GenerateBlocks Review

If you are looking for a block generator that can create your custom blocks, GenerateBlocks may be a great tool for you. ItGenerateBlocks Review offers many useful features, including an asset library, global styles, and element style copy. Additionally, you can add custom attributes and customize block visibility.

GenerateBlocks is a WordPress plugin developed by the team behind GeneratePress. It offers excellent support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You’ll get many awesome features if you upgrade to the paid version. But first, you’ll need to download the free version.

GenerateBlocks is a lightweight WordPress plugin for creating powerful blocks. It comes with built-in localization and multiple social media share buttons.

GenerateBlocks is a great tool for WordPress users, but it’s not for everyone. If you’re not a designer, you won’t find a lot of useful pre-made blocks.

The container block is the backbone of GenerateBlocks and allows you to organize your content in columns and rows easily. It also lets you adjust margin and padding and customize color and fonts. It also has a grid block that lets you create advanced column layouts.

What is GenerateBlocks?

GenerateBlocks is a WordPress page builder plugin that enables you to add custom effects and links to on-page elements. It also has a powerful copy-and-paste system. As a result, the program is very easy to use. It even supports tablet and mobile devices.

One of the key features of GenerateBlocks is its Query Loop. This is a great tool for developers because it allows you to specify custom loop criteria and display posts of any type.

It replaces the default available block and also provides many more options. For example, you can specify the post type, taxonomy, or terms to display in the Query Loop Block.

The Query Loop will display your posts in the desired form and format. This feature is compatible with any starter layout or container.

Another great feature of GenerateBlocks is its ability to generate custom blocks. In addition to adding content and images, you can apply custom styles to your blocks.

Grid Block

If you’re looking to create an attractive and functional grid on your WordPress website, GenerateBlocks may be the right choice.

This WordPress plugin comes with numerous options, including the ability to edit the look of the block using CSS code. You can also add links or custom effects to the containers.

The backbone of GenerateBlocks is its container block, which allows you to organize content in columns or rows. It has various settings for margin, padding, colors, and other layout components. It’s also customizable in terms of width and the number of rows or columns you want.

The grid block can be a basic tool, but the more advanced options are available through the Pro version. You can create styles for individual blocks, which makes it easy to make adjustments and tweaks. You can even use a global style for buttons to change their attributes.

Image BlockImage block

One of the best features of GenerateBlocks is its ability to create and manage styles for your blocks, which means you can make changes in one place rather than learn new tools.

For example, you can easily change the style of the button on your block and its title and thumbnail.

Another great feature of GenerateBlocks is its ability to apply global styling to the entire site, allowing you to change the appearance of any element within the block, including the background.

With this feature, you can add your images, create a gradient background, and even add your photographs. This functionality is a welcome addition, especially for beginners who don’t know how to do more complicated things with a WordPress editor.

Although GenerateBlocks does not offer a free trial, it allows you to try a trimmed-down version for 30 days.

Headline Block

You can use the GenerateBlocks Headline Block as a header or icon. The icon can be an SVG icon or a custom one.

You can choose the color, positioning, and padding of the icon. Besides, you can choose whether the icon should appear above or below the headline.

The GenerateBlocks Headline Block is a component you can use to create your headlines and other content on your website.

You can also use paragraphs and heading tags to create your headline and other text and typography components.

The advanced components also let you change the font style and size. You can also set the font family and line height. You can also use CSS classes to create sophisticated effects.

The Headline block is a great way to improve your typography. With it, you can add headings that range from H1 to H6 or just a paragraph block of text.

Buttons Block

GenerateBlocks is a button block plugin that allows you to create custom buttons and links. This plugin can also apply effects to containers on your site. It allows you to customize the look and feel of individual elements without changing the theme. You can also build custom HTML anchors and target containers with CSS.

Unlike the Headline Block, this plugin allows you to add multiple buttons to your page. You can add a headline and a CTA in the header area. This plugin is good for small blocks of text but is not suitable for full paragraphs. In addition, the Buttons Block allows you to add one or more buttons, with or without spacing. You can also customize the margins.

The Buttons block allows you to create any button. The font, colors, spacing, and icons are all customizable.

