6 Free Sites to Promote Amazon Kindle Books

There are many ways to promote your Amazon Kindle books for free. One of them is to write targeted guest posts on otherFree sites to Promote Amazon kindle books people’s sites. Here are 6 free sites to promote Amazon kindle books to get you started.

You can find a list of such sites by searching for them online. Similarly, you can also use the free services of the Author Marketing Club or Free eBooks For Me.

Free sites to promote Amazon Kindle books include the Freebooksy site, where you can post book reviews and connect with readers. The site can promote free or paid books and helps first-time authors get reviews.

A free listing on Freebooksy can cost up to $45 for children’s literature, but similar sites offer free listings and promotions for a few pounds.

Freebooksy is a free website that promotes Amazon Kindle books. This site lets authors promote their books for free and helps first-time authors get reviews. You can also pay to submit your children’s books to this site.

A Facebook page with over 300,000 fans and a daily newsletter for Kindle readers also help you reach your target audience.

The BookBub site is another option for promoting Amazon Kindle books. It’s a worldwide service that sends daily emails with deeply discounted or free eBooks. And it promotes new releases.

Subscribers can sign up for various categories and specify their preferred retailers. Their list is targeted, and you can use the website’s word count to determine whether your book will sell on a Kindle or a Nook.

Robin Reads is another free site that promotes $0.99 and free full-length eBooks. It has 190,000 subscribers and offers daily deals. However, you cannot promote a book over 90 days old.

What Are Free Sites to Promote Amazon Kindle Books?

Here are some free sites to promote your Amazon Kindle Books:

1. Frugal Freebies

One of the most effective ways to promote your Amazon Kindle books is to use free eBook marketing sites. These sites will advertise your book for free to a large audience through genre-targeted emails and social media posts.

You can even choose a date for your promotion to maximize your exposure. But be warned: these ads can fill up quickly.

Frugal Freebies can be as simple as offering a small excerpt of your book for free. Providing this freebie to newsletter subscribers is a great way to build a list that will help to promote your book. This freebie will also help you generate buzz about your book and push it up the ranks on Amazon.

To take advantage of free book promotions on Amazon, authors must ensure that their books are available on the site and enrolled in Kindle Select.

To qualify, the book must be available on Kindle or Audible, and have an appropriate family-friendly cover.

To qualify, the author must also have 10 reviews and an average rating of 3.9 stars or higher. Finally, they must ensure that the work is free of typographical errors.

2. Author Marketing Club

The site is a free membership community that started in late 2012. Last year, it introduced premium membership, which offers more marketing tools and services.

You can choose a free membership level or join for a nominal fee of $105 per year. Premium memberships come with extra benefits, including access to a list of over 20,000 authors and more marketing tools.

Authors can also promote their Kindle books with the help of giveaways. The promotion involves putting a countdown clock on the book’s web page and is free.

It is totally different from KDP’s ‘free books’ promotion, in which the reader must do specific tasks to claim the free book.

3. BookangelBookangel

You can promote your Amazon Kindle books for free using Bookangel. The site is based in London and features free eBooks from Amazon UK. It also accepts discounted books and does not require an author to pay.

Black Caviar Book Club is another site for book promotion, but it does not look very promising. This site wants $15-25 to reach 29K Twitter followers and 5K Pinterest followers. They also offer permanent promo pages for free, but this doesn’t seem to produce much.

Alternatively, you can try out Bookangel, based in the UK. You can list your books for free with Bookangel and they will appear on their site within 15 minutes. You can also resubmit your listing for up to 5 days.

4. Indie Book of the Day

One of the best ways to advertise your Amazon Kindle books is to list them on free sites like Indie Book of the Day.

The main benefit is that it allows you to share your book with a broader audience. You can even list multiple books on one site.

Another great way to get your book promoted is to sign up for the Goodreads newsletter. This service sends out emails daily to its subscribers about new releases and deeply discounted eBooks.

To sign up for their list, choose the categories you want to receive emails in and indicate your preferred retailer.

This list is specific, and subscribers can easily find the titles they want. Another benefit of this service is that it lets you know how many pages your book will be in print. Amazon estimates the length of print books based on word count, so you’ll know what to expect.

You can also consider signing up for the Kindle Select Program, which enables you to promote your Kindle books for free.

This program offers you three months of exclusivity and free book promotions. However, be aware that many traditional publishers are also doing this and there’s a lot of competition.

You must stand out from the competition and promote your book in a way that attracts new readers.

5. EBooks Habit

One of the best ways to promote your Amazon kindle books is by exploring EBooks Habit. With over 40 million people searching for an eBook on Amazon, marketing your eBook can help you achieve your book sales goals and increase your readership levels.

You can create content and email campaigns to advertise your book. However, you can benefit more from using different book promotion sites.

BookLemur is another great free book promotion site. You can promote your $0.99 and sub-$2.99 eBooks through their daily deals and genre-targeted emails. The downside is that you may have to wait 90 days before your book is promoted.

Remember that these sites are popular! So be sure to check for the date that best fits your book promotion.

6. EBook Hunter

EBook Hunter is a free site for promoting Amazon Kindle books, which will help authors get their books noticed by the right readers. This site doesn’t list every book, but it does get books reviewed by its network of readers. The authors can also submit their books for free during promotional days.

This site has a simple subscription process that will let them subscribe to email or RSS. Then, they can receive 20-30 free eBooks daily, along with notifications about new books.

You can also dig through your “junk” email account to find additional sites that offer free eBooks. However, this site can be time-consuming, so you’ll want to be patient.

To start promoting your books, make sure you are visible everywhere. Get active on social media networks and interact with your fans.

Create a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, and a Twitter account. These social media accounts can bring new readers to your book.

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An excellent site to promote your e-book is Goodreads. While the free site does not list every book, it does have an extensive network of reviewers.

Goodreads has an email list of over 600,000 readers and 10,000 Facebook fans. You can also post your book review on Goodreads’ blog, which is accessible via RSS or a free reader app.

Another site to promote your Amazon Kindle books is Robin Reads. This site offers a daily newsletter and allows you to post free or discounted full-length books. However, be aware that you cannot promote books older than 90 days.

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