Hemingway Editor Review (Ultimate Guide for Writers)

Do you remember writing a long sentence that seemed amazing to you but was confusingClassic old typewriter

to your readers? We’ve all done it. Therefore, you may need Hemingway Editor if you are tired of writing in flowery prose and need to learn to keep it simple.

The Hemingway app adopts Ernest Hemingway’s writing style in order to improve your writing. It has its strengths and weaknesses but it is an excellent tool for editing your sentences. This is a better tool for writing business content than for fiction.

It is important to use it with an eye on your goals and an appreciation that Hemingway, although a skilled writer, was not perfect.

Continue reading to learn more about the Hemingway Editor and how it can help writers write better articles.

Facts about the Hemmingway Editor

  • This App has a Free version and a once only paid version of $19.99
  • It will check your readability in blogs, essays, and articles
  • It will teach you how to write clearly and intelligently
  • This App will analyze your writing style
  • It will show you how to correct grammar and spelling

How Do I Use the Hemingway App Editor?

There are two versions of this editor: paid and free. The free Hemingway Editor doesn’t require users to have an account and anyone can use it online. The paid option is available for offline use only after a one-time fee of $19.99.

What is the Hemingway Editor, and What Are its Benefits?

The Hemingway Editor is a writing analysis app that allows you to write and revise. You will be able to take notes and get warnings, which will allow you to write better. The Hemingway editor’s focus on style improvement is what sets it apart.

This type of software has advanced a lot. These apps offer more than just checking grammar and spelling. Some developers of book-writing apps claim that their apps can help you become a better writer by improving your writing style.

Why is the Hemingway editor different? According to its creators, the software will help you write bold and clear. Its creators named it after one of the most famous writers in history.

This review will give you all the information you need about the Hemingway editor for self-published authors who are considering using it.

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Hemingway Editor Overview

The highlight disappears when you click the “Write” button in the upper right. The screen will remain clean and free from distractions.

Grammarly’s Chrome extension works with Hemingway Editor so you can spell-check right from the app. The only problem with the app is that it slows down when you have a longer document. It can be a useful writing tool with standard formatting options.

Hemmingway Style Editor and Suggested Edits

The Edit mode gives instructions on improving your writing once you’re done. It examines five aspects of your writing:

  • Passive Voice
  • Adverbs/Weak Words
  • Phrasing/Simple Words
  • Difficult Sentences
  • Readability

The Editor uses color-coded highlighting in order to highlight areas where you can make improvements. The sidebar shows the number of suggestions for improvements.

Hemingway App Blue Edits

The blue highlighted phrases are weak words. Your writing will become stronger by removing or improving weak words. Adverb overlay reminds us not to use adverbs when possible. Thus, Hemingway Editor has excellent inline suggestions for adjectival words.

Green Edits

The green edits indicate passive voice sentences. Passive writing tends to be more complicated and less impactful. Consider the passive voice sentence below, for example:

“The book titled “Things fall apart” was written by an American artist.”

Now, let’s revise it with an active voice.

“An American artist wrote the book titled “Things fall apart”.”

This shows how simple it is to turn a sentence from passive into an active voice.

Purple Edits

Purple suggests a simple word with a complex meaning. Your writing should be easy to understand. Overlay text highlights the issue and suggests solutions.

Yellow Edits

The Hemingway app will identify sentences that are difficult to read by using yellow highlights. These suggestions are useful in finding difficult or long sentences. Sometimes you’ll see purple highlights in complicated sentences.

This indicates that part of your problem might be the complexity of your sentence rather than its length.

An impossible sentence doesn’t have to be a problem. Even though a difficult sentence might seem confusing, it’s helpful to know the meaning of each sentence so it can be simplified.

Red Edits

The editor ends by showing you difficult sentences to read. My testing shows that these sentences are nearly always very long and run on monstrosities. Which should be broken into two or more sentences with a connecting transition word.

You should complete your Hemingway App edits with ZERO red marks. These sentences are most challenging and complex. Even if Hemingway’s style of writing isn’t for you, the red lines will confuse at least some people.

Readability Score

Hemingway Editor gives a readability score based on the Flesch Kincaid readability Ease formula. To determine how readable your writing can be, the formula uses grades based on the US school system’s grading.

