Gotch SEO Academy Review: Most Powerful SEO Course?

If you are starting a new digital marketing course, you may want to consider the Gotch SEO Academy. This SEO trainingGotch SEO Academy Review course is available for six weeks and includes HD videos, templates, and workflows.

Nathan Gotch, the academy’s founder, offers advice for novices and experienced online marketers. The academy is not a scam, and I’m happy to present my Gotch SEO Academy review.

You can join the academy for free if you already have a blog. You can also download advanced guides on Google Search Console, change your site address, review structured data implementation, etc.

Gotch SEO Academy members have a private FB community and recommended tools and software. It even provides done-for-you templates.

The Gotch SEO Academy Overview

Product Name: Gotch SEO Academy

Official Website: The Gotch SEO Academy

Owner: Nathan Gotch

Price: Costs $49 to $149 for the beginner’s course

Type: SEO Best Practices and Training

Best For: Bloggers, Website Owners, and Video Marketers

Gotch SEO Academy Pros

  • – This 6-week course features HD videos, templates, and workflows to teach you everything you need to know about search engine optimization.
  • – The training materials and videos are updated regularly, so you’ll always have the latest tips and tricks.
  • – The videos are extensive and broken down into categories such as SEO Audit Demos and Client SEO System.
  • – You’ll learn about both long-term traffic generation and how to build a sustainable organic SEO strategy.
  • – It’s useful for anyone looking to build a website or train employees.
  • – Gotch SEO Academy will keep your SEO skills fresh and updated with a monthly update of new modules.
  • – It features nearly two hundred SEO professionals.

Gotch SEO Academy Cons

  • – When hiring SEO professionals, hiring Gotch SEO Academy can be expensive.

Quick Summary

Nathan Gotch created the academy in its early years, and he has since expanded it into an SEO expert factory. This review will provide a quick summary of the main features of Gotch SEO Academy.

The site is funnel-driven, featuring modules, learning content, and highlighting the company’s expertise as an SEO leader.

It is structured so that each page feeds into the funnel, which ultimately drives leads to become students of Gotch. The curriculum is highly interactive, and you can test and improve your website’s rankings by implementing the methods learned.

The course includes modules for intermediate to advanced SEO practitioners. It is divided into three stages: keyword research, link building, and on-page optimization.

You’ll also learn how search engines crawl websites. The first module provides a quick overview of the course material, with links to relevant content and examples of the tools you can use to improve your website’s rankings. You’ll also access a private Slack community that lets you ask questions.

What is Gotch SEO Academy?What is Gotch SEO Academy?

If you’ve ever wanted to learn SEO, you’ve probably wondered: What is Gotch SEO Academy? Founded by Nathan Gotch, the academy is an excellent resource for novices and experienced web marketers.

This SEO course walks you through SEO strategies created by the academy’s founder. The platform is a done-for-you SEO process with dozens of short video training covering everything from keyword research to marketing personas.

Each module has a checklist and reference guide for each step. You can also find tools and software recommendations, outsourced SEO services, and ready-to-use templates. The curriculum is highly scalable, and all students have access to the latest tools and resources.

Ultimately, this course is a good investment for agencies that want to get into SEO. If you’re serious about learning SEO, you should consider getting a membership at the Gotch SEO Academy.

Who is Nathan Gotch?

Nathan Gotch is an SEO practitioner who offers step-by-step video training on SEO. Several popular podcasts and websites have interviewed Nathan.

He’s been on The SEO Video Show, Dental Marketing Guy, and Clear Results. You can follow his Twitter and Facebook accounts to stay updated on the latest SEO news. You can also watch his YouTube channel to learn more about his SEO strategies.

Besides offering SEO tips and tools, Gotch SEO Academy also includes live coaching calls, a private Facebook community, and software and tools recommendations.

Other benefits include membership in a community, outsourcing options, and done-for-you templates. It’s a valuable resource for both new and experienced SEO professionals.

What’s the Deal with Gotch SEO?

If you’re a beginner in the SEO world, you’ve probably heard of Nathan Gotch. He runs Gotch SEO, LLC and is well-known for his SEO blog and YouTube videos. But what’s the real story behind him? Is Nathan as good as he claims? And is there a way to get his insights and advice for free?

Before Nathan started his blog, he was already an avid player of Counter-Strike. He spent hours playing the game. But as he began to study how to market his blog, he realized that the traditional SEO methods were not working for him.

Nathan began writing in-depth articles that covered relevant intent-based keywords, bringing plenty of blog traffic. Eventually, he made his first affiliate marketing commission, a whopping $43! Nathan was so successful that he sold his blog to a former Major League Baseball player!

What is Included in the Gotch SEO Academy?

