How to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing

Now that your business is growing, you surely want to start using outreach strategies soon! Learn how to build an email list for affiliate marketing. Email marketing can help youHow to build an email list for affiliate marketing

grow your business and also make money online.

In this piece, you’ll get all the basics of email marketing so that you can start to build your list.

Let’s get started!

What are the Fundaments of Email List Building?

Email list building involves asking and collecting email addresses to contact those persons in the future.

You do not want to spam people and set wrong expectations, so you only send the emails of interest to the recipients. The people that open, read, and engage will be the ones who want to get your content.

Using an effective permission marketing format that allows you to send targeted messages and convert prospects into customers. Basically, if people have chosen to subscribe to your website they are interested in the topics you write about.

Why Build an Email List?

A mailing list is a significant asset for any kind of online business.

Here are some of the reasons why:

  • It’s one of the performance marketing channels with the highest Return on Investment.
  • Average $1 per subscriber per year. A return of $38 for every $1 invested.
  • Subscribers have chosen to join you for information, which you can tailor to their needs.

There are many different ways to start an email list. You can start with a free plan to share your content with up to a certain number of subscribers, but eventually, you will reach the point where you need to switch to paid subscription plans.

With email sequences, you’re able to nurture relationships with your audience and convert higher rates of emails to sales. You use triggers to make offers more appealing to recipients through the emails they’ve received.

You can get started free when you start using email funnels to send emails and collect payments from your customers. It is also risk-free because pro trainers teach you to use the system correctly and run the business diagonally.

How to Build an Email List (Step-by-step)

Follow these easy steps and develop a list of email subscribers engaged in your content.

Step 1 – Choose an Email Service Provider

Some of the most popular are Aweber, MailerLite, Mailchimp, GetResponse, and Constant Contact.

You must choose an email provider that works well with your needs and provides the features you are looking for. Sometimes it makes sense to take your time when choosing an email provider, even if you might feel pressure to change a while after signing up.

Choose a suitable email marketing platform. Most platforms have a free service of up to at least 500 subscribers, so there is no reason to hesitate to set one up straight away and gain subscribers from your daily traffic.

Step 2 – Create a Sign-up Form for Your Target Audience

To get the emails addresses, you need a form that prospects will fill in to subscribe. Aweber allows you to create a pop-up offering a gift for readers’ email details. This is a very simple process.

There are several email providers, but the most popular are Gmail and Yahoo. You can set up these external services as opt-in forms or choose to integrate them with your email provider. It’s a pretty straightforward process!

You’ll want to ensure you have your target audience in mind before starting. It’s also important that they get real value from being on your list. Always give top value to your subscribers and they will be loyal for years.

That is why people say, “The money is in the list.” Because it costs you very little to collect email addresses or to send out a newsletter once a week to help and educate your followers. And you can always promote products and services to them.

How to Grow a Targeted ListHow to grow a targeted list

  • Add opt-in forms to content related to what you offer. They can be customized and sophisticated to support your customers’ journey with you.
  • Create the perfect angle to entice visitors by offering them complimentary information on what you could send them in future emails.
  • Enable double opt-in to prevent unwanted and unengaged sign-ups.

Having an email list is crucial for landing a steady stream of targeted leads and building a more extensive customer base. It also helps guide your strategy and make future marketing plans happen faster.

Step 3 – Write a Welcome Email or Series of Emails

It’s best to send your first few emails with a topic and a supporting message. This will help you avoid confusion and allow people to know you and what you care about.

Such emails have the highest open rates. They warm up the subscriber for your following email, likely to drive more sales and revenue.

Your emails are more likely to drop in the inbox of any recipient by using Inbox Pause. It trains your mailbox not to split the mail into their respective folders, and it makes sure that future emails don’t go into their spam or promo boxes either.

There are many benefits of sending a series of emails to your subscribers as soon as they sign up. Not only does this provide them with important information, but it also strengthens your brand name.

The first email that they will receive is a Thankyou for becoming a subscriber with a link for the gift that you offered.

The next email is the most important of all. It should tell your subscribers what you offer and introduce yourself. Every email should contain valuable and engaging content that will help them get more value from their subscription. (Again include the gift link.)

Consider building your sender reputation from the onset. You can also ask for replies to gain more engagement, and make future emails reach inboxes.

Step 4 – Configure Your Account with Proper Sender Info

The sender info is one of the things you should always take care of first when it comes to your email marketing.

Be sure to personalize your email by using a recognizable name or the sender’s information. Subscribing to emails may seem like a small action, but people trust you more when they know it’s from you right away.

It is a great idea to include your personal or pen name in addition to your brand name. Let people get to know you, that is part of why they subscribe. We all like to feel important.

