How to Automatically Share Your Blog Posts Using a Plugin

If you have a blog and want to share your posts on social networks, you can use the Revive Old Posts plugin to automateHow to automatically share your blog the process. Facebook is the most explored social networking site globally, with over 2.7 million monthly users. Here’s how to automatically share your blog posts using a plugin.

If you want to share your posts automatically, you can choose from many different options.

Once you’ve installed a plugin, (such as Revive Old Posts) you can use it to share your blog posts on Facebook or Twitter automatically. You can set up the app to automatically share your blog posts across all social networks you have linked, even up to a month in advance.

Choose a Plugin to Automatically Share Your Blog Posts

Or you can try Blog2Social as an easy scheduling tool for 60 days and then $7 per month. Select from a large list of social media platforms and link your accounts to this plugin.

With each, you can set specific categories to exclude from sharing, like those that deal with current events. Once you’ve made the settings, click the Save button. You can now begin to share your posts automatically.

To start sharing your blog posts on Facebook, you need to first turn on the app platform. By visiting your Account settings and selecting the General Account Settings section, you can do this.

Next, you need to check the Privacy settings for each post. If you want to share your posts with your friends, switch the privacy setting to Public. If you need to change the privacy setting manually, you can do so from your WordPress dashboard.

What are Revive Old Posts Plugin?

It’s a WordPress plugin that automatically posts your older content to social media at scheduled times. Once you’ve published your blog post, the tool will automatically generate hashtags for your posts and share them.

This plugin can even link back to your website if you want. Users can configure their preferences to post to a specific category or only to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Revive Old Posts is an excellent way to share your older posts with newer followers.

This plugin allows you to quickly and easily share older blog posts on social media and boost your visibility.

Revive Old Posts is a Facebook plugin that connects to the Facebook service. Once you’ve installed it on your WordPress site, you’ll need to sign into Facebook. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and approve the plugin’s permissions.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you’ll need to add your page and log in to Revive Old. From here, you can customize your schedule.

The Top Benefits of Sharing with Revive Old PostsThe benefits of Revive old posts plugin

You can share your old posts automatically to your social media accounts. The plugin lets you customize the post’s text, include hashtags for sharing, and automatically add optimized hashtags.

It is compatible with URL shorteners. You can choose to exclude specific categories from sharing, allowing more followers to see your posts.

Share your content on different platforms to maximize your social media marketing campaigns. The use of Revive Old Posts will help you do that.

It integrates with most URL shortening services and Google Analytics campaign tracking, so you can track the number of users who shared your content.

With Revive Old Posts, you can also share any content, including images from the WordPress Media Library, WooCommerce products, and recipes. Whether you have a new blog or an older one, you can share your content on a rotation basis.

How much does the Revive Old Posts plugin cost?

The Revive Old Posts plugin is a popular option for WordPress websites. It shares old posts and recent content automatically. Unlike other social media sharing plugins, this plugin does not require you to create an account or pay a monthly fee, it has a once-off fee of $30 – $60.

Compared to other plugins, Revive Old Posts offers the most advanced features. It can auto-publish your blog posts to social media accounts. The plugin works with your WordPress schedule, and you can set a schedule of how often you want to share your posts on different channels.

It lets you specify whether to share your older posts or newer ones. You can choose to share your older posts on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

The Revive Old Posts plugin costs about $30-$60. The free version provides limited features, including one year of plugin updates. The premium version offers advanced scheduling and queue management.

The business plan offers the most features and is the best professional solution. It provides you with full access to all premium features, plus a year of customer support. The marketer plan also supports unlimited websites.

How to set up Revive Old PostsSet up Revive old posts plugin

1. Download Revive Old Posts

Before using Revive Old Posts, you need to know a few basic steps. First, you need to download the plugin to your WordPress website. Then, click on the “Pro” button and enter your license key. Once you have entered this key, you can install and configure the plugin. Once you have installed the plugin, you can access the app’s settings.

Unlike other similar apps, the Revive Old Posts plugin integrates with social systems to automatically share your posts on various social media sites at random. Initially, the plugin only integrated with Twitter, but it now integrates with Facebook and LinkedIn. You can choose which social network to share your old posts, depending on your preference.

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, you can configure your social media profiles. First, choose which platforms you want to share your posts on. If you’re using WordPress, you can set the plugin to share your posts every six hours or eight hours.

You can also customize the schedule by clicking the ‘Share’ button. Select which posts to share and when to share them.

2. Install and Activate the Plugin

The next step to setting up Revive Old Posts is installing and activating the plugin. You can then configure the settings of the plugin, such as the number of shares per day, the minimum interval between posts, and the maximum number of shares per day.

You can also configure the content of the old posts to share and the hashtag and URL to post.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, it’s time to share your posts. You’ll find two Meta boxes beneath your editor. They’ll allow you to share the post immediately and make multiple social media posts from the same blog post.

If you’d like to share your posts on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you’ll need to use magic tags.

Once installed, the plugin will automatically share your posts that are 30 days or older. There’s an option in the plugin’s settings to exclude specific records. You can also choose to share the same post with different accounts.

The plugin will then work in the background for 15 minutes or so. You’ll have to activate Revive Old Posts to see the changes manually.

3. Configure Plugin Settings

There are several tabs to choose from, and you’ll also want to configure the settings for social sharing. After installing the plugin, click the Social Sharing toggle to enable sharing. After activating the plugin, the status will change to “Sharing to Accounts.” After 20 seconds, the plugin should start to share the post.

To begin sharing, select the options for the plugin. Revive Old Posts can share posts older than 30 days, depending on your preferences. However, there are additional options to share newly published or updated posts.

In the Shared Items tab, you can choose which types of posts to share. The plugin will share all blog posts by default, but you can also select a post type that it won’t share.

Now you are set up to automatically share your old blog posts and keep giving them fresh readers.


You can set a minimum time between posts. You can also specify the number of hours, days, or weeks and the minimum age. By default, Revive Old Posts shares blog posts and Facebook posts, but you can choose to share a post as old as 90 days and any number in between.

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