Here’s what you should expect in the course:

Gotch SEO Academy Module 1:Audit module

Audit – technical SEO knowledge

If you want to learn how to be a better SEO, you’ll want to enroll in a training program that teaches you the technical SEO knowledge you need to be successful.

This course is structured to help you implement SEO strategies developed by professional marketers. You’ll find that Gotch SEO Academy’s course is much more thorough than similar free resources and includes a blog where you can get regular SEO tips. I personally use Yoast to help me to remember all the little tricks and tips of SEO in content.

The first part of your audit focuses on the technical SEO knowledge that you need to get your website ranking in search results. It examines how search engines interact with your website’s content and how your content is organized.

Search engines won’t know where to place it in the SERPs if it’s unorganized, damaging your ranking. You can quickly fix these problems by following a few steps in the audit.

The Technical SEO Certification Series covers all the necessary technical SEO knowledge. There are five modules in the course which combine videos, tasks, and knowledge checks.

These modules teach you to build a technical content audit for an eCommerce website selling products. In addition, you’ll learn about site structure and content mapping. And, after you’ve finished the course, you’ll receive your certification and shiny new badge!

Gotch SEO Academy Module 2: 

Optimize Content

If you choose to learn about the fundamentals of search engine optimization, Module 2 of the Gotch SEO Academy will be of particular interest. This module teaches link building, ethical tactics, email promotion, and YouTube SEO courses.

Because of the growth of YouTube as content creation and affiliate marketing platform, this module will introduce you to advanced optimization techniques and platforms.

Then Gotch SEO Academy is an excellent resource for learning all aspects of SEO. You’ll gain invaluable tips and strategies from Gotch, and you can even apply for optimization coaching sessions with them.

If you’re considering taking the courses offered by Gotch SEO Academy, you should be aware that it only accepts new members a few times a year.

Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll be assigned a mentor. The mentor will help you optimize your content and will help you make your website more appealing to search engines. Moreover, you’ll also learn how to write content for search engines, which is essential for SEO.

Gotch SEO Academy Module 3: 

Content Creation and Keyword Research

If you’re an SEO manager and are looking for a comprehensive course to set up your website for SEO success, the Gotch SEO Academy is the right place to be. You’ll learn the basics of keyword research and optimization before moving to more advanced topics.

You’ll also learn how to optimize for video content. If you’re serious about improving your SEO, you should sign up for this course and learn how to use SEO techniques for video content.

SEO experts believe that the most crucial aspect of any SEO campaign is on-page optimization. If your content doesn’t rank for the right keywords, you’re not doing your site any good.

Gotch SEO Academy Module 4: 

Promote Your Website Through SEOPromote you website

This training program from Gotch SEO Academy will help you gain a deeper understanding of SEO fundamentals. You’ll learn about keywords, backlinks, Meta tags, website architecture, etc.

You’ll also receive valuable resources to boost your SEO rankings. The entire training course is available for purchase.

Another great feature of Gotch SEO Academy is its YouTube courses. They provide a wealth of helpful information for those just starting in SEO. You will learn about link building and ethical tactics and how to use email marketing to promote your website.

Another bonus to this course is watching the tutorials at your own pace. And because they are so thorough, there’s no reason you shouldn’t finish the entire course in a week.

Bottom Line: Gotch SEO Academy

This course is well worth checking out if you’re considering a career in internet marketing. There are many benefits to utilizing it.

Investing in SEO training is vital to achieving higher rankings. But hiring an agency is expensive. It costs at least $4,000 a month, and it can rise depending on the level of competition in your industry.

Not only do external agencies lack the expertise to create expert content, but they don’t know your industry as well as you do. So, it’s better to hire an expert. The course covers the entire SEO process, from strategy and keyword research to content creation.

Pricing for Gotch SEO AcademyPricing for Gotch SEO Academy

Start for free with Gotch SEO Academy.

For the beginner’s course, the price ranges from $49 – $159.

Gotch other courses from $297 per month or a total of $3,564

The program includes a comprehensive manual on optimizing websites for search engines and how to implement them on your website.

It also comes with a certificate and a test. Overall, you can expect to spend $1,500 on the courses, which will give you a solid foundation in SEO.


This course is an entire system that teaches you how to promote your website. It includes a blog that is updated regularly.

Whether you’re a beginner or have more experience with SEO, you can benefit from this course. The training program features over 150 videos on content creation, link acquisition, and amplification techniques.

You can also access Gotch SEO’s YouTube channel for free and watch videos from other students. The course also contains a guide to building backlinks. You’ll learn the most effective ways to build high-quality links, reduce your overall search engine optimization costs and improve your website’s ranking.

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