How to Create a Subscriber List in 2023 (Updated)

Do you want to learn how to create a subscriber list in 2023? Four billion people, to be exact, use email daily. And by 2025, that figure will have increased to 4.6 billion. It’s safe to say that email isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, so it’s crucial to harness its potential.

Besides, email marketing is still ultra-effective and set to make a mind-blowing $17.9 billion by 2027. Why? Simply put, the ROI for email marketing is insane – for every dollar you spend, you’ll make $36. That’s just too good to ignore.

It is why email marketing will continue to be a mainstay for 87 percent of B2B marketers. It’s efficient, reliable, and great for generating, building, and closing leads.

But you need a solid subscriber list if you want big results. It might seem daunting, but I have some valuable tips to make it easy:

  • Email lists are the ultimate way to publish and promote content on a tight budget.
  • Forget old-school tactics like buying mailing lists or dishing out bland giveaways on social media. Instead, get creative and offer something unique to lure people in and ensure they’re the right audience.
  • Third-party tools will assist you in keeping an email list full of engaged and active subscribers. With integration tools, it’s now easier to generate an email list that actually works.

Why Is It Important for Your Business to Have Email Lists?

Even the best websites occasionally experience a sudden drop in visitors. Publishing and promoting content regularly is the best way to get around this.

And expanding your email list is the most reliable, economical way to do that.

Email lists can:

  • Compare favorably to other digital marketing strategies in terms of ROI
  • Share personal insights and stories to humanize your brand.
  • Get to know your audience better and more personally.
  • Create segments to create individualized products, content, and messaging that are suited to their needs.
  • Focus on a smaller audience that has previously expressed interest in your brand and has a higher likelihood of converting.
  • Create an enduring, valuable business asset that you own and control.

Is a Website Required to Build an Email List?

With or without a website, you can build an email list.

To create content and continuously add value, you should eventually get a website. However, it’s not necessary to start your email subscriber list before you do.

You can accomplish it using tools like opt-in offers, landing pages, and email service providers.

These tools not only dominate email marketing and turbocharge your email list, but they also (eventually) drive more traffic.

What Can You Do with a List?

You can use an email list to:

  • Strengthen your relationships with your loyal customers
  • Give a warm welcome to new subscribers
  • Attract more traffic to your website and social media pages
  • Advertise and sell your products to interested buyers
  • Request customer feedback on your products through surveys
  • Update customers on the status of their deliveries
  • Remind subscribers about exciting events such as webinars, online summits, or social media live streams

Consider your favorite brand. What made you stick to them isn’t just their products. There are heaps of other choices that may even be more affordable.

What hooks you is their brand messaging and how invested you feel in what they have to offer. Perhaps you even signed up for their email list to grab some sweet deals or learn about some exclusive offers near you.

Not everyone on your email list will automatically take you up on your offers, but you can win them over through better segmenting, crafting more compelling offers, and spicing up your email content.

I’ve worked through several of the most popular autoresponders and chosen the easiest free version to get you started. How to create a subscriber list

Let’s get started with an Overview

  1. Create a Lead Magnet and Emails
  2. Choose an autoresponder
  3. Open an account
  4. Create a workflow in your autoresponder

1. Create a Lead Magnet and Emails

Writing a PDF may take you a few days, so schedule a time to do this before starting your journey. It doesn’t need to be fancy as long as it gives quality content in 5 – 10 pages, including a cover with a picture. Make it attractive. You may choose to create this in a word document so that you can polish and keep a copy. Once finished Save as a PDF and upload it to your My Google Drive for easy access to your subscribers from a link you will include in your Emails to them.

Create Your Own E-Book or PDF

There are also several free websites where you can create a flashy e-book. You can try or Designrr.

You will also need to create at least three emails to cut and paste into the templates for your autoresponder.

  1. A Welcome and the link to your E-Book email
  2. A 2nd email giving them another free tip (also include the book link again)
  3. A 3rd email explaining another great product and a call to buy

These can all be created in word documents and saved until you are ready for them.

The whole process in a nutshell.

  • Promotion of your website or post in social media or paid advertisingIn a nutshell
  • Lead Magnet offer page or pop-up on your website
  • Thank you email from the autoresponder asking for confirmation from the subscriber (Double opt-in)
  • 1st Email in your campaign – Welcome with Lead Magnet link
  • 2nd Email in your campaign – Reminder of why they joined. Give more value
  • 3rd Email in your campaign – How you’ve helped others example. Benefits. Or a Sales Page!
  • Sales page – outlining an offer for a specific problem. Proof of benefits. Including a Call To Action button to buy or sign up for your product.

A week or a month later you can create a whole new newsletter (Email) to give another helpful tip or your new blog and suggest another product. The goal is to build a relationship with subscribers who have chosen to read your emails.

