How Do I Make Money While I am Working?

There are a massive amount of ways to make money on the internet. So how do I make money while I am working will cover something that we all think about atHow do I make money while I am working? some time in our lives. Maybe life has thrown you a curveball and you have a baby on the way or need a career change?

Or you want to get serious about saving that deposit for a home but your wages just can’t stretch that far.

The cost of living is going up every day all over the world, so maybe it’s time to look at some fresh options where you can make some extra money and stay at work.

Society has changed its views on having a side hustle from home, so now is your chance to get online or local and make some part-time money.

12 Ways to Make Money While Working

  1. Join Fiverr and become a paid Copywriter
  2. Create a Blogging Website to make Affiliate commissions
  3. Do Data Entry
  4. Sell Items from your home on Facebook Marketplace or eBay
  5. Web Development – Local Businesses or World Wide
  6. Online Tutoring – Teach English, accountancy etc
  7. Create your own product to sell on Amazon or Shopify
  8. Create a YouTube Channel
  9. Pet Sitting and Walking
  10. Run Errands for people or do Gardening
  11. Clean Houses and offices
  12. Virtual Assistant

How do I Make Money While I am Working?

Every beginning starts with a first step. Take the mental time to assess just how much time you feel that you have to put into a side job and what other distractions could derail you. Once you have made the effort to start a side hustle you would hate to stop.

Now that you have decided to allocate 20 hours per week to make some money. Which job attracts you the most?

1. Become a Copywriter with FiverrWork for Fiverr

You may already have talents that you can sell. Fiverr connects people with many skills with employers looking for freelancers. If you have high standards and are reliable, you could make a lot of money this way.

Other platforms that are worth exploring are Upwork and

Take your time and research each of these platforms and read the reviews from people working for them. You want to know how they pay and are they trustworthy before stepping into this arena.

Here are a few categories that you can choose to work in:

  • Voiceover
  • Translation
  • Logo Design
  • Articles/Blog Posts
  • Proofreading
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Marketing
  • Writing & Translation

2. Create a Blogging Website for Affiliate Commissions

Blogging has been around for years but do you know that you can create a website and promote other peoples’ products and make a commission? This way you don’t have to carry stock, organize delivery or deal with customers.

On your website, you will write reviews on products that you like and helpful posts to answer your readers’ questions.

If you are not sure where to start with creating a website, read how you can begin for free and get all the training, technical support, 120 video training, and a supportive community. All bundled for a monthly cost of $49. I will even mentor you while you find your feet.

Learn how to create a successful website business and build an income of $$$ per month over time.

Start your training now

3. Do Data Entry

Whether you choose to work close to your home or find work through one of the employment platforms, data entry work is easy to get. Shop around for the best-paid work that is flexible with your lifestyle.

Many businesses need to have clerks who just enter data. Most doctor clinics have a need for this. An Australian company called Seek is always advertising for data entry workers.

4. Sell Items of Your Own from Home

I know several people who have sold personal items from their homes that they no longer need. Pushbikes, soccer balls, children’s toys, and exercise equipment just to name a few items.

Another friend even goes around the op shops and finds items that she feels will bring more on Facebook Marketplace or eBay. She takes great pictures and always makes a few dollars profit.

This could be a cheap way to get a home business off the ground. Be creative!

5. Web Development

Do you love creating websites? Every business needs to have its own website but many don’t have the technical skills or time to set up and run a healthy website.

This could be your big chance to start small and build that perfect business website for some local businesses. Look around you locally. The mechanics, builders, car dealerships, dentists etc all need a website. Can you help?

If you are still learning yourself you could join Wealthy Affiliate as a Premium Plus member ($99 per month) where you get 50 websites for free. You could create websites for 20 companies on there and have technical support to help you learn and run them.

What You Get With Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Membership

Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus

6. Online Tutoring

Make a list of all the skills that you have and see if you can pick up some tutoring work online or locally. Two areas that come to mind are teaching English and computer skills. With so many people moving online these days you will find many places to teach.

