How to Build Backlinks for Your Website

For all search engines (including Google, Bing, and others), backlinks are a crucial ranking factor; so is driving organicHow to build backlinks for your website

traffic. At the end of this post, you will have learned how to build backlinks for your website.

Traffic is proportional to the quality of the backlinks you earn to your site, the more authority sites you have linked to you. Consequently, the better organic rankings and website traffic you will generate.

And, of course, you want to keep a close watch on your search rankings. During the crawling process, Google, particularly, considers your site’s backlinks and seeks to find out how pages are linked to one another and in what manner.

Obviously, there are dozens of ranking factors, but links represent the most crucial SEO metric for ranking.

To most people, getting quality backlinks is a daunting task, whereas it shouldn’t be. There are super-smart ways to get authority sites (in your industry) to link to yours, to earn or build backlinks.

Here Are Ten Ways on How to Build Backlinks

  1. Backlinks from Infographics
  2. The Broken-Link building technique
  3. Spy on your competitors
  4. Guest Blogging
  5. Promote Your Blog Content
  6. Build Incoming and External Links
  7. Reach out to popular Bloggers and Journalists
  8. Donate to Not-For-Profit Organizations
  9. Accept to be interviewed
  10. Draft testimonials

1. Backlinks from Infographics

Infographics are a smart technique for driving organic traffic to your site and getting quality backlinks. They are fantastic link-building techniques because they are easy to share.

Who doesn’t love visuals? That’s why infographics have become so demanding. Take a look at Mashable, a reputableBacklinks from Infographics

online publications platform with copious infographics from all over the web.

But be extra careful when choosing your infographics. Ensure each infographic includes an interesting and unique story for your followers. To proceed with your choice, consider the trending topics and find out what the audiences are looking for, then use statistical data to create your infographics.

To begin with, research and collate data for the post. Then get someone to create your post visual.

Some people believe that it’s expensive to create an infographic; that’s always far from reality. The average price you should figure is $150-$300, no more. Let’s assume you earn five backlinks from each infographic, you will be paying $30 for every link. For ten backlinks, the price will be $15 per link. If it’s backlinks you earned through webmaster moderation, it’s really cost-effective.

To get designers with fantastic portfolios, use Dribbble. If you need to upgrade to the Pro version, contact the support for just $20 per year. Then type Infographics in the search filter. Once you’ve got what you like, hit the “Hire me” button and forward a message including your needs and asking for a price. You can use Fiverr to get fantastic designers if you’d love to create cost-effective infographics.

Prepare and Post Your Infographic

The next step is getting the infographic ready and making it easy for the audience to share. To put this in place, use Siege Media generator
to create an embed code.

After putting things in place, and seeing your infographic sparkle on your site, it’s high time you submitted it to the numerous infographic directories.

Via email, reach out to people who have linked to or shared similar infographics on social media. Request feedback on your infographic, but do not request a link directly. If they love your infographic, they will do their best.

2. The Broken-Link Building Technique

The broken-link building technique is one of my favorites because it helps in creating one-way backlinks. With this method, you reach out to a webmaster to report the occurrence of broken links on his site.

Also, you recommend sites for link replacement. And of course, here, you include your site. Since you are doing a favor by reporting some broken links, the chances of getting a backlink to your own site are high.

Now, to apply the broken-link technique, first look for relevant sites in your industry with resource pages.

Get them by using any of the Google search queries below:

  • Keywords + resources
  • Keyword + links
  • Keyword in url:links

For example; if you have a pet website, you’ll search for pet + links. To find a broken link easily on any page, you need to download and install Check My Links – a Google Chrome plugin. With this plugin, you will quickly discover all the 404 links.

When contacting the webmaster, introduce yourself first and sound friendly. Let this person know that he’s linking to specific web resources that aren’t available any longer. Make sure you indicate the specific location of the broken links, so they can be traced easily.

Provide some resources (including your own site) to replace those links. Don’t be greedy to build backlinks, but be helpful. Most of the time, this technique will suffice, but keep in mind that there may be cases when a webmaster may not accept to link back to you.

3. Spy on your CompetitorsSpy on your competitors

If you are ready to start driving more search engine traffic, it’s very necessary to stay updated with your major competitors’ marketing tactics. You must spy on your competitors both on social media and other networks.

You need to look for ways to build or earn backlinks. 

Follow the tips below:

  • Get notified when your competitors are publishing fresh posts on their sites.
  • Follow them on social media or sign up for their email newsletters.
  • Another great way to get updated with their fresh posts is to set a Google alert for the key phrase “”.
  • For example, if your competitor is WebTech, you can create a Google alert with the keyword “”.
  • Investigate what links your competitors are currently getting or building.

With that, you can copy their most strategic link-building process and better understand what techniques they’re exploring to promote their site. If they are earning links through guest posting, ensure you become a guest poster on the same sites.

Earn Backlinks From Blog Reviews

If they earn the most backlinks from blog reviews, reach out to those bloggers and ask them to test out your tool. They may end up writing a review about it.

Monitor Backlinks is one of the favorite tools I use for spying on my competitors’ backlinks. It enables you to add your 4 most significant competitors. You then start receiving weekly reports that contain the fresh links they’ve got.

In the tool, you receive more insights regarding those links and can filter them according to their value and other SEO parameters. An amazing feature is that you will have all the backlinks to your site highlighted in green.

With this method, you can opt for fresh link-building opportunities. Using Monitor Backlinks, you can track all the links your site is getting. When you have a successful link-building campaign, you can view all the fresh backlinks you’re getting in your dashboard.

4. Guest BloggingGuest blogging

Guest posting is the most productive way to attract new audiences. By writing guest posts for other powerful sites, you will get your posts in front of potential readers and gain more exposure for your brand. Most times, it’s about building your online presence or social media reputation, not just about the backlinks.

