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The free is an online tool that automatically creates new content for anyone who needs it.Free Tool Review You can use it for SEO, blogs, schools, colleges, and other purposes. Article Generator can also rewrite content for your blog or website.

Unique articles can improve your website’s ranking in search engines and increase traffic to your site.

Scroll down, enter the keyword for the topic you wish to create articles on, and then click on Generate Articles to see new articles. You can also purchase premium keys to test the services.

Pros of the

  • You can use it to generate ideas for content writing.
  • It saves you a lot of hours writing.


  • One of the issues with the tool is that even after typing your keyword, the content it generates may be partly irrelevant to what you are looking for. (This is a problem with most AI software.)
  • It is not possible to guarantee that others will not have access to the same content.
  • Content spun can contain spamming elements which Google quickly detects. This can subject you to a severe Google penalty and lower your rankings in SERPs.

There are many article generator websites and tools available online. These tools claim you can create unique articles. It is something I’m afraid I have to disagree with. There are issues with article generators. Alternatives

Web Beast

Web Beast offers a free script tool that allows you to download a YouTube Video Subtitle as Text in English.

It is easy to download YouTube subtitles using Web Beast. Copy and paste the YouTube video link and click on the Free Unique Article Generator to start. It will convert the video into text. Copy the text and then paste it into your word document. It is worth reading and modifying as necessary.

You can either correct it using the editor or manually by reading the text.

Use a spell checker to correct the spelling of the words in the text (such as Grammarly free.) Now your unique content is ready for your readers.

Article Creator Tool

You can use this website to create articles. However, you can also make a variation of the same article using another article creator or generator. They claim that they can create a multi-language SEO-friendly article online.

The problem with the Article Creator tool is that other people can find the same article online, making it unsafe to use on your site.

You shouldn’t use these content pieces on a blog or website without modifying them in a big way. Before using any generated copy on your website, please check PLAGIARISM.

ArticleGenerator Pro: Auto Content Creation Software

Subscribers will be entitled to the following benefits:

  • 7-day refund guarantee, no questions asked
  • Created unlimited articles
    on any topic
  • Instead of the first few sentences, display the entire article
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited Use

Problem with the ArticleGenerator Pro:The cost of Article Generator Pro

  • There is no trial version of the websites. To use the website and create unique articles, you must purchase a plan.
  • $57 per month (billed Monthly)

Contentful is another content creator you can try.

Choosing an ArticleGenerator

Many content creation tools can do a cool job. Let’s face the facts. Remember that the more features you need, the more you’ll pay for the service. This is not the way you want it to be.

The best thing about using an article creator and builder is that you don’t have to spend your time trying to decide what to write. You can leave all aspects of creativity and writing to content architects and focus on the business of marketing your company. You could waste a lot of your time without an online marketing plan.

Online business owners seek tools that allow them to focus on the marketing side of their business. This is the most significant advantage of using article and blog posting tools. This will enable you to concentrate more on your work.

Before you become confused and waste time figuring out which tool is best for you, it’s important to tell your article writer and articlegenerator what you need.

First, you must understand that you cannot control certain things. However, you can take steps to make them less likely. Be sure that any post you publish must be relevant.

You must also grow your business to make more money. You need to write quality blog posts that grab readers’ attention. This will increase your traffic and revenue.

Content Generation for SEO

Would you want to learn how to influence readers to make a decision? The best way to influence readers is to give them the information they need.

Writing can be a crucial step in generating sales. However, you cannot handle all aspects of the process. You need to hire a reliable and professional content writer or blog writer for this job.

You must pay attention to SEO and learn as much as possible to ensure you don’t waste your time or effort if you are just starting in this business. Don’t waste your time trying to find a solution that is not right for you.

The best way to learn the art and craft of writing articles and creativity is to consult a blog post writer or do a course yourself.

This is my #1 Recommendation to learn all the skills of writing content and creating a successful website. Have a read for yourself and start free today.

Show me how to make money and write content

Using an Automatic Article Generator

You can get professional advice from pro bloggers to help you start your business. Many offer tips and tutorials to help you write better content and increase sales through your website or blog.

When you are finally ready to pick tools to power your content generation, ensure that you select one that provides all the features you need to create and publish articles. You will need to make more unique and exciting content pieces to attract a lot more readers.

Automating Content Syndication and Increasing Traffic

Website owners and webmasters are always looking for automated article writers. Because there is not enough variety, it can be challenging to create new articles on a website using those tools. Many software programs will help you create articles, but they require you to take a lot of time on editing.

A Website Content Generator allows you to auto-submit posts. You can use it with specific triggers and generate content automatically by publishing it to your website. It is straightforward to use and takes very little time.

An Automated Article Writer makes it easy to create content using pen and paper yet without using your hands. You create a template and then program the rest.

Online article creators are easy to use because they provide a step-by-step guide. Videos are also available. Automated article authors can help you save both time and money. Research is not something everyone can do.

An automated writing tool can possibly increase your search engine rankings and help improve your website traffic. It provides content that your visitors will love.


An automated writing app can free you up to do other things. You can now focus on more crucial things by being able to control your time. This will make it easier to create articles and submit them to your website.

All in all, content is king when trying to get ranked on Google’s page one so that you get the traffic you need to grow your business. The best way is for you to write your own content or use a copywriter as you can be guaranteed that it’s original content that readers will appreciate, share and come back for more.

AI writing certainly can have a small place in creating content but the amount of editing necessary to make it unique is pretty close to the time it takes to write it from scratch.

Let me know how what you decide and leave a comment so we can compare notes.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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  1. This can really be a time saving tool if used appropriately. I can’t fathom the idea of an AI writing great content, but I can certainly imagine an AI writing a first draft to help me work. An interesting idea that I might have to try out. Blog writing is a long process, but also a very rewarding process. I believe it is always worth writing your own articles because then you will have a greater understanding of your own website and content, but a tool to speed things up is a welcome tool. 

    • Anything that speeds up the process is worth learning about. I like the AI writing as it gives me a structure to work with and really speeds up the process.


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