How Do I Make Money On YouTube?

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine with over 3 billion searches per month, I guess you would like aHow do I make money on YouTube? piece of that action? In how do I make money on YouTube I will be looking at each step you need to take to make a splash with YourTube ads.

Launched in 2005, by three former PayPal employees, Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Based in San Bruno, California. Bought by Google in 2006. There are now 1.3 Billion users on YouTube especially in the 18-49 Millennial age bracket.

100 hours of video are uploaded every minute. A 50% growth in the last year with 6 billion hours of video viewed every month. People love to be entertained and learn through watching videos.

This is where you need to be placing clever advertisements. 18 -34-year-olds are moving onto their mobiles to watch YouTube, 25% and growing every day. So keep this in mind when designing your ads for quick loading and viewpoint.

5 Ways to Make Money On YouTube

  1. Earn from ads
  2. Promote and Sell Merchandise
  3. Create sponsored Content
  4. Fan pay through Super Chat and Channel Membership 
  5. License your content to the media

How do you rank on YouTube?

  • Number of views
  • Video Title
  • Video Description
  • Ratings
  • Your aim is to be the best in Visual and Engaging content.

5 Ways To Design Your YouTube Ads To Make Money

  1. Which ads should you use? In-Stream ads, which play before and during your video, or In-Display Ads that show besides your video? Use them both but with great thought.
  2. Choose your Ad Format carefully. There are 6 formats to choose from, Display, Overlay, Skippable, Non-Skippable, Bumper, and Sponsored cards.
  3. Finding the right ad format for your strategy
  4. Include a ‘Call To Action’ in your ad (A box overlay saying ‘Click Here Now.’) This can send them to an Opt-in Page or Landing page for a sale. Remember your goal – No clicks, no conversions!
  5. Send your clicks to a funnel for conversion

Making YouTube video work for your businessMake Money on YouTube

  • You must work out who your customer is in-depth and who are not your customers, so your ads avoid them.
  • What is your customer watching? Funny compilations, DYI, Branded entertainment, or 80 reruns.
  • Are they, casual watchers or do they follow particular You Tubers?
  • Do they do research on YouTube as a resource or only click on brands they know and trust?
  • Get your own YouTube channel. It’s a must-have. Here you can promote your brand and gather a following and showcase your branded content.

When you can answer all of these questions then you can use the targeting features to niche down to your perfect customer. Thus showing targeted ads to people who will be interested.

Refine Your Call To Action To Your Target Audience

Never think that because one type of call to action has worked for you in the past that it will automatically work in every situation. This will only lead to disappointment. Be constantly A/B testing everything. Change the style, the color, the words, where you place it, etc.

Test your lead magnet, your landing page, your messaging. Keep testing until you are getting awesome results.

Retargeting Your Audience

Once you have people viewing your videos on your own channel you will have an extra opportunity to refine your ads. Let’s say that you have a channel that has two types of videos that you run. E.g. Guitar lessons and Musical Instruments.

What you can do is see who is watching each section and create ads that they would specifically be interested in, such as different guitar courses for the first viewers and guitars and gear for the other viewers. Your sales will climb with these specific ads.

Where do YouTube Ads come From?

All your ads are run from your AdWords platform, which directly connects to Google Display Network. So you can retarget people who engage with your ad with Video, Text, and Display ads, even if you don’t have your own dedicated YouTube channel.

What Will I Need To Get Started?What will I need to start making videos for YouTube?

There are three things that you will need to set up before you get started:

  1. An Video Editing Tool – such as Screenr, Screen-cast-o-matic, or Jing
  2. A Keyword Research Tool – Jaaxy, Semrush, or Ahrefs
  3. Use the YouTubes analytics Tool – found in the Studio section of your channel

Later you may wish to consider using:

  • Directr – A digital director for your ad campaigns with direct loading to YouTube
  • VeeRoll – To Create professional-looking ads that drive targeted traffic to you. Beginner friendly.

Can I Make Money From A YouTube Channel?

Once you have created your own personal channel you will need:

  • A minimum of 1000 subscribers
  • 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months
  • 10,000 likes to be able to apply for YouTube Partners.
  • Setting up an AdSense account will help you make your initial money over the first 12 months.

