6 thoughts on “How to Create a Brand Name”

  1. Thanks for providing great information on how to create a brand name. The steps you’ve outlined are clear and simple to follow. I’ve never used the name generator apps or thought about applying for trademark once I decide on a brand name. Great suggestions I plan to use going forward! 

    I’m in the process of building a new site this weekend and will try the generator apps and putting up some landing pages.  



    1. Hi Tamara, that’s great news that you are getting started this weekend. It’s a big process but super fun. I’m so pleased that my information will help you to get started the right way. Let me know if I can help in any way.

  2. Thank you for sharing this info with us.  This is really great that I had found this article now because I am in the first stages of branding and was to excited to think about the trademark.  I have got to go back and see if I am able to keep my brand rolling on or if I need to choose something else.  So, I thank you very much and have a great day.

    1. It is great to hear that this came at a perfect time for you Justin. Branding is so important and we can sometimes not realize until it is too late to change the branding. Wishing you great success.

  3. I am in that phase right now. I have started a couple of online projects before this one I am brainstorming currently. And back then, I would not think much in the brand name. But later, I thought I could have done better if I had stopped to think in a brandable name. I am not sure what name I’ll choose, but I am sure I’ll filter it until gold comes out.

    1. I guess we take it for granted Paolo that people will recognize us and follow us no matter what we call ourselves but that just isn’t the case and there is a lot of competition out there. Have a good think about which niche you want to be in and then look at setting a brand name and look, once you have selected the products that interest you.

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