Freedom In Four Steps Review: The Real Marketing Software?

Freedom in Four Steps claims to help you earn up to $25k per month and more by using Jamie Gardiner’s techniques toFreedom in Four Steps Review generate organic traffic.

Learn more about this new affiliate marketing course if you’ve been on the fence about this course here.

This income is quite impressive, considering most people do not even make that much per month, let alone a year. But who exactly is this course for? How does it work, and who should take it?

Before you get started with the program, you should first understand it. This program was created by Jamie Gardiner, a super affiliate marketer who uses organic traffic styles. His affiliate income is now over $25k per month. In contrast, most people make less than $5k per month.

The Freedom In Four Steps course focuses on phone-based and messenger selling strategies. It used to have two separate offerings, a training program, and a workshop, but these have since been combined.

The course itself is a two-part training program. It has an ongoing membership component and a standalone workshop.

Freedom In Four Steps Overview

Product Name: Freedom In Four Steps

Official Website: FIFS Workshop (

Owner: Jamie Gardiner

Price: Call Back Catalog $49, Content Creation $297, Digital Products $17

Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Best For: Anyone looking to earn passive income through affiliate marketing

What is Freedom In Four Steps?

The Freedom In Four Steps training course teaches people how to sell using phone calls and messenger services. There is a one-day workshop and a monthly membership.

This review will look at achieving financial freedom by following the steps outlined in Freedom In Four Steps. The course consists of a two-part training course and an ongoing membership program. The two parts are based on different aspects of selling online.

The first step is identifying your speech flow. Then, you must plan your work and follow up.

Who Is Freedom In 4 Steps For?

If you’re looking to generate a substantial monthly income, you might consider looking at Freedom In 4 Steps.

Many people dream of financial freedom. And financial freedom means having enough investments, savings, and cash to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle or pursue a career.

Unfortunately, most people fail to reach their financial freedom dreams. Instead, they’re weighed down with increasing debt, financial emergencies, and wasteful spending. When these unexpected events occur, it is often only then that they realize the holes in their safety nets.

What is Inside the Freedom In Four Steps Course?

You need to know that you can earn $25k per month using Jamie Gardiner’s affiliate marketing methods. The courseJamie Gardiner contains a call-back catalog and other phone and messenger mastery modules.

You can also access the launch jacking modules and Jamie’s coaching call-back library. You can take the course whenever you want and still earn passively. You can download the Freedom In Four Steps course from Jamie’s membership area.

Module 1 – Additional Phone and Messenger Mastery

The Freedom In 4 Steps Course focuses on phone and messenger sales. It featured two distinct training courses but now offers just a single workshop.

In this section, you’ll learn about both programs in the context of phone and messenger selling strategies.

Module 2 – Additional Content Creation

This module will learn about the standalone workshop and the ongoing membership program. Both offer different benefits and a similar value proposition, but the section will focus on the workshop.

Jamie Gardiner offers additional content creation modules in Freedom In Four Steps and costs $297. The workshop covers the basics of content creation and marketing, while the ongoing membership program goes beyond the fundamentals of online marketing.

You’ve probably considered the Additional Content Creation Modules in Freedom In Four steps if you’re a digital marketer. However, the fact is, this course isn’t the only one. The two additional programs included in the course offer even more training.

You can sign up for one standalone workshop or purchase an ongoing membership program. Both offer vital information, so you’ll learn about what each offers.

Module 3 – Launch Jacking

The Launch Jacking modules in Freedom In Four Steps course cover everything from creating an affiliate platform to setting up Google Calendar and Skype.

Jono Armstrong teaches the basics and advanced techniques of launch jacking, and he even explains how to set up your website for maximum impact.

You can learn how to do this in just two weeks and begin to see results. There are several benefits to this course, and it is well worth checking out.

Launch Jacking is a fundamental part of affiliate marketing. The course will teach you to create and market your products.

You’ll start by doing regular reviews and then advance to a soft launch jack, which is even better for making money. Later, you’ll learn how to monetize your work and make your products with your content.

Another critical aspect of this course is the use of launch jacking. It is a powerful technique for generating affiliate sales without the hassle of creating products, setting up shopping carts, or dealing with support.

You’ll also learn how to build your digital products, and Jono will show you how to scale your earnings quickly. Once you learn launch jacking, it can be a huge moneymaker.

The Launch Jacking modules in the Freedom In Four-Step course are the most crucial to success in affiliate marketing. You’ll learn to get visitors from multiple sources, create a website for free, and increase your traffic in no time.

And once you’ve learned all of this, you’ll be well on your way to a lucrative affiliate business. Many other courses are available that are even better, but Freedom In Four Steps has an overall better reputation.

Module 4 – Jamie’s Coaching Call Back Catalog

The workshops Jamie creates are packed with knowledge and information, and the cost of Jamie’s Coaching Call Back Catalog is only $49.

Jamie uses ThriveCart for his membership area. He also provides excellent support. And it’s good to know that he has removed the monthly membership fee!

The back catalog of his coaching calls is so extensive. You can listen to all of Jamie’s calls from any point in time, and you can access them.

Jamie Gardner is a super affiliate marketer who’s grown his business with organic traffic styles. And he’s got a few more modules in the works!

The Freedom In Four Steps back catalog contains the personal coaching calls that Jamie Gardner has recorded. These recordings are loaded into your membership area, where you can listen to them whenever you like.

Jamie is a top affiliate marketer who’s made over $25k a month using organic traffic styles. You can learn how to achieve the same success as Jamie. You can even make more money by taking his courses!

How Much Does Freedom In Four Steps Cost?How much does Freedom in Four Steps cost

The cost is pretty low for the basic training program with so much inside of it. The FIFS workshop costs $49. Plus, you’ll get additional access to;

  • – A Step by Step Close Video
  • – Jamie’s Bait And Switch Strategy
  • – Q&A Sessions
  • – Pop-up Freedom In Four Steps Groups
  • – Jamie’s Six-Figure Sales Scripts
  • – The Content Curator

The sales scripts and additional content you’ll get are worth more than the $49 billed. Of course, the creator could have decided to sell them separately, but hey, his decision!

Jamie also has a $17 offer that gives you access to his suite of digital products. This includes;

  • – Guides
  • – Templates
  • – Funnels
  • – Training


If you are a veteran affiliate marketer who is tired of struggling for income, the Freedom In Four Steps program might be right. You will discover how to become a successful affiliate marketer by following the strategies outlined by Jamie Gardiner.

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