How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

Facebook pages are an excellent way to build your brand and online presence. So how to create a Facebook page for your business is important.

This allows you to showcase your businessHow to create a Facebook page for your business to a large audience. You don’t necessarily need to use ads. All you will need to set it up is a little bit of your time.

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Business

This step-by-step guide will show you how to create your Facebook business page.

1. Register a Name

You should set up a page as soon as possible if you don’t already have one. There are thousands of Facebook fan pages popping up every day. It doesn’t hurt to go to Facebook and create a new page unless you have a specific name in mind.

  • Visit your Facebook page, and click the “See More” button at the left menu.
  • Access the Facebook See More button.
  • Scroll down until you find the “Pages” section and click it.
  • Access the Facebook page for the Business section
  • To create your Facebook business page, click the “Create New Page” button.
  • Click on Create a new Facebook page for business

You will be asked to give a page name. If the name is available and accessible, a green checkmark will be displayed.

2. Choose the Right Category

Next, you will be required to select a category for the page when creating a Facebook business page. This will impact how people reach your website.

Start typing in the words that best describe your business and watch what happens.

Next, give a brief description of your business. This information will be displayed on the Facebook page description that your customers will see.

Once you are done, click the “Create Page” button to save your Facebook page. Your page will be created, and you won’t need to worry about anyone taking your preferred name.

3. Republish Your Facebook Business Page

Your page will be live once you have completed the basics. There is still much to be done. You can choose to hide an unfinished page and make any necessary changes without worrying about it being seen by others.

You can unpublish a Facebook page by going to “Page Settings” to edit the “Page Visibility” settings. Click on “Save Changes” and tick the box for “Page Unpublished.”

Your page will now be visible to you only after that. Now you can set up everything and add some posts to the page. It won’t look empty. You can add a few posts every other day to make it look natural.

4. Include Basic Information about Your CompanyInclude basic information in Facebook

Next, provide basic information about your Facebook business page. These details will allow Facebook users to find your page.

Click on “Edit Page Information” in the “Settings” menu. You will need to enter a brief description of your business. In addition to providing your website address, you will also need to include other contact information that customers may use to reach you.

Then, you can choose your Facebook username. This is an additional way to find you and gives you a unique URL address. It is essential to do this quickly. So make sure you get it done as soon as possible.

To quickly access the page from your Facebook menu, you can add it to your favorites. Although it is optional, it’s helpful to ensure you have quick access to the page.

Next, select the users you prefer to reach. This will allow you to choose the age range of your target audience and list some interests that will assist people in finding your page.

5. Add a Longer Description

The page information settings allow you to add a longer description. It also allows you to link to other social media profiles or websites.

For a longer description, navigate to the “About” section of your page, click on “Page Info,” and then click on the “Long Description” section. Click on the text area to begin writing. Include links to other SM profiles and all websites you wish your fans to visit.

6. Add Graphics or Photos

When users visit your profile, the first thing they see is your cover and profile pictures. These pictures are what people will see when they view your posts in their feed. These pictures are essential, so be sure to get them right.

Profile picture files should not exceed 180px by 180px. The cover photo file should measure 828 pixels by 315 pixels, with the mobile area at 560 pixels.

You have many options to make your cover and profile photo combinations more interesting. You can make it appear as if your profile picture was part of the cover.

7. Establish Your Work Hours

You can also set up your working hours to let people know when you are available online. These will appear on your Facebook business page. The color of the icons will change depending on whether it is within (green) or beyond (red) your work hours.

You can do this in the “Hours” section of the “Page Info” settings. You can choose specific hours or state that you are open 24 hours a day.

8. Make a Call to ActionMake a call to action button

You can use a call-to-action to direct Facebook users to take specific actions. You can create an “Order” button to direct them to your product listing.

Click on the “Add” button to do this. You have various buttons to choose from, such as “book now,” “contact us,” etc.

This is the easiest way to get someone to visit your Facebook page and look at your products or services. You should get on board with it.

9. Before You Publish, Share Some Posts

You should create a few posts before you make your Facebook page public. You can post photos of your products or information about ongoing deals. This is where you want your page to look established and not as a new company.

You can go to “Settings” and edit the visibility options.

10. Buy Some Fans?

To make your page look legitimate, you need to have some fans once it is live. Many offers promise to get you hundreds of thousands of followers for just a few dollars. This will only harm your page.

Facebook will suggest your page to people who have similar fan bases to you. Fake accounts are often available from around the globe.

You will lose your business and your wallet by buying likes. Your posts and updates will not appear in the feeds of normal users or potential customers. Instead, they will only reach bots and fake accounts.

Instead, you can use Facebook’s suggested page feature to ask your family and friends to like your page. You’ll start building an organic fan base. People will start seeing you in multiple feeds.

You should also notify your customers and followers about your page via other social media channels.

You should include a Facebook icon that links to your profile in your website footer. The same applies to your email footer as well as your newsletters.


It’s all about regular updates once you have a basic page up and running. You’ll gradually grow your audience by posting the things you want. Learning how to create a FAceBook page for your business is crucial to your success.

You can also use paid ads to promote your Facebook fan page. Although it’s not required, you might consider using paid ads if you have the budget.

LiveChat users can use the LiveChat Facebook Messenger integration for instant to chat with their fans.

Learn more about how to run an online business by creating a free website today.

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