You’ll set up your email to send everything from your professional business domain. This is an excellent way to keep things up-to-date in your digital marketing world.

Bulk emails that end up in other people’s spam folders end up there for a reason and not just because they’re sent from Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo.

To stay compliant with the law, it’s best to add your physical address at the end of each email. If you don’t like to share your address publicly, use ConvertKit, and they’ll send you a link that includes their address.

Step 5 – Drive Traffic to Your Opt-in FormsDrive traffic with opt-in signs

Let’s talk about how to get the most conversion traffic possible. First, you need to do A/B testing of your opt-in forms. Find out which one performs better, and then rotate towards that one on your website.

Even if you only receive a small percentage of your traffic in monetizable subscribers, they’re helping your business to grow.

You may need to pay a few visits before a prospect is willing to trust you with their email. Be sure to take them up on the offer of valuable content in return!

Here are a few ways to drive traffic and build your email list quickly:

  • Have opt-in subscription forms in strategic places.
  • Create dedicated landing pages to collect leads.
  • Collect emails on your most significant pages (Homepage, 404, About, Contact).
  • Start by promoting your posts and landing pages on YouTube, Pinterest, and Slideshare. They’re great places with a lot of potential for reaching eyeballs who are likely interested in your product.


An email list is a group of prospects who agree to receive emails from you. It’s a direct way of contact for you to get in touch and build trust with them!

Building relationships will build you a huge business over time and a subscriber list is worth a lot of money to that business.

Your first step is to learn how to build an email list for your business and build relationships that will benefit both of you.

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12 thoughts on “How to Build an Email List for Affiliate Marketing”

  1. Thank you for writing this article. I’ll have to set up an email and do everything you suggested. This will undoubtedly aid me in the promotion of my website and the generation of traffic. It appears to be a simple procedure that anyone could perform. I’m sure I’ll be sharing.

    • You are correct Kiersti it is a simple procedure to perform. It just takes a commitment to caring for your subscribers and bringing them regular news and promotions.

  2. I admire the email list topic, trying to help affiliate marketers with more possibilities of revenue! The amount of detail and explanation on your email opt ins and subscription options for a specific blog is true to its word. Talking about the revenue possibilities such as the 38 dollar returns are very tempting to any marketer.

    • Once people understand just how much money can be made from a well-subscribed email list it can be a game-changer. It’s well worth the time and effort to create and maintain a mailing list.

  3. Hey Lily, thanks for that article on building an email list…
    you say that you can change autoresponders after you have started building your list…
    do you need to get your list to resubscribe when you move to the new one or can you just take the list with you…
    Is inbox pause something you can control or is it for the recipients of your emails…
    Many thanks for taking the time to create this article

    • Hi Phil, you can actually change autoresponders whenever you like and take your list with you. Every company has a section where you can add a list, so you don’t have to ask them to resubscribe you do it from your end.

  4. This is a good way to automate your marketing platform. to determine if the service is productive you would have to determine how many subscribers you can acquire from the free 500 person listing. Assuming you get $38 per $1 invested we would expect $3,800 from every $100 invested. On paper that sounds great, in reality how long will it take to bring in the $3,800. 

    If we assume, as you say, $1 per year we would need $1,000 of investment per year to bring in $38,000 per year. Thats about $3,200 per month of profit for a $33 per month investment. This would be a really good side hustle depending on how much work you have to put into it to get the listing to take off. Like anything worth having it takes dedication.

    • Great maths Alex and very accurate. You have shown just have valuable a subscriber list can be to a business. If you have quality subscribers who are interested in the products that you promote this is a very doable goal.

  5. Email marketing is something that I have wanted to start. However, I did not know that it had such a great return on investment.
    I have a free Mailchimp account but never sent emails because I didn’t want to use my actual address. So I will be looking into ConvertKit.
    Thanks for sharing the steps to create and work on an email list.
    Which email service do you like best?

    • I actually use Aweber for my MMO website and MailerLite for my music website as they both have free programs to start and I like that. Take your time and set the emails up to welcome people as subscribers, it’s worth the time and effort.

  6. Thank you for this informative article! I have been thinking about an email list for awhile now but I wasn’t really sure how to get started with everything. I also wonder how much traffic my website should have before I start? It as great to know there is an option for a free plan. I feel much more confident after reading this article, I definitely will bookmark it. I think my website might be to small to do this yet but I hope I will be able to soon. I just have to figure out a great offer and how I am going to get even more writing done!

    • You have a great plan in mind here and it doesn’t matter how new your website is as you don’t want to miss anyone visiting from signing up to get that list started.


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