2. Choosing an Autoresponder

Not every company provides video training or live chat helpers to keep you moving forward. Also, some free services with newer companies can’t always deliver all your emails and they get shunted to spam.

Because of all the differences between these companies, I have compiled a chart so that you can compare at a glance what each offers. They range from completely free up to a certain amount of subscribers or a short trial period before paying.

Compare Autoresponders Chart

Personally, I went with Aweber for my business website and with MailerLite for my music niche website. This site participates in affiliate programs.



I will be covering the step-by-step setup here of MailerLite but there is a link to my blog on setting up Aweber too.

Tip # 1

Before you sign up for any autoresponder read about some little details that are important to opening an account with any autoresponder.

How To Create a Subscriber List in MailerLite

Joining MailerLite

When you join any auto responder they will ask you some basic questions like your contact email address. Use your Highlight important leaveswebsite email address not your personal email address as it looks more professional and if later you decide to sell your website as a going business it is easily redirected.

Put your website name in the business section so that your account is registered under your website.

3. Open Your Account with MailerLite

Once you have applied for and confirmed your membership from the email sent to you my MailerLite you are ready to get started creating your Workflow chart that will send your emails out to your new subscribers.

I hope you have already created your Lead Magnet and Emails in your Word doc and are all ready to rock.

In the Dashboard click on Subscribers then on the orange button on the right Add Subscribers, click on Add Single Subscriber, and add yourself as a subscriber with a new email address (this is necessary to allow you to create your emails.) SubscribersAdd subscribersAdd Single SubscriberAdding yourself as a subscriber

Now go to the top and click on Forms, Click on the orange button Create Pop Up and follow the directions to create your first pop up.

Creating your first pop up

Go to your website dashboard and click on plugins and add the plugin MailerLite, follow the directions by clicking on the plugin settings.

add Mailerlite plugin to your website

4. Create a Workflow in your Autoresponder (MailerLite)

To set up your emails that will be delivered after the confirmation email to subscribers click on Automation, then click on the orange button called Create Workflow it will show you a box saying Set up workflow trigger.

Create Automation workflow

On the right, you will see two boxes. You can name your workflow and then click on the second box to assign the trigger. Choose – When a subscriber joins a group for now.

On the left, you will see a + button below the Trigger box. Click on this and it will give you the option to create an Email or a Delay. This is all you need for now to put each of your Emails in (starting with your Welcome email) then click on the + and add a delay before they receive the next email and so on.

Create Workflow 3

Once you save and publish this you will be asked to activate the program and you are all done. If you are unsure of any steps and would like to have Mailerlite staff check your work click on the chat or? button bottom right.

This Workflow chart will be triggered automatically after the subscriber has confirmed their subscription.

All Finished

Congratulations! You have finished setting up your email collector and will start being notified when someone subscribes. I hope this tutorial has helped to streamline the process of understanding how to quickly set up the automation Your pop-up should be helping you to collect names as people visit your website.

You may wish to also consider using the landing page designer available in both MailerLite and Aweber.

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  1. Hi Lily!

    This an amazing article and I’ve been looking for an auto responder for my website. I’ve also been putting it off because I feel like it’s too complex. You article makes it very easy with your step-by-step instructions and screens shots. I love it! Thanks again for writing this. It will definitely help me create my subscriber list.

  2. Hello there, Lily! This is a really informative article! I am still new to the online marketing business world, so still in the learning process. I think the autoresponding function can be a really beneficial thing to have and to boost attract visitors to one’s business. I will definitely save this page to look at a future time. I haven’t found any training like this yet so thank you!

    • You are very welcome Mike. I put off setting up a subscriber list for so long because it sounded expensive and complicated. Fortunately, I did lots of research and asked my friends too and they all suggested Aweber. I found it very simple to use and Free up to 500 subscribers. Everyone says the same thing. You are losing sales if you aren’t collecting email addresses and they are so right.

  3. Creating a lead magnet is the most important thing if you ask me.

    Giving something to your audience for exchange of their email address is crucial in business.

    You have pointed out some really great tips on how to create a list.

    I hope one day I will have a good and quality email list of my own customers.

    Thank you for this amazing value and I wish you all the best in the future.

    • Yes. There is a little work in creating an email list and you really do need to start with finding a lead magnet that people want to give their email address for. But don’t put off getting started.

  4. HI Lily

    Thank you so much for that Blog! Wow you really simplified the information and made it easy to understand.

    Its strange as I was listening to some videos today on Landing pages and so this ties in very well.  I know I need to set up a subscriber list as soon as possible.

    I have definitely made a note of your blog and to follow you.

    Thanks again for your effort.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Sheen, I’m delighted that this information came at just the right time. It is so important to set up your subscriber list and keep in contact but it was something I put off for ages as it seemed so difficult. That is when I decided to do a very clear article on how to set it up.


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