8 thoughts on “How Do I Create a Professional Logo?”

  1. Millie "Pioneer Kitty" Zeiler

    Funny how things time themselves out!  I’m actually scouring to develop a logo for a new site I just created.  I wasn’t very happy with the previous logo-making tools I used.  I know full well without a logo that stands out in a good way, you likely won’t get noticed.

    And I know the logo doesn’t have to be fancy to win attention!  Sometimes when a logo is too fancy it takes away the main purpose of what the company and it’s site is supposed to be about.

  2. This is a lot of excellent advice on how to create a good logo. I recently created a logo for my website and I am pleased to say that I think it fits the description of a good logo. Going forward, when I create a new one, I will definitely have to keep your advice in mind. I just got luck on this first one.

    1. That’s great to hear Al that you have a logo that is working for you. I’m sure that you will have many more websites that need logos in the future and then you will be able to use this information.

  3. I think this is a great topic…I find myself logos are always an area I struggle with or tend to never be satisfied with my finished product. I’m always looking for tipis or information about Logo Design or Understanding How to make Professional Logo and I think this is a great guide for beginners. 

    1. Thanks, Page, I actually feel the same and it is so frustrating designing and redesigning a logo but eventually, you will find one that you really like.

  4. Thanks Lily for your insight into creating a logo. I have a question for you. Where do you recommend getting a designer to help you make your logo. A fledgling business will not have a lot of money to invest. I have used Canva, It took me a bit to learn how to come up with a palette on Canva.

    1. Hi Carolyn, it’s great that you had a try with Canva and that is where I normally do mine but you can try Fiverr or even just Google Logo designers and get a few prices. I have found that it can be an expensive exercise.

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