After being accepted to their Partner Program you will have access to multiple income streams from, Ads, Premium subscription fees, Superchat and Channel memberships, and the merchandise shelf.

Why Content is Key?

I know you do this, if the content is boring you click away to something else! We all do it. So you need to make your ad content memorable, engaging, creative so they want to learn more about your brand. Make it funny and you’ll capture a crowd.

Get to Know Your Metrics

Metrics on YouTube tell you all the little secrets about when someone clicked away from your ad (at the 4th second, mustKnow you metrics to make money fix that). Did they watch to the end? No? Time to tweak your design, were they falling asleep, or did you bore them to death?

Make your ads relevant and interesting and short! A/B test and do it all over again. Really put some effort and time into creating clickable content. People are excited about that video they are going to watch, so engage your audience if you want success and learn how to create quality ads.

Some Basics to Making Quality Ads

  1. Use a tripod to steady your camera, phone, or Tablet. Place your computer on a file or crate on a table to get the best height. No-one enjoys shaky pictures.
  2. Make sure you light your film location well (there are masses of YouTubes on getting this right)
  3. Make sure your edits and transitions are smooth. Either pay a professional editor, learn yourself or outsource. Upwork.

Bury that StageFright

Ask any great star and they will tell you that they get stage fright, if they say they don’t they are lying! Your fear is real but if you are building a brand people will relate better to seeing you in person. Practise makes perfect as I have found as a musician and it brings confidence.

Write out your script, memorize it and practice in front of a mirror. Even bore your partner if they are willing. The more you do it the better. You know you don’t have to load up your first try, mess around and polish your performance.

Never Stop Growing

You have probably noticed by now that platforms on the internet are constantly evolving and YouTube is one of them. They are constantly polishing the way that we connect with our customers. You need to change along with them and provide ads that captivate and encourage action.

Take the time to create an awesome website that you can fill will helpful content for your audience. This is where you can send your viewers to see more of your articles, or sign up as a subscriber or go directly to a landing page for a sale.

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As you can see there are lots of great ways to make an income off YouTube. Take your time to really look at what isBe creative and innovate. popular and what is trending on YouTube until ideas pop out at you.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment, like, and share. Thank you.



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6 thoughts on “How Do I Make Money On YouTube?”

  1. A great presentation of all the options on YouTube in your article How Do I Make Money On YouTube?
    I started creating my channel ten months ago, and I agree with everything you wrote in this article. Very important is the constant growth, interaction with subscribers and viewers who leave comments under the videos, the attractiveness of the content, and regular posting. For better monitoring of analyzes and statistics, I recommend installing the free versions of Tubebuddy and VidlQ extension.
    Friendly greeting,

    • That is great news to hear Nina. You sound like you are really getting into YouTube and building a solid business. Keep up the great work.

  2. Hey Lily. You are a lifesaver, seriously! I have recently opened a youtube account which I am linking back to my website. After numerous tries, I find myself not getting enough likes and subscribers. Even though youtube makes it looks so easy, trust me when I say it is a tough job to do as you have to film, edit, know how to rank, and post! I appreciate your help here as I got some extra tips that I didn’t know that there is more than one way to earn from Youtube! 

    I always thought that it was only ads that pay, but now that I understand it deeper, I can replan my business plan on my channel and research on my audience before proceeding! I will be bookmarking this article as there are so many tips to learn from it. Thank you so much for this, I hope more new YouTubers are able to see this and learn as well. Keep it up! 

    • Hi Joey, that is wonderful that my article found you at just the right moment to keep you motivated. I know anything new can seem way too complicated when you first start but follow these tips and you will be surprised how quickly it will all come together. 

      Wishing you quick success.

  3. Hi Lily, this is a very informative post.  I have experience of websites but I have never ventured into the YouTube world.  Your easy to read guidance has certainly wet my appetite and encouraged me to think more about it.  I must admit that the stage fright bit is my biggest hurdle.  

    I am am glad that I read this.  Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Geoff, I’m glad you read it too. I’m totally with you when it comes to stage fright and I do think that you can create videos without putting your face or voice on them. Have a look at my Vidnami video maker and add to that Speechelo for the perfect voice and you can turn your articles into videos and promote them on your own YouTube.


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