Ecom Warrior Academy Review

If you’re considering taking the Ecom Warrior Academy training course, you might be wondering what it’s all about.

AlthoughEcom Warrior Academy Review the course costs $4000, it costs more than a thousand dollars per month to get everything up and running. Also, you should not expect any results immediately, as the course will take time to teach you how to make sales.

Matthew Lepre is the brain behind the program. He has created two six-figure businesses and has mentored many people from all walks of life.

While you won’t be able to speak with Matthew directly, you can benefit from the mentoring program offered by Stallon Zayya, the principal consultant.

The training program is a great way to learn about eCommerce business
and online marketing. It has a community for its members, which you can join for support.

Ecom Warrior Academy Overview

Product Name: Ecom Warrior Academy

Official Website:

Price: $4,000

Type: E-commerce Training Course

Founder: Matthew Lepre

Best For: Beginners in Dropshipping

Ecom Warrior Academy Pros:

  • – A recognized and trusted figure in the dropshipping industry created the course.
  • – You’ll receive a one-on-one training session with a six-figure earner.
  • – The training program is regularly updated.

Ecom Warrior Academy Cons:

  • – The training program is pricey.
  • – There’s no specific information on what students will learn from the training program.
  • – You’ll need to purchase additional tools for setting up and advertising your store.

What Is Ecom Warrior Academy About?

The Ecom Warrior Academy course promises to teach you how to use Ecommerce as a business model. If you want access to everything inside, you may have to shell out more.

It’s hard to tell how much this training course will cost. It’s not listed on the website, but the sales agents will tout the benefits of Ecom Warrior Academy without disclosing how much it will cost.

The program is made up of video training materials. New videos are added monthly to ensure that you have access to the latest training materials.

The training material also comes with ongoing support from Matthew Lepre. The community is an excellent place to ask questions and share tips.

The academy also hosts two monthly events to join members to network and learn from each other. The community members also get personalized mentorship and support from the founder, Matthew Lepre.

Who is Matthew Lepre?Matthew Lepre

Matthew Lepre is a young Australian entrepreneur who made it big with his e-Commerce business. He studied Dentistry at the University of Melbourne but dropped out to start his e-Commerce business.

Currently, he has over 300,000 followers on Instagram. Learn about his background and business success to understand the power of e-Commerce to change your life.

Matthew is a father of four and a former dentist. His mother always wanted him to be a dentist. He went to dental school and paid off his student loans quickly.

However, at 51, he changed his career to the e-commerce world. As a result, he has been featured on many news channels worldwide. His story is an excellent example of taking advantage of your 20s.

Matthew claims to have made more than $100,000 in sales in the first seven days of operation. Lepre has verified Instagram accounts and has nearly 300,000 subscribers.

His training videos have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNN, and other prestigious outlets. This makes Ecom Warrior Academy worth checking out.

However, keep in mind that this program is not for everyone. For example, if you want to learn how to set up an e-commerce business, you probably want to take a paid course.

Is Ecom Warrior Academy A Scam?

Ecom Warrior Academy is a legit training program that teaches dropshipping. Its training covers everything from creating a dropshipping store to branding and shipping. The most important benefit is that it will teach you everything you need to start an online business.

The program offers monthly training. You can interact with other students to ask questions and learn new techniques.

What is Inside the Ecom Warrior Academy Course?

Many courses are available, but this one stands out for several reasons. First, it is a comprehensive course covering many different aspects of running an online store.

You will learn how to set up a Shopify store, find on-demand products for your store, generate leads on social media, and provide excellent customer service.

Module 1: How to Set up Your Shopify Store

This module covers the entire process of setting up your new Shopify store. It includes 17 videos that walk you through the different steps of the store creation process.

Franklin shows you how to choose a suitable theme and select your store’s name. This module alone is worth the price of admission alone.

Next, you should familiarize yourself with your dashboard. You may customize the look and feel of your store by editing the settings under the ‘Store details’ section.

