Email Marketing Tips for Beginners

Email remains a cost-effective way to reach consumers in an age of so many electronic communication options.Email marketing tips for beginners Email marketing isn’t dead. It is still viable as a campaign element in terms of return on investment. Email marketing tips for beginners will help you plan your success.

But you need to learn how to make the most of this marketing model. It is essential to ensure your emails get you qualified leads or prospects.

Do not be afraid to start a campaign if it is your first. With some help, you can put together a plan that’s effective and draws the positive attention you want. Here are some amazing ways to get you started.

Email Marketing Tips For Beginners

  1. Only use a Qualified List
  2. Use Appropriate Email Format
  3. Add Images or Videos related to Your Topic
  4. Write a Clear Subject Line
  5. Emails should have a Specific Purpose
  6. Never send an Email Multiple Times
  7. Segment Your List when you Reach 100 Subscribers

1. What exactly is a Qualified Listing?

You never want to buy a mailing list, send out emails, and hope for good results. A qualified list will yield the best results. What does this mean?

A qualified email list includes the email addresses of people who have expressed an interest in the type of products or services that your company sells.

Individual buyers can use these addresses, buyers from other companies, department heads, and anyone else who has the authority to buy. Their common thread is that they have requested emails regarding products they are interested in.

How do you build a qualified mailing list?

  • You can opt for your customers to receive your emails. This is often an excellent way to build a base for your list.
  • Use your social media platforms to generate qualified recipients. A simple post with a link back to your website can suffice for interested parties to sign up. Joining these two elements will result in a list that more recipients are likely to open and read than those who hit the delete key.

Now that you identify who you are emailing, it’s time for you to launch your first campaign.

Here are 5 good tips to help you launch your first email marketing campaign:

1. Use the Email Format that is Most Appropriate for Your Audience

HTML is beautiful and reliable. It should be a good fit for you.

Your target audience is what you should be thinking about. Do they prefer to open emails on a mobile phone or laptop? Will the HTML slow download times and trigger readers to close and delete emails? Is it going to add value to the email?

Answering these questions is up to you. A lot of it depends on the quality and structure of the code. Poorly executed HTML will increase the likelihood that the readers will delete your email before they finish reading. It also means they won’t share it with other people.

2. Choose Images or Videos Directly Related to the Email TopicCreate images for your emails

You can embed images and videos in marketing emails. But be sure that they do more than take up space.

The images should directly relate to the subject of your email. You should use an image that depicts the product or, at minimum, someone using it. That gives context.

Video is no different. Keep it short, sweet, relevant, and concise. It is impossible to watch a long video like a TV program. You can use the video to convey a point quickly and to direct readers to the product. You can do this in three minutes maximum.

3. Make Sure to Write a Clear Subject Line

You can use the subject line to express a point or answer a question. Continue with the information that the recipient can use in paragraph one. Then, follow that with additional content. Put in a link where they can click over to your website to find out more.

Put in a call-to-action, make it clear and concise.

That’s it. You don’t need to use flowery words or try to impress with text walls. Keep it simple and to the point. More people will read the whole thing, and they will feel inspired to request more.

4. Send Emails that Have a Specific Purpose

The email text must engage recipients in a particular way if you are serious about creating an effective campaign. You can offer something in return for reading the email. Give a compelling resource for the acceptance of the offer.

You could offer the following:

  • Sign up to receive an email newsletter
  • Notification and the ability to register for an event
  • Announcements for new products
  • Get discounts on selected goods and services

Can you add more than one offer? You can, but it’s not always the best idea. One of your offers may get lost in the shuffle. It’s best to stick with your email’s one purpose and follow up with a second email with a different offer several days later.

Be aware that you must avoid any element in your content that sounds more or less like a scam. Keep your message clear and concise from beginning to end. That will make you more popular.

5. You Shouldn’t Hit the “Send” Button Multiple Timesclick send to the world with emails

In the beginning, you may have ten people on your email list or maybe fewer. You can quickly put all of them on BCC using your regular email account and service and then send it out.

When you have thousands or hundreds of names on your list, it becomes challenging to email them all. Thus, it’s a great time to segment your list when you get to 100 subscribers to get relevant emails to a group of specific customers.

Google’s new AI spam filter will make it more likely that your Gmail account is experiencing stress symptoms.

Web hosts provide email services that allow newbie email marketers to take the next step in technical sophistication. This includes autoresponders and multiple email boxes for your domain. An established service must adhere to GDPR’s data privacy requirements.

It will become increasingly difficult to manage your email list, even with the help of web hosts. You should consider an email marketing service such as ConvertKit, AWeber, MailerLite, or Constant Contact.

The Bottom Line!

Expect to be intimidated by the complexity of email marketing when you first start exploring the model. It can be overwhelming, but if you’re an absolute beginner don’t try to simultaneously implement every tool or strategy.

Start with the basics. Create a landing page, drive traffic to it, gather email addresses, and then periodically send emails to the list. This is what many online marketers do well. Once a week send a short newsletter.

Later, you will be able to create autoresponder sequences, segmentation lists, and conversion techniques. Start with the first step. Select one of the email marketing services I recommended and take action today. Aweber is free for up to 500 subscribers and it’s very easy to use!

Many companies offer a free trial. Lack of action is the only thing that can prevent you from starting your email marketing campaign. You can change this by acting now. Good luck!

Let me know how you go with creating your very first pop-up in Aweber to collect subscribers on your website. This is a proven method (offer a gift as a reward for subscribing) to quickly gain a following and subscribers.

If you haven’t yet created a website and are ready to get help in doing it right the first time? Read about my #1 Recommendation below and start today for free.

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6 thoughts on “Email Marketing Tips for Beginners”

  1. Thank You for your round up about email marketing and there is a lot I agree with. I never knew what a qualified list was until you gave a run down and listed the needs. I think segmenting your market would be for customers that go for certain products and those that choose another am I right? I think as a heavy content writer creating emails it will come naturally to me to create emails but I am still learning. Thank you for your great post.

    • Hi Jonah, you have it correct, it’s a good idea to segment your list at some point so that your emails are not generic for everyone but specific to that particular group of people. Using a qualified list of people will also get you better conversions.

  2. This is very useful to know for email marketing. I would want my site to grow and I start to begin sending emails to people who have been using my website a lot. I agree to not ever sending an email over and over again, it will just become spam and people wouldn’t trust and make you seem like you are desperate which isn’t good. Always send an email that is interesting about your site. Make it clear and have pictures in the email as well and also to talk about the topic.

    • You have some great tips here for anyone wanting to build their business through email. I’m pleased that you will be getting into email marketing as it can be very successful.

  3. Hi there Lily. Thanks for the very insightful information here about email marketing. I am personally looking to working with email marketing for my online business and I thought I could use some help. Your post has been very informative and I am going to make use of the tips you have offered here and then I’ll come and share my experience and results here. I look forward to sharing my feedback soon. 🙂

    • Sounds great Dave. I look forward to hearing how you go with setting up an email promotion and helping your subscribers to grow and learn.


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