You can find this score in the sidebar. It is above the summary and highlighted sections.

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Hemingway Apps Readability Rating

The app targets the Grade 5/6 level, which is the level of reading that most readers prefer. The rest of the information is data that almost all word processors can provide. However, you can explore the readability grade to quickly assess how your writing compares to their expectations.

Hemingway’s Style:

There are many books and posts that discuss Hemingway’s writing process. One blogger wrote an excellent piece on Hemingway’s style and when/how to use it. You can easily break the style down into three key points.

Simplicity: This refers to not using complex words when a simpler one will suffice. Simplicity refers to using shorter words. The reader can find it difficult to disengage from a rhythm or cadence that single-syllable words create.

Positivity: Hemingway focuses on the good, and not the bad. These unspoken negatives not only create mystery but also make reading more enjoyable and less tedious.

Concision is the best: A concise sentence will always win over a lengthy one. It is important to say what you mean simply.

Hemingway’s style lends itself to blogging and journalism. This might be a good thing for authors. You can use the Hemingway Editor to check your voice or search for adverbs. But it’s not the best editor for your manuscript.

Hemingway Paid Versus FREE

The web-based editor works 100% for free. The only problem with the free app is that youPurple circle with Free in gold in the middle

have to copy/paste your writing in order to get it to the editor. The free Hemingway App isn’t a true Word Processor, so you won’t be able to import or export.

The paid version ($19.99 for Mac and PC) allows you to import/export your work and save it locally. It’s worth looking into if you are an author and want to use Hemingway Editor for your book.

Is Hemingway’s Editor Worth the Effort?

Grammarly and ProWritingAid can both make many of the edits Hemingway Editor refers to. But, for the full Hemingway experience, you will need to have the paid version. You can download the editor for free, and it’s reasonably priced for the desktop application.

Hemingway Editor – Free Online Version

Hemingway Editor, one of the free applications, still offers most features. Visit the official website to access the free online Editor.

Soon, you’ll see Hemingway’s simple and minimalist interface. The app allows you to either type in text or paste text from other sources. After you have completed this step, the Hemingway editor highlights sections in different colors so you can see where you need to improve.

The app does not guarantee to provide the best information every time. It is best to trust your writer’s instincts when making final decisions, while still taking into consideration the editor’s suggestions.

The Paid Download Version

The Hemingway App is $19.99 if you are interested in the paid version. You can also download the software for Windows or Mac OSX.

These are the advantages of purchasing the Hemingway paid version rather than its free counterpart:

  • Even when you are offline, the app version functions as expected.
  • Export PDF: You can export your work to PDF if you want to keep the highlighted colors intact.

How Does the Hemingway App Help Self-Publishers?

You will be able to decide if the book-writing app is right for you by understanding how it works. The Hemingway App will highlight the following writing elements after you have entered the text.9

  • Adverbs: The user would be notified if the suggested number of adverbs is exceeded. Passive voice is often thought to make your statements less effective. Hemingway will highlight areas that need attention so you can write in an active voice.
  • Too long sentences: The Hemingway app highlights too long sentences in red.
  • Long sentences that aren’t too long: Yellow is used to highlight long sentences that aren’t too long.
  • Complex words and phrases: Purple letters and phrases indicate simpler alternatives.

You can check the word count and readability of your text as you type into the app. Even the most skilled authors sometimes forget their weaknesses.

The Hemingway App makes it easy to spot writing errors. You can rest assured that your content will adhere to the most recent writing guidelines.

The Pros

I concluded these are my favorite things about the Hemingway editor:

  • Concise: The editor is simple and has a minimal interface. To use the software, users don’t even need to create an account.
  • Clear: You won’t have any issues if you can copy-paste text.
  • Excellent value: Some writers find the free copy more than sufficient. The $19.99 one-time fee is well worth it if you are willing to pay for the full version.

The Cons

Hemingway App has its drawbacks, as do other writing tools:

  • The editor is not able to provide as much information or feedback as the other editors.
  • Although Hemingway encourages easy-to-read writing styles, this editor may not suit your needs depending on your own personal style of writing.

Hemingway Editor Alternatives

These alternatives are available for writers who don’t like Hemingway’s style of writing:


This tool has many features that aren’t available in Hemingway Editor.