Besides changing the store name, you can customize the look of your store by adding Meta descriptions and alt texts.

Shopify prompts you to create 301 redirects. Note that Shopify automatically adds prefixes to URLs, including product and blog URLs. While this might be convenient, you should avoid it since Google prefers shorter URL structures.

The first step in the process is setting up your account. In this step, you can connect an existing domain, transfer it, or buy a new one.

Once you’ve completed the account setup, you can begin to customize your store. You can also change the name of your store later.

Ensure that you’ve chosen a payment gateway that accepts various cards and other payment methods. Be aware that some payment gateways may take you offsite when processing transactions.

While this is generally more secure, it’s also more painful for customers. You can deactivate the Payments section to test the order process and use a Bogus Gateway instead. You can also create a test order.

Module 2: How to Search for On-Demand Products

Searching for on-demand products is a fundamental aspect of online store management. However, finding a good product is not as simple as finding a product with a low price tag and a high number of reviews.

To find a product with high reviews and low prices, you will have to look for a niche where you can offer competitive products.

You will learn how to spy on similar stores to find potential winners. You’ll further learn how to set up email campaigns and how to set up chatbots.

Module 3: How to Generate Leads from Social MediaHow to use Social Media

One essential task in generating social media leads is researching your target market. This means understanding your audience so well that you can describe them as if you knew them.

This module dives into the psychology of your audience and identifies what they are looking for. It will help you develop an audience and create content that will appeal to them.

While building an audience on social media isn’t about quantity, it is about engaging with them and making them curious to learn more.

Social media has become a crucial part of online marketing, with over 3 billion users and growing. That means countless lead-generation opportunities for marketers.

A properly executed social media marketing strategy can produce tons of qualified leads for any business. Businesses that don’t implement social media lead generation strategies are behind the times and have already lost out on high-quality leads to their competitors. This training course will teach you how to leverage social media to create more traffic to your website.

Module 4: How to Give Excellent Customer Service

The Ecom Warrior Academy is a great place to learn about the ins and outs of online business. The program is efficient, and you’ll learn how to automate your shop and give your customers exceptional service.

This training course is designed for beginners in dropshipping, so it’s best suited for those new to the industry. Matthew covers various topics, from setting up a Shopify dropshipping store from scratch to using social media to drive traffic.

Other topics include branding, shipping, and customer service. All videos are accessible for life, and updates are included.

This module covers topics ranging from automation to customer service and how to hire a virtual assistant. It also covers how to optimize Facebook ads and use the ad manager.

The bonus of this module is that it’s offered for free. That’s a huge benefit, as you can access all the training you need, as long as you have an Internet connection.

The Ecom Warrior Academy program will help you create an online store that makes money. The program includes a virtual group call where students compete for the coach’s attention.

If you cannot get the coach’s attention, the team offers email support to help you find your niche and products. It also offers feedback and answer to any questions you may have.

Module 5: How to Promote Your Store Using Traffic Sources

This module focuses on paid traffic and does not mention free traffic sources. Although it is possible to generate traffic for free, it will take time to build a following.

The Traffic Generation System is a video course with modules that will teach you how to build a following.

The modules cover various topics, including Ad Swapping, Article Marketing, Blog Hopping, Guest Blogging, and Email Marketing. The program also covers Facebook groups, SEO, and free reports.

Ecom Warrior Academy Pricing

The minimum investment required to access Matthew Lepre’s course is $4,000. That is only for accessing the course, as there will be hidden costs you need to consider in this training program.

However, there are other costs to consider, such as a monthly membership to Ecom Warrior Academy’s virtual platform. However, these additional expenses are well worth the cost of having access to the training material.

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You can also participate in community events, which are held twice a month. In addition to these training sessions, Ecom Warrior Academy hosts two monthly events, which will help you meet other members and get assistance.

Ecom Warrior Academy is worth considering if you want to avoid scams. But make sure you read the small print before deciding whether to join.

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