you through the various steps you must take to get your store up and running.

Then, you’ll learn how to set up your custom domain name, create a sales funnel, and set up a shipping system. Additionally, you’ll learn about several strategies for increasing your sales rate. All in all, you’ll get more than three hours of video tutorials and step-by-step guides.

Module 3 – Facebook Ads and Traffic

This module teaches you how to use the platform for advertising your business. Franklin explains why you need the traffic to have a business in this module.

He states that 60% of your ad budget is spent at the top of the funnel. You can learn how to get traffic from Facebook ads without spending a dime by taking this course. You can also customize your ads and their components.

This module is the most comprehensive, offering 31 videos, and is a great place to start when creating a Facebook advertising campaign.

Franklin also uses a whiteboard to explain the process. The videos are about 15 minutes long and explain the most complicated of Facebook advertising.

Franklin also teaches you about the Facebook Pixel, which allows you to track events in your store. Then, you can create custom audiences for your ads.

When you’re ready to start advertising on Facebook, the first step is choosing an objective for your campaign. While you might be tempted to boost posts to get traffic to your site, a successful Facebook ad campaign will be designed to increase conversions.

An excellent example of a Facebook ad is two minutes long. Remember that Facebook ads are constantly updated, so watch your ads’ performance.

Module 4 – Instagram Ads and Traffic

With a strong Instagram ad campaign, you can drive massive traffic to your website. This tool allows you to create an advertisement shown between the Reels.

Instagram allows for ads that can be as long as 30 seconds. Try to limit the amount of overlaid text, as this will lower the effectiveness of your campaign. You can use a combination of videos, images, carousels, and sounds to catch the audience’s attention.

Cost-per-engagement (CPE) is a bidding model on Instagram. This cost is calculated for every single click or activity of an ad.

It includes both high-value and low-value activities. In 2021, Instagram’s CPE was $0.40-$0.70, based on the industry and its level of competition.

Instagram’s CPC also includes an estimated action rate, which indicates how likely a specific audience will be to engage with your ad.

Module 5 – Email Marketing

Ecom Elites is a complete dropshipping course that includes lifetime updates. Subscribers to the course will also learn how to use email marketing to convert visitors into buyers.

This comprehensive course will cover every aspect of eCommerce, from finding the best products to setting up a Shopify store that generates the most profits. You can join the private Facebook group and access Franklin’s books to learn more about the subject.

Email marketing is still the most effective way to promote your online business and is considered the most trusted to generate traffic.

In this module of ECom Elites, you will learn how to create an email marketing campaign, write emails, build a list, and automate the process.

Module 6 – ChatBot TrafficChatbox traffic

Module 6 of the ECom Elites course covers SEO strategies to get organic traffic to your online store. You’ll learn to set up your autoresponder and emails in a unique way.

You will also learn how to install the Contact Flow pixel and create a newsletter. Moreover, you will learn how to set up a chatbot. This module will also learn about the benefits of using a chatbot to drive traffic to your website.

Another important aspect of this module is its focus on Google’s advertising platform. Franklin explains the advantages of Google ads over Facebook advertisements.

This module is handy and is a must-have for those who want to increase their organic traffic. It is not just useful for online entrepreneurs but for anyone who wants to grow their business without spending a fortune on ads.

Module 7 – Establishing Funnel Traffic

The eCom Elites program is packed with tutorials and videos. You’ll master everything about building your online business, from using Facebook ads to establishing funnel traffic.

This program even includes an organic traffic course. But you can skip this part if you don’t want to learn about the nuances of sales funnels. The course includes over 20 videos that explain each step.

The sales funnel is the marketing process of converting your audience into customers. It is a way to identify your target audience, convert them into paying customers, and finally sell them your products.

Many people use a sales funnel tool like ClickFunnels, but this software is advanced and expensive.

This module is only available in the eCom Elites online course, unlike other programs. It is worth looking at its course if you’re serious about growing your online business.

Franklin Hatchett, an online entrepreneur, and affiliate marketer uses ClickFunnels to help you create your own sales funnel.

However, you’ll have to pay for it ($98 per month). In the end, you should only purchase ClickFunnels after your store has generated a few sales.

The second most comprehensive module is Google Ads. It is one of the essential course features and can help you attract more potential customers to your online store.

Module 8 – Improving Your Google AdsGoogle ads

You may have heard that your advertising budget can make or break your business. You may be wondering how you can spend that money on high-converting ads and not waste it on unproductive ones.

The secret sauce is Google Ads. With the right tools, you can track what’s working and what’s not, so you can spend your money on what works best.

Mobile search has increased advertising, and you can create an ad that makes the phone ring. You don’t even have to get visitors to your website before making a sale.

Setting up your Google Ads campaign is relatively simple, and the instructions on the Google Ads website are easy to follow. The “Start Now” button will guide you through the process in just 10 minutes.

Once your campaign has been set up, you’ll learn how to optimize it for maximum results and measure its success. You can even connect your Google Ads account with your YouTube account to see how your ads perform.

Module 9 – Gaining Organic Google Traffic

Module 9 teaches you how to gain organic Google traffic. This module introduces your store’s products and structure.

It contains eight lessons and is taught by SEO expert Franklin Hatchett. You’ll learn the basics of website optimization and how to optimize your store for search engines. There are no shortcuts to generating traffic, so you should learn how to maximize your site’s potential.

A primary form of website traffic is organic traffic. It is free and comes from the appearance of your site in search engine results.

This is the type of traffic site owners would most like to see. You can track organic traffic using Google Analytics‘ Channel Grouping report.

Click on the Organic Search indicator to see how much your traffic comes from organic sources. Then, follow the steps to get more traffic from organic sources.

Ensure your site loads quickly. If your site takes longer than 3 seconds to load, over 80% of your visitors will leave and not return. This can cost you over $2.6 billion a year in sales!

Google measures the speed of your website and lowers your ranking if it takes longer than it should. It affects your visibility and organic traffic. Streamlining your website’s speed will make it easier for Google to index it.

Module 10 – Top Secret Bonus Content

This Ecom Elites module will teach you all about SEO and how to generate organic traffic to your eCommerce store.

You’ll learn how to maximize your site’s reach through search engines and build backlinks with white hat practices.

You’ll also learn how to rank a website quickly. This module is available on both the standard plan and the ultimate plan. In addition to the modules above, you’ll also find videos on making the most of social media.

This module consists of over 50 videos and several hours of material. It covers various topics that will benefit both new and experienced dropshippers. It’s worth noting that this program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The eCom Elites course is excellent for beginners. It offers everything from business models to technical training.

The best part is that you can learn at your own pace. And even if you have no experience, the course is entirely self-paced and provides you with the resources you need to start your own eCommerce business. And because it’s a course, you won’t be wasting money. And it’s secure!

ECom Elites Pricing

The price is $197 for the Standard plan and $297 for the Ultimate plan.

Get a free website and starter videos today. Click on the banner for more information.

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The eCom Elites course is comprehensive, and Franklin provides tips on maximizing your Facebook advertising campaign. His content covers all aspects of marketing and is incredibly valuable for beginners.

It includes tutorial videos on setting up your ChatBot, virtual answers to common customer questions, and chat flow to get more traffic.

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