Guest blogging helps you make the most of your connections and grow your audience. If you still doubt the effectiveness of this method, remember that Google is accepting guest posters on its self-hosted Analytics blog.

Here are 2 options to get websites that are currently accepting guest posters:

1. Use Google Search, To Find Websites that are currently accepting guest bloggers:

Put Keyword +

  •  Keyword+ guest-articles
  •  + inurl:write-for-us
  •  + become a guest contributor
  •  + inurl:guest-post-guidelines
  • Keyword + submit a post
  •  + guest posters wanted
  •  + contribute
  •  + want to write guest posts for
  • Keyword + guest articles by
  •  + become a guest post author
  •  + now accepting new guest articles

2. Explore social media platforms to find more options

Perform a Google search for Guest Author, or “Guest post” on Twitter. Use Topsy to automate the process and set alerts for the keywords you intend to rank for.

When you want to publish a guest post, ensure you are correctly linking to all your social media profiles. If someone likes your post, they won’t hesitate to follow you for any similar future posts.

5. Promote Your Blog Content

Good content will never attract backlinks unless you make a concerted effort to promote it. You must be everywhere in the online world and promote your best posts.

A good tactic to implement is reaching out to blog owners or sites running monthly or weekly roundups. Also, you can perform a Google search for key phrases such as “keyword + roundup”.

Then reach out to the website owners and quickly introduce your site. In your message, add a link to one of your most powerful guides or tutorials. If they find your tutorial helpful, they will likely link back to you when they want to have their next roundup. These webmasters are always on the lookout for good content, so they are waiting to hear from you!

In any method, ensure you don’t abuse your connections with any website owner by requesting a link directly.

6. Build Incoming and Outgoing Internal LinksBuild incoming and external links

Internal links are one of the key factors for running a successful business website. With the help of anchor texts, internal links pass link juice from one page to another. If you have an ideal internal linking structure, users will find it easy to navigate through the pages of your site and this will increase user experience.

Though there are some tools that help create internal links on your WordPress site automatically, it’s advisable to do that manually. If you’re building internal links, do not keep the number above 100 per page, for both SEO and usability.

7. Reach Out to Popular Bloggers and Journalists

To earn backlinks to your blog, you need to do outreach campaigns. And what’s more effective than reaching out through email to influencers and journalists in your industry? Getting people’s email addresses can be daunting, but there’s no cause to get discouraged. Here’s how to find people’s email addresses:

  • More than 90% of the email IDs at websites and publications are formatted as, or, or So send your pitch to those emails directly.
  • If you discover the style above doesn’t seem to suffice, explore tools like, or Just type the name of the individual you want to reach and the site they own.

Make every pitch concise and to the point. Nobody has time for any boring or long emails from unknown persons.

8. Donate to Not-For-Profit Organisations

By donating to not-for-profit organizations, you can generate links back to your site. This technique is straightforward, quick, and simple. All you need to do is look for websites in your industry that accept donations. Also, you can link back to sites that have donated. Present the exact amount you’re willing to donate and submit your homepage URL.

You need to perform some Google searches to find these sites. However, some search queries bring better results than others.

  • Contributors page + keyword
  • Donation + contributors + keyword
  • Contributors page + donate + keyword

9. Accept to Be Interviewed

  • Web interviews are demanding right now, and a smart way to get links back to your site. When you become an authority blogger in your industry, you will receive a lot of interview invitations.
  • But before then, begin with the first step. Find websites that are organizing online interviews and let them know you want to participate.

10. Draft TestimonialsDraft testimonials

One of the easiest ways to get quality backlinks is to draft testimonials for sites you’re working for. It will only take you a few minutes, and you can generate links from some authority websites. If you’re a fan of that product, your chances of earning a link in exchange for a written testimonial are high.

Present all the tools you are exploring and contact them to discuss the possibility of featuring your testimonial on a favorite site.

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Getting valuable backlinks can be a challenge sometimes, but if you use the right techniques and resources, you’ll find tons of link-building opportunities. Do not forget to maintain your backlinks the same way you earn them. So, explore tools such as Majestic, Ahrefs, or Monitor Backlinks to keep track of your backlinks.

You can build links back to your site naturally if you know how to go about content marketing. As you create each piece of content, you find a way of spreading the word immediately. Ask your readers to leave some comments after reading the post.

Enable social share buttons on all pages of your site. Share each post upon hitting the Publish button and ask the readers to do the same.

If you work on all of these ways to build backlinks to your website you will be working towards great success.

I hope this has helped, if so please leave a comment or like and share. Thank you.

LILY Munday

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  1. This is an amazing article thank you! I have never used most of these techniques before and thought you could only get backlinks from other bloggers posting about your site, etc, so this will help me a great deal. I actually think it’s a really clever idea with the broken back links in order to promote your site. Awesome post, thank you! 🙂

    • It used to mystify me as to how people got their backlinks and all these tips really work. You don’t want to get into Black Hat backlinking by paying for a backlink, this will hurt your business not help it.

      Using any or all of these tips will build you a successful presence online and great success for your future.

  2. I am new to this, and only have my first website but have helped me out so much. This is really good information and amazing tips. There is definitely a lot of foot work to be done when it comes to getting people to your site and it is disheartening at times to not know where to look. I can’t wait to read your other articles. When you say to reach out to other bloggers should it be via their contact email or do you think it is more likely that they will check their social media more often? Thank you for the help. 

    • Hi Esperanza, I would definitely reach out to other bloggers through their website posts and also through community groups. It’s fun to meet new people and be of help to them.

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    • Hi Derek, a big welcome to our community and creating your online business. Trust me when I started it didn’t make sense to me either but we all learn a little each day. 

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