You can even add social media icons. It has several layout presets that will help you design your buttons the way you want them.

For example, you can create a grid of posts and then style each button differently. Or, you can use the Headline block to display all the post data.

Query Loop Block

The Query Loop Block in GenerateBlocks is a great tool for displaying posts based on specified parameters. It works with core blocks such as the Grid to display posts in columns and the Headline and Button blocks to display post data.

The Query Loop Block has many settings to control the display of posts, including layout presets, custom query parameters, and more.

This block is similar to the Latest Posts block in WordPress, but it has more flexibility. You can use it for many purposes, from a portfolio of recent projects to a favorite recipe page.

You can easily add the Query Loop block to any page, template, or reusable block. It also lets you control which fields are displayed and how many items are shown.

This block is a great way to create complex lists of posts. It has several options, including adding a text box to the posts. It also supports dynamic post Meta.

If you’re looking for more advanced features, you can choose to purchase the Pro version. You’ll also access the huge pattern library of 230 pre-made templates.

Buttons BlockButtons block

This block allows you to create any button you can imagine, with complete control over typography, colors, spacing, and icons.

You can even add several buttons within the same block, each with its styling. The Buttons Block can even take up the entire space of your page!

The Buttons Block lets you create beautiful buttons
for social media networks, sign-in, and sign-up. It also has a Query Loop Block, which allows you to display posts based on parameters.

It does not require PHP loops or complicated code and comes with pre-configured layouts. For example, you can display posts in columns or all post data in the header.

The plugin is compatible with all WordPress themes. It’s also compatible with popular subscription plugins like MailChimp Embedded. It can also work with a free subscription plugin, WP Show Posts, which allows you to insert posts anywhere on your site.

If you’re aiming for maximum performance, you can also use WP Rocket and BunnyCDN to speed up your website globally.


The first thing you should know about GenerateBlocks is that it is a plugin, so you will not need to install it separately. This plugin uses CSS and JavaScript to generate your page. Its streamlined code reduces page size and improves Google PageSpeed Insights scores.

Its free version is limited and does not have many features, but the paid version has a variety of premium patterns to choose from, multiple effects, and animations for each block.

You can also use its template library for a custom look and feel. There are many templates in the library, and you can easily customize them to fit your needs.


GenerateBlocks Pro includes a new feature called Effects. This allows you to add complex CSS effects to your blocks. The effects are toggled on and off.

To turn an effect on or off, click on the wrench icon. Some effects may not be available for all blocks, so choose the one that suits your needs.

There are also various custom effects you can add to your blocks. You can use these to customize the look and feel of the link itself. You can also use the Effects feature to create complex CSS effects within the editor.

If you’re unsatisfied with the default settings, try a different template or style your block using a different style.

GenerateBlocks Pro is available in free and paid versions. If you’re unsure which one to choose, we recommend checking out the free version first.

It is easy to use and provides many useful options. The paid version has more features, including a premium pattern library, multiple effects, and animations for every element.


GenerateBlocks Support includes a wide range of customization options you can set per block. These settings can include color, font, and layout. They help you customize the look and feel of your website.

You can also set custom margins and padding for each block. In addition to these customization options, GenerateBlocks also provides support for container links.

Users can use any theme or switch it off completely if they use an older theme. There is a free version of GenerateBlocks, but the premium version provides even more features.

The Pro plan allows you to add effects to on-page elements. For example, you can use font shadows, filters, or opacity to make your headlines look more stylish.

GenerateBlocks Pricing

There are three different annual plans you can choose from:

  • – The Personal plan is activated for 1 WordPress site and costs $39/per year.
  • – The Plus plan covers 10 WordPress sites and costs $69/year.
  • – The Professional plan covers 250 WordPress sites at $99/year.

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GenerateBlocks is an open-source block generator. Its features allow you to create blocks for your website quickly. You can use global styles if you want to add some special styling to the header or footer. This option will assign an identifier to your global style. You can rename this identifier if you wish.

GenerateBlocks is compatible with all WordPress themes, including those that use the Classic Editor plugin. It also integrates with the Classic Editor seamlessly.

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