Some areas that you could tutor in are:

  • Test preparation
  • Management training
  • Webs development mentor
  • Data Analysis tutor
  • Statistics tutor
  • Writing course Tutor
  • Science
  • Maths
  • Language Tutor (French, German)
  • UI -UX Design course tutor
  • Nursing
  • English

The pandemic has created a 300% growth in the online tutoring sector and you could be part of that.

7. Create Your Own Product to Sell on Amazon or ShopifyCreate a shop with Shopify

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own product to sell online? It’s easier than you think and there are many companies that will walk you through creating an eCommerce business.

Maybe you have some crazy hobby creating pictures or items that are amazing. Or perhaps you can craft a brilliant story. You can even outsource for a product and have it labeled with your brand and shipped directly to the customer.

There is an unlimited way to sell products and services online.

Amazon is keen to take some of your profit, so look around at other avenues to build a shop or have a blog.

If you desire to take total control of your product and business then this is for you.

8. Create a YouTube Channel

In 2021, YouTube’s global advertising revenue exceeded 10% of Google’s total annual revenue. That’s a whopping 28.84 Billion US dollars.

Every single day people go on Google to find the answer to a question through YouTube. Don’t miss out on all the income that you can create by making videos and providing help to millions through your own YouTube Channel.

Whether it’s instructions on a management course, the answer to how to add tags to an article or you singing and playing guitar, there is a world of opportunity waiting for everyone.

9. Pet Sitting and Walking

One thing that you can be sure about is there will always be owners of pets who need your help. Whether it’s feeding and care while someone is on holiday. Walking an old lady’s beloved dog on the beach or giving them a much-needed bath.

If you love pets and really care about how they are treated, this could be a calling for you. As a pet owner, I am always on the lookout for someone to babysit our little dog when we are away. Or walk him with other dogs for the company when I am busy.

It’s as simple as posting some ads at your local shopping center or creating your own website to attract customers.

Create a website for free now and learn as you grow.

Start your training now

Do some research to see what others are charging so that you are competitive. Design a website to get jobs and to promote and sell animal products for affiliate commissions.

10. Run Errands for People or do Gardening

We all live such busy lives these days no matter where you live in the world. In many countries, our elderly are encouraged to live at home as long as possible. Mums are now working full-time jobs and raising children.

Why not be part of the solution and offer services from home that fall between the cracks of other companies?

Create a website for doing chores locally. Set a price to do shopping or laundry. Offer a caring service to weed someone’s garden once a month for a set fee (just like for their mowing).

I’ve noticed locally that for the elderly it is hard to get someone to come in a do all those small jobs for them. Clean their curtains, change batteries in fire alarms, change light bulbs. Wash their car or drive them to an appointment. Once you have a list of charges, print it out and do a letterbox drop.

11. Clean Houses and Offices

There is so much work out there for good, reliable cleaners. I know because we have a house cleaner every fortnight and she has all the work she could ever need. What she can get done in 2 hours astounds me.

You can register with commercial cleaners and they will send you out to jobs and you can just clean or start your own business. Ask friends to refer you, place ads at the local shopping center and then get references as you grow.

Being part of people’s lives can be very rewarding. Knowing that you are helping them to live better lives and making a good income as well.

You could even do cleaning on the weekends and work a full-time job during the week.

12. Virtual Assistant

This is the perfect job for a very organized person who is capable of staying calm and solving problems. I have worked as a virtual assistant and now employ a full-time virtual assistant myself.

I love solving problems and sorting out to-do lists. Every busy business person looks for a talented helper at some point to take the load of work off them. If you enjoy keeping a business and office system flowing then you will love this job.

Even better, since covid, society has become comfortable with people working from home. LinkedIn is one place to look for work or see what is being offered.

Many other places offer places as a virtual assistant, check out Fiverr, Upwork and Freelancer to find just the right place for your skills.


Stop dreaming about finding that perfect side job and look into your options. What skills can you offer that someone will be happy to pay for? Know your limitations and if you are prepared to offer quality, reliable service then expect to be well paid.

The sky is the limit and who knows, your side hustle could become your full-time dream job, working for yourself.

I hope this has helped, please leave a comment, like, and share. Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Lily Munday

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