How do I Make My Online Business Stand Out?

Everyone wants to stand out and since the advent of the Web and social media, it has become even more difficult. Even ifHow do I make my online business stand out? your product isn’t in competition, you are still competing for attention. Let me show you ways to answer the question, How do I make my online business stand out because you must be more visible than your competitors to win in this new world.

How do you compete for mindshare in a highly competitive market? It sometimes can seem impossible. It’s not a new battle! For years you’ve been fighting your local competition, trying to convince your customers that your company can better serve them and now you are moving into the internet world and some new rules apply.

Stand out

Is your audience able to distinguish you from the rest? Are you easily identifiable when you post content on your blog or social media networks? Have you created a recognizable brand name and presence?

It is difficult to create differentiation. Although there are many factors that can make you successful online, one thing is certain. It is essential to create a brand that people remember.

It doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, or a founder, it can be overwhelming to find your voice online.

Internet is one of the most important developments in the past 100 years. It provides access to information, knowledge, and communication for free to everyone, anywhere in the world. But if you get creative you can excel.

The Web can be a powerful tool for small-business owners to expand their business. It has revolutionized marketing and made it possible for small businesses to compete on equal ground with larger ventures. How can you stand out in a sea of noise online?

21 ways to make your niche standout online

21 ways to make your niche or industry stand out online.

1. Use SEO

SEO is a long-term strategy that gives businesses the power to leverage search results such as Google. You need to have a strategy in place from the start, as search engines constantly evolve to help people distinguish good content from poor.

Talk to an SEO consultant. Many companies offer free consultations to help you get started.

2. Be an Educational Hub

We are currently in the midst of a content marketing revolution if you haven’t noticed. That’s why you should be part of this content marketing revolution. No matter what industry you work in, being THE educational hub for the topic will help you gain respect and reputation.

You can see the power. Setting yourself up as that hub by focusing on creating resource guides, putting out consistent authoritative content, and being seen participating in subject matter webinars/conferences/interviews will help you establish trust and visibility. These are essential elements to your online success.

3. Prioritize Quality over Quantity

This one has no hidden meaning. You should be focusing on quality content, not quantity.

Don’t over-promise or under-deliver, just like in any business. You need to know how much content you are able to produce. Plan accordingly by creating a content calendar.

Creativity is the key to quality work. A prepared mind can also help you be creative. Know your audience and your topics. You should also study the best way to post for SEO.

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4. Be a Resource

You will establish yourself as an expert resource through the educational content on your website. But don’t stop there. Participate in Twitter chats, answer LinkedIn questions, reply to comments, and guest post on niche websites.

You can establish your expertise as a subject-matter expert by providing content and being visible on other sites. We can all understand the temptation to keep all your knowledge on one site. But let it go. Referrals, new traffic, and business karma will reward you.

5. Become a Promoter

Be a better promoter. You don’t have to be a promoter of yourself. Find out what other people are doing great and share it with others. Sharing the smart work of others makes you smarter and can help you build a relationship with them.

People who helped us are always remembered. Promote other people through your blog, your company newsletter, social media, and events. This will get you more attention than simply talking about yourself. Let other people do it!

6. Get Active on Social Media

Business owners need to be present everywhere there are people. You can promote your products and services on social media for free (unless you pay for ads). You can explore social media to announce, answer customer questions, or respond to criticisms and mentions.

People use social media to support customers. It helps them feel that you are thinking of them and their specific needs.

You know that you should be on social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. But don’t just be there. Use them. You can explore these channels to conduct market research in your industry.

You can also use them to ask questions and interact with customers. These things are especially important in business, where everything is dependent on relationships. These little touches of humanization are powerful, and customers will remember them.

7. Be an Email Ninja

Few relationships are more intimate than those you have with people in your email inbox. It’s your sacred space. It’s not something you give to anyone. It should be given to the brands, the companies, and the people you wish to stay in touch with.

You want to be informed about their activities and hear about them. You might consider Infusionsoft if you don’t have an email list. It may be something that would help your company to build those important relationships.

8. Present Yourself in a Unique Way

You must be different in a sea filled with competition. Perhaps you are a local printer that uses only recycled inks and papers. You may use a process others don’t.

Locally-grown meats and vegetables are your only choice for caterers. You might be the most expensive caterer in town due to how extravagant your events are.

Your business is who you are, so create your marketing story. Businesses get lost when they are unable to define their business and the unique aspects of their business. Find out what makes you unique and talk about it. It’s important to talk about it often.

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9. Take the Time to do What’s Missing

Okay, so we don’t all know what is different about us and who we are within the niche. To find a starting point, you need to identify the gaps. Look at your competitors and identify the gaps.

Are they ignoring a certain segment of the population? Are they missing a step? Can you able to stand out as an alternative to the standard? Keep an open mind to opportunities that your competitors might have missed.

These are just a few of the ways I encourage small businesses to stand out online. What are your other methods? What other techniques have you used to help you find your audience?

10. Only Speak to Your Target Audience

Do you want to learn a secret? Avoid striving to be perfect for everyone. You can save time, money, and headaches by knowing your niche.

Why? Because you can tailor your message to your target audience by speaking their language!

11. Identify Your Audience’ Pain Points

Are you aware of the problems your customers may face? What are their daily struggles?

Find out what your customers’ pain points are and how you can help them.

Learn how to get into the minds of your customers and make them happier with your product or service.

12. Know Your Market

You can craft better content if you know the market. You can share your knowledge, experience, and expertise in a way that appeals to your target market.

Know your audience and the platform. You might share something on your blog that is different from what you post on Instagram.

13. Start with the Basics

Marketing tactics have evolved with the online world. Every day, there is a new tool or application to use.

