Ecom Profit Masterclass Review: Is it Legit?

Let’s look at the Ecom Profit Masterclass course and the two leaders behind it, Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez. Can theyEcom Profit Masterclass Review help you become a profitable online marketer? And do they have any track record to back up their claims?

Ecom Profit Masterclass is an online training course created by two eCommerce entrepreneurs. Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez promised that this course will teach you how to launch a successful Shopify eCommerce business.

In addition to providing valuable information on creating an eCommerce site, the course also provides you with pre-made Shopify themes and one-on-one consulting from Telfeja and Chavez.

The Ecom Profit Masterclass is a six-week course for people who are brand new to dropshipping and eCommerce. It claims to teach you how to create a fantastic Shopify store and profit from its many features. It also claims to teach you how to manage your ads and marketing.

Ecom Profit Masterclass Overview

Product Name: Ecom Profit Masterclass

Official Website:

Creators: Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez

Price: $1,997

Product Type: eCommerce Business Training Course

Best For: Anyone wishing to start an eCommerce business from home


  • – Perfect for beginners
  • – Extensive refund policy


  • – It’s pricey
  • – There are some exaggerated Claims

What is Ecom Profit Masterclass?

The Ecom Profit Masterclass is an eCommerce training course that will teach you how to set up a Shopify store and Google Ads. It does not include advanced methods such as Facebook advertising or email marketing.

While it covers the basics, it does not cover SEO, Facebook advertising, or Sales Funnel. The course includes case studies on how Richard Telf went from zero to $780 in less than a year.

The course claims to show beginners the ins and outs of starting a profitable e-commerce business. It is advertised as a six-week course that teaches the basics of starting a Shopify store. This is not the most comprehensive course, but it does cover the rudiments.

It teaches how to set up ads, optimize products, and manage your Shopify store. Although the course does not include detailed instruction on how to run a profitable Shopify business, it is still an essential piece of eCommerce knowledge.

Who are Laz Chavez and Richard Telfeja?Laz Chavez

If you’re wondering who is Richard Telfeja and Laz Chavez, look no further. These two people have been working with Wealthy Leads for ten years. They both have an impressive track record in the finance industry. What do they do differently?

One of the most striking differences between Laz and Richard is that Lazaro “Laz” Chavez dropped out of Cornell to start a successful online business. It’s interesting to see that he made a lot of money online, but it’s unclear whether he’s worth $1997.

Richard Telfeja is a certified eCom millionaire who knows how to harness the secret traffic source and implement it into his Ecom Profit Masterclass. He also shares with you step-by-step processes for incorporating this secret traffic source into your business.

Despite their seemingly successful business practices, it’s hard to see how they can guarantee success. The training is doneRichard Telfeja in a video format and features direct contact with the trainers.

Is Ecom Profit Masterclass Legit?

Well, that depends on your goals. For example, some people need viral traffic to make money online. Some people may need Facebook ads, while others need Google Adwords. Before spending $1,997 to join a program, ensure you know what you’re getting yourself into.

The website of Ecom Profit Masterclass offers 4000 dollars worth of bonuses for signing up. They offer a ready-to-sell theme, access to a mastermind Facebook group, and one live coaching call every week.

They also offer a case study that goes from zero to $780. You should read the testimonials and feedback on the website before deciding whether to join the program.

What is Inside the Ecom Profit Masterclass Course?

If you’ve looked into the eCom Profit Masterclass review, you’ll probably realize that it has some valuable features. Here are the lessons to be covered in a six-week period:

Week 1: Shopify Setup

The first week is about setting up your Shopify store. It starts with a welcome video and then instructs you to watch video after video until you understand what’s being taught.

There are seven videos covering various topics, but there’s no talk about researching niches or selecting products to sell. You should have been looking for more advanced content.

The second part of the course teaches you how to set up Google Adwords. Google is one of the biggest platforms online and has a wealth of free help articles and videos.

This week’s modules are an excellent place to start if you’re just getting started. You’ll learn all you must know to get started in less than 30 days.

Week 2: Zero Risk Products

There’s a lot of hype surrounding this course, which claims to teach how to make money with zero-risk products.

This course includes a ready-to-sell theme, a mastermind Facebook group, and live coaching weekly. But is it worth the price tag? What do I get for the money?

The Zero-risk Products module teaches beginners how to find winning products and offer them to their target audience without needing to maintain inventory.

The course also covers finding suppliers of zero-risk products and adding descriptions and images to make them more attractive to your customers. For a complete overview, you must watch the entire course and follow along with the videos.

Week 3: Apps and Order Fulfillment

Apps and Order Fulfillment are the key to successful dropshipping. In Ecom Profit Masterclass, you’ll learn how to find useful apps and install them on your Shopify store.

You’ll also learn about Google Adwords and how to use its tools, including CPC and PPC. And the course includes videos on how to set up your account and your first campaign, so you can begin making money as soon as possible.

Although the video tutorials in Ecom Profit Masterclass are world-class, they can be overwhelming.

Thankfully, these courses offer guided walkthroughs. The training modules are organized into six weeks, each as a week of instruction.

In addition to the videos, members receive direct mentorship from Laz Chavez and Richard Telf. The Ecom Profit Masterclass is probably an excellent Shopify training course.

Week 4: Google SetupGoogle

The video course and lesson on Google Setup give the students an overview of two platforms. But there are a few essential topics they don’t cover.

For instance, Richard Telfeja teaches little about Facebook ads. Even though Facebook is an excellent platform for eCommerce, this course doesn’t cover Facebook ads.

Besides teaching how to set up Google, this module teaches you about ad optimization, retargeting and split testing.

Moreover, it teaches how to expand your business internationally. The course also covers how to optimize your ads for international markets.

Week 5: Google Ads Setup and Optimization

Google Ads Setup and Optimization is a crucial step for any eCommerce business. There are countless free guides online, but not all will teach you how to set up your Google Ads properly.

The Ecom Profit Masterclass course isn’t the only one claiming to show you how to do this, though. It also doesn’t cover many other important aspects of this vital step.

In Ecom Profit Masterclass Week 5, you’ll learn how to set up your Google Ads account and track, split testing, and more.

Though you won’t be learning about more advanced strategies, this course covers the basics of Google Ads and helps you create a strong foundation for future growth. There are videos on setting up a Google Shopping Campaign and a Google Adwords account.

Week 6: Search and International Expansion

The final module of the Ecom Profit Masterclass course focuses on Search and International Expansion, a continuation of the Google Shopping topic.

The fundamental concept of this module is to scale your store internationally. While the US market is the largest and most profitable, you can expand your business into other top 10 countries.

This module also includes a video on setting up a profitable search campaign and using data to improve ads.


If you’re willing to start the program, it will cost you a hefty budget of $1,997!

The rough estimate you’re looking at is $2,000 or more if you’re serious about gaining traction in a dropshipping business.

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