Hemingway App vs. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid, like Grammarly, works in a similar way to Hemingway Web-Editor. It’s one of the most accurate writing tools out there. It assists with many of the edits Hemingway would mention.

ProWritingAid may be the best tool on the market. The book-writing tool not only corrects grammar and spelling mistakes but also uses artificial intelligence to improve your writing. It can help with sentence structure. Its paid version is slightly more expensive than Hemingway.

Hemingway Editor vs. Grammarlyletters spelling editing tips

Grammarly is currently the best option for writers. It works in the same way as ProWritingAid but relies on AI and other technologies to inspect your work.

It offers more functionality than Hemingway such as web browser integration but it comes at a higher price than Hemingway editor.

ProWritingAid, Grammarly, and Hemingway are essential to any discussion of AI-based editing.

Grammarly is the best for spelling and usage. Hemingway Editor can’t compete on that. Both apps aren’t worth comparing as they actually complement each other.

Its paid version gives similar suggestions to Hemingway. But the former offers general editing advice, while the latter is eager to help you write.

Are You a Hemingway Editor User?

If you are looking for one of the best book-writing software;

  • It is your top priority to improve your writing as quickly as possible.
  • It’s okay to have a few writing style improvements.
  • You’re looking for an affordable way to improve your writing.

If you are, then:

  • A writing app with more suggestions than the Hemingway App is what you want.
  • Software that integrates with other applications is required.

I recommend that you first try Hemingway and the alternatives. Once you’ve checked out what these writing apps have to offer, making a buying decision will be less challenging. Your aim as a writer will determine your final decision.

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Final Thoughts

The Hemingway application is completely free so you don’t have to pay anything extra. However, like all AI-powered editors, it isn’t a substitute for having someone proofread your work.

Simplicity, concision, and positivity are all key ingredients for writing. For all writers, I highly recommend the Hemingway App. and Grammarly.

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share.

Thanks for visiting.


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  1. I bow my head to you, Lily. Since the days of writing papers for school, I’ve come a long way and have always been looking out for ways to improve myself as a writer. Sometimes when I get tied up in creative thoughts or spending too much time on an idea that may not be best for other people’s needs, it can lead me off track–I’ll make sentences longer than necessary and cut corners with grammar mistakes along the way while trying to invent something new (and sometimes interesting) all at once!. That being said, this review has helped show me how helpful your Hemingway Editor is so far! Thank you very much

    • We all need some help along the way J. I think you will gain a lot from Hemingway if your style of writing is similar. Give it a try and see how you go.

  2. Hello!

    So your post actually made me go searching. Although I am a fairly confident writer, I tend to add a lot of unnecessary adjectives to my sentences and can write way longer sentences than I mean to… I feel like I may have just done that! haha

    I didn’t realize something like this existed!

    However, I am looking for a program that could work in conjunction with my Chrome browser. I did notice you mention that Grammarly works well with the Hemingway Editor, but as per your article the Editor is completely separate from any internet browser. Is there a version that may work well as an app in Chrome? Or do they plan of making something like that? I feel as though the trouble of importing and exporting would turn me off to the software. 

    I did find an app extension with Chrome called Outwrite. Do you know of this program? And how does it compare with the Hemingway Editor?

    Thanks for everything!


    • Hi Brooke, you are correct we all need something to remind us about grammar and looog sentences. I still believe that Grammarly is the best tool on the market you can try it for free forever and then upgrade if you want more in-depth help with your writing for $29.95 a month. Worth every cent!

  3. Okay. This writing tool looks pretty helpful. You somewhat sold me on it, especially with the fact that you can change the formation of words to a more active tone and get more than just simple spelling and grammar checking. THis is definitely good for a more journalistic blogger.

    • Absolutely Nicholas, being a great and engaging writer takes time and practice. So any tools which help us learn and polish our styles, grammar and structure can only help us to improve.

  4. Hi Lily. Again, I really, really liked this article because I am planning on writing a book. I’ve been thinking about the book for a while; I just wasn’t sure how to even begin. I’ve never written a book.

    I do use Grammarly, and I love it. Now that I have read your article, I will also try the Hemmingway app and implement it with Grammarly, see how it goes. Thank You.


    • That sounds like a great idea Virginia. It is always best to begin a project like writing a book with a structure tool, it will save you heaps of time in the end.


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