Does it suffice to be popular? How can an online presence help your brand? Advertising your brand is all about finding the best way to reach customers. The business environment can be difficult. Either you win or lose, or risk everything.

Stop riding the roller coaster, and get back on track. Select the 100 most influential people for your business. Connect with them in a meaningful and real way.

Keep it simple from there. Keep in touch with your readers and get to know their needs. It doesn’t need to be complicated to blog and use social media. It should be simple, concise, and streamlined.

Don’t take my word for it, read how others have started their own businesses for free and learned the skills along the way.

14. Create Meaningful Conversations

Do you want to find out what is most important to your audience? Listen to your audience and ask them meaningful questions.

It is not about collecting business cards or numbers to create a client. Building relationships online isn’t about gambling the system to generate results or numbers.

It’s all about building meaningful relationships. It’s about creating relationships and giving without expecting anything in return.

Bottom line: When you are focused on having meaningful conversations, you will connect with the right people.

15. Learn the Language of Your Customers

Your audience won’t like to hear industry jargon. Jargon-laden terms or phrases can turn off your readers.

Sarah Skerik is PR Newswire’s Vice President for Social Media. She believes that jargon can be boring and even dangerous. You not only lose credibility immediately, but you also make yourself unsocial. Stop it.

You can get rid of all the jargon and speak from your heart. Stop wasting your time with boring and overused words that only serve to confuse your audience.

16. Avoid Fancy Fonts

Using visuals in your marketing will help you maintain brand consistency. This also allows you to connect your online and offline marketing, creating a seamless look.

Ask yourself some questions if you aren’t sure what your brand voice and message are. Do you have a sense of humor and a positive vibe? Or are you serious and professional in all your interactions and content?

These qualities, along with your vision, mission, and values, can now be translated into a visual format.

Visuals are a great way to grab attention but they can also harm your brand if not done correctly. Be careful not to get too creative with colors, fonts, and images. My rule of thumb: Keep it simple, clear, and concise.

17. Monetize Your Blog

Monetization is a top priority for bloggers. Do not delay if you want to make a living blogging.

Learn about your market, keywords, and topic. Make a clear call to action.

Create your marketing funnel. What’s next?

Get social to find the best social networks that will help you reach your target audience.

Make a list and make sure you take it seriously.

You must take yourself seriously. Your audience won’t trust you if you don’t have the expertise.

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18. Don’t Lose Momentum

Ask yourself this question: What do you have more of? Is it time or money? Find out where you spend your time on a daily basis.

Don’t keep it if it isn’t about creating content for your blog, social networks, or images.

Graphic design and content creation are two areas that have amazing talent, you can find people to help you on Fiverr.

19. Start Small to Build an Empire

You must start small if you want to build your empire. You must first learn how to grow your business on your own. It is important for small business owners to have their own website. Customers can use a website to find out more about your company, products, and services.

To make sure people find your site quickly, however, ensure that it is optimized. When designing or redesigning a website, consider SEO elements such as Meta tags, semantic keywords, and web design.

20. Build Your Company Profile

Apart from creating a website, it is important to create a profile for your company. You will be a trusted source of information that customers will turn to if you create useful content.

Newsletters and blogs are one way to communicate with your readers. You can place your blog on your website. This will allow you to share your thoughts, life experiences, and ideas with others. To maintain a healthy relationship, you should encourage customers to comment.

21. Do Not Forget to Make Friends

You must remain consistent and visible once you have established your brand. Networking is Key to building your brand and making yourself a thought leader.

A thought leader is someone who can provide valuable insights into his field. By sharing his knowledge, he helps others learn, succeed, grow, and prosper.

Last Thoughts

To manage every challenge that life throws at you, you need to have the courage and skills to persevere. Your first step towards success is to establish your online presence.

It takes effort to create differentiation and stand out online. Focus on the steps you can take to increase your reach and presence. Take one step at a time, and continue to move forward.

Choose one step today – What can you do today to make a difference in your business’s future?

If this has helped you in your research, I would love you to leave a comment, or a like and share. Don’t be shy, tell me what you think!

Thanks for visiting.


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10 thoughts on “How do I Make My Online Business Stand Out?”

  1. Thanks for these helpful tips, Lily. 

    I used to dislike social media. However, a fellow affiliate marketer said to take social media as a working tool. That was a piece of very good advice and has changed how I use various social media platforms to promote my site.

    With all the tips and advice you’ve shared here, it’s gonna help many newbies succeed in their online journey.

  2. I see how important it is to get attention these days. Internet has given all of us an opportunity to establish our own business. But those that are able to capture peoples attention are the ones that will be able to succeed building their business online. I will try spend more time building a following on social media.

    • Great idea Ann. Social media is important but so is the quality of your posts. You need to answer questions and only compete against non authority websites. 

  3. Hello Lily, 

    You have no idea how long I have been looking from more tips to increase my website standing! I can’t believe you gave us 21 ways to make your niche or industry stand out online, this is more tips than I have ever seen. I am overwhelmed! I have bookmarked this and hop that incorporating some of your helpful tips will help my website stand out. Thank you fo this amazing read!

  4. I agree with you, with so many marketers competing for attention on the internet,  it is important for us to distinguish ourself to gain an edge over our competitors.

    Being unique and identify the gaps in your competitors are my two key takeaways from your post. It is a valuable lesson to me in my quest to stand out among competition. Thank you for the wonderful tips !

  5. I find the more quality information I get from a site the better.  If it’s not there, I will not give it the time of day!  Even frilly logos aren’t enough for me to stick around!  For me, businesses that stand out are those that appear to go the extra mile in the name of customer service.  Anything less than that and I hit my version of the